Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Guess who ????!!!!!!

Hello dear blogland!! It's ME! I am still alive ! Sincere and heartfelt apologies for abandoning you...I didn't mean to take a hiatus! Suffice it to say I have undergone something of a transformation these past few months. In a GOOD way! All part of the plan to be less focused on self and more looking outward. All about the next challenge. The next phase of life. It all began with Twitter, funnily enough! One extremely hungover Sunday morning in January I was idly scrolling through Twitter when I happened upon @inkilterfitness aka Stuart Amory who had set his followers a challenge for January which was not to drink alcohol. I figured it was probs a good idea to get involved and so I did! Over the next few weeks I noticed little motivational tweets from Stu here and there, spurring us all on, encouraging us to stick with the challenge and publish results. This was when the penny dropped as to what twitter is all about! Also during aforementioned hungover Sunday, I was also 'tweeted' by @markpt aka Mark Raynsford who recommended a vile concoction to restore my poor dehydrated body after poisoning it with wine. It worked a treat! So I started following him as well. Cue the beginnings of endless banter, merciless teasing, great friendship and a whole lotta learning! Long story short, there is a pretty amazing pt community firmly establishing itself in twitter land, and with all my aspirations in that direction I am loving all that I am learning from these people. Sometimes in life, connections with people just grab you and impact your life in a myriad of ways. It's weird. But also cool ! So, over the past 2 months I have..... 1. Maintained my weight (and lost a little bit more) and been at my ww goal for a year! yep - 14th Feb was the day! How cool is that ! 2. Made MANY adaptations to the way I eat (more on this later) 3. Changed the way I workout - or at least, I am on the way to changing it! 4. Qualified at the first level of my pt course ! 5. Got myself a mentor for all things pt 6. Made some very exciting connections in the fitness industry and 7. Hatched some very exciting plans for the not too distant future!! So, I'm back and ready to blog ! Thanks for not abandoning me !! Love, Liz xoxo