Tuesday, 28 September 2010

***Service interrupted***

No blog post today folks. I am very busy having a horrendous migraine from the very pits of Hades. :-(

Normal service will resume soon......hopefully with a *very* exciting announcement! (No, I'm not bloody pregnant!)

Laterz xoxo

Monday, 27 September 2010

All synced up!

My life is imitating the blogosphere! What a coinkydink!!

This morning, as I do most Mondays, I got to the office early & got caught up on all the blog action from the weekend. One blog I read each & every day (unless she's on a blogging hiatus - lol ) is Charlotte.

A word in the title of today's post caught my eye.


Where have I heard that recently? I thought to myself. No sooner had I thought that very sentence than was I assaulted right between the eyes with a vivid flashback of Friday evening - dizziness, flashing lights, tunnel vision, incredible sweating, elevated heart rate, puce coloured face. Traumatised I recalled the unholy terror that was Friday night's pt session.


Japanese for cruel + unusual punishment. Not really. I made that up. But it should be.

Yes, pals, on Friday I was introduced to the mad, mad world of Tabata intervals. Simply put, 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. Save me retyping a definition, go read Charlotte's post all about it here and then read on!

I am always suspicious when I arrive at the studio and see Chris with a stop watch. It never turns out good. And always means hard work.

"Are you ready? Tabata!" - he said, all smiles and cheery disposition.

Having never heard the word before, I assumed he'd said "Are you ready to batter?"

Had I realised it was a 'thing', I'd have immediately demanded a full explanation. What can I say? I like to know what I am getting myself into, particularly when paying for the privilege.

As it was, I hopped unsuspectingly onto the treadmill to warm up with a quick 1k. What followed is something of a blur, but roughly included this:-

1. Lateral jumping side steps over the bosu. 20 seconds. 10 seconds rest. repeat. 8 times. With the added bonus of the last interval being 30 seconds.

2. Hammer curl to shoulder press. With 3kg dumbells. 20 seconds. 10 seconds rest. repeat 8 times. With the added bonus of the last rep being 30 seconds. (Getting the picture?)

3. MB sledgehammer. With 8kg kettlebell. 20 seconds....yadda yadda yadda.....

4. Fast step ups on a step.

5. Jumping over a cone. Fast.

6. On treadmill. 14kph run at a 2.5% incline for 20 secs, 10 secs rest walking at 6kph. 8 times.

7. MB pullover to crunch with medicine ball using rebounder to throw + catch MB.

Each exercise might sound pretty tame and do-able but try doing all that in the space of an hour whilst trying not to throw up. Or faint. Or both. De-light-ful.

Oh, did I mention that I was only allowed 1 lousy minutes' rest inbetween each exercise.


That my friends, was my induction into the world of Tabata (my 'to batter' doesn't seem so stupid now, does it!!!!)

I swear my face has never been so red following exercise. Ever.

It was bloody good though! I worked flipping hard. I would never push myself that hard alone. I guess you should only try it though at a level that's reasonable for you and your level of fitness, or under instruction of a qualified professional because it is reeeeeallllly hard....

(I remain convinced that the 1.5lb loss this week happened entirely on Friday night - hahaha!)

Happy Monday dudes!

Love Lizzie xoxoxox

Weekend Weigh In *shocker*

Erm, so apparently I needn't have worried. I managed to lose 1.5lbs this week, which takes me to a grand total of 44lbs lost. WOOP! 9 stone 9.5lbs/ 135.5lbs/ 61.4kg. Not bad for birthday week!

A thoroughly undeserved but nonetheless entirely welcome loss. I blame Tabata. More on this later.

Lizzie xoxo

Friday, 24 September 2010

Sweaty Betty & LiLo spam

Hello friends

Thanks for all the reassuring comments after my freak out yesterday. Crisis averted. And thanks Sal for a timely, pointed, arse-kicking email. I do love you so.

I made it to the gym last night in time for combat & yoga after seeing my client. I had not done BodyPump as usual prior to Combat so I threw myself into the routine to warm myself up. So much so, in fact, that I sweated like an actual pig. You know how women are suppsoed to 'perspire'? Well I don't. I sweat. Like a man. As in clima cool top soaked right through-having to wear a head band at all times-if you sit on a gym mat you leave a bum print-trickling down your back and between your boobs kinda sweating.

And last night was no exception. In fact I sweated more than I usually do because I was so fresh (ironically given yesterday's post) and had more energy to expend.

And expend it I did. During the back kick/front kick combo I glanced down and noticed that I had sweated all over the floor around me. This transfixed me so that the next thing I knew I went A over T and had slipped over. In the gym. On my own sweat.


vile vile vile.

People just applauded. Apparently it's a sign of working hard. Good grief.

In other news, apparently Lindsay Lohan has been lurking on my blog and commented on yesterday's post (I have now deleted the comment) about all sorts of lovely drugs I can purchase to help combat my anxiety.

Who knew?


Happy weekend! Weigh in tomorrow. Oh god.

lovelove xoxoxox

Thursday, 23 September 2010


I feel stressed when my life gets in the way of my self-imposed routine + expectations.

I get a knot of anxiety in my chest that washes over me in a wave of panic whenever I think about how I haven't worked out or eaten right or how things have interrupted my usual routine.

For example, this week I have not yet worked out once. This past weekend I was busy with rehearsals, ditto Monday, Tuesday was my birthday + I had visitors and dinner out, yesterday I was exhausted + worked late so all I could do was lie on the sofa till bedtime, and eat beans on toast for dnner. With cheese on. And brown sauce. Winning combo in the comfort food stakes but not if you're trying to lose weight. I also had a craving for a Greggs' pastie + those of you who live in the UK will understand the magnitude of that statement....

Learning? When I'm tired + possibly a little overstretched, my willpower + discipline go out the window.

I can't even do my usual Thursday night gym blitz because I've got a new client to assess, which is awesome for business but leaves me back in that anxious state.

How have I gone from my dedicated self of last week to this?! Last week it was such a priority for me (largely driven by fear about the show, admittedly) + yet this week not so much.

Is it that I think I've got it covered? Have I relaxed given that my "Forum" costume fits? Apparently I've gained 5lbs since Saturday's triumphant weigh in. I realise this is not "fat" but rather the result of eating bread, birthday cake and pasta when ordinarily I would steer clear of them.

Why is it so difficult for me to move past this? Why can't I just chalk it up to experience + get back on plan? My anxiety leads to low mood which leads to demotivation coupled with tiredness which means I don't feeeeel like exercising, so I don't! So I feel guilty + more anxious. I can literally *see* the cycle written up on a whiteboard for a client! And thus we spiral outta control.

I know that being out of my "pattern" stresses me out. This is a remnant of eating disorder land + OCD + possibly just being a Virgo.(....either that or I actually AM on the Autistic Spectrum......). I know this. And yet it is this aspect of my life that I have the least control over. It sneaks up on me + surpises me. And it is especially humbling because I help people with these same issue for a living!!!!!

This hurdle - albeit fleeting + momentary- is bigger to me than any aspect of eating + exercise. And this is why ww and seeing a pt is (for me, + I would imagine many, many others) not enough. The psychological facet of it all is what I find most difficult + frustrating.

Life hey! Who knew I'd be such a nutjob!!!!????

Lovelove xoxox


Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Today I am 32. GAH! Less said about that the better but what it has made me do is reflect a little.....

This time last year I was here - 165lbs (11 stone 11), as opposed to now, a year later at 137lbs. My birthday last year marked the beginning of starting to feel good about my health & fitness & weight again. I never would have imagined getting to where I'm at with all this healthy lifestyle stuff. I certainly never would have imagined my body looking how it does today or having the speed & strength & drive I've got now. Or being this active.

So I guess what today has done is made me appreciate just how far I have come in a relatively short while & how changes I have made have been for the better. Without question. Whilst I might be overly self-critical it does me good to take a step back and just realise.

Last year, I felt amaaaaaaazing on my birthday - this year totally different again.

Imagine what I'll be like at 40???!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Have a great day dudes

Love Lizzie xoxox

Monday, 20 September 2010


I did not work out one teeny tiny little bit over the weekend.

I did not have time AT ALL.

(I hate it when people say things like that.)

Worst part is, the horrendous guilt I am feeling. Not a good sign.....

L xo

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Weekend Weigh In

Excuse me if this makes bob all sense. I am absolutely knackered, on the train on my way home from an extremely long, all- day rehearsal. Just thought I'd check in.....

Well friends, the hard work + discipline paid off + I am pleased to announce a 2.5lb loss. This takes me back to 9,11 (137lbs, 62.1kg) so YAY. And PHEW.

I also went back to pt on Friday and survived. It was quite a tame session compared to others I have experienced.....I think I am being lulled into a false sense of security! We did a lot of strength work + Chris was his usual blatantly honest self + said I looked slimmer. He also said I'd lost some "bulk" off my upper body, meaning I had been perhaps too toned? Anyhoo he was pleased that I hadn't lost the plot over the summer + I was glad I could still do a full session! All in all it was good to be back.

So here's to the coming week, keep on keeping on! That's what I'm gonna do!

Happy sunday evening folks!

Love lizzie xoxo

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Thoughts on shorts.... *edited - pics added*

As you will no doubt have gleaned by now, I have a bit of a wonky self image. Mercifully it is lessening but I still have the occasional "wobble" and moments of panic and, so it would seem, some psychological barriers that will bloody well not shift!

One such barrier is, yep, you guessed it, wearing shorts.

I have never been a wearer of shorts. My legs as a kid were like Bambi's (earning me the delightful nickname "knots in cotton"- thanks dad!), when I was dancing they were ok but muscular. One ballet teacher even told me that my legs resembled a male dancer's legs, as opposed to a ballerina's. Nice.

I have this iconic picture of Rich + I in NYC the summer we were 18, posing with the famous skyline behind us. I am wearing shorts. I look bloody awful. And in my mind, that's how I look + will always look in a pair of shorts.

Fast forward to recent times. When I began working with Mr Motivata aka Chris the pt, one things he asked me was what goals did I have in mind? Hilariously, I now know he meant sommat like "to do a triathlon" or "run a 10k". My reply? Apparently with an entirely serious face, I earnestly replied "Jennifer Aniston's arms + Jessica Simpson's legs"

Nowadays. I run regularly and work on my pins a lot. They've slimmed down considerably, but in my mind's eye they are like tree trunks. As such, over the summer I could be seen regularly sweating like a pig (even more so than usual) on my runs, wearing running tights or the bare minimum of a pair of capris.

It got too ridiculous, so I set myself a behavioural challenge: to buy and wear to run in public a pair of running shorts. So, last time I shopped with my mummy + sister I took them to the Nike shop in Liverpool One for moral support + bought some gorgeous retro Nike purple clima cool running shorts. I love them. And I figure I can't see myself while I'm out running (I avoid looking @ shop windows for this express purpose) and I run at pace so people probably don't really notice. I'm fairly anonymous out there.So it's all ok. Hurrah! A triumph! I wore shorts!!

However, I did make a solemn vow NEVER EVER to wear them to the gym. Imagine! There's people I know there! And people scrutinise you there! (I know this because I do the same thing! What?! Don't pretend you don't do it too!! It whiles away hours on the treadmill!!!!! )

So, you can imagine my sheer delight when I got home early yesterday afternoon + decided to nip to the gym prior to my evening rehearsal, only to find every single pair of running leggings in the wash!!!!!

Nooooooooo!!!! #epiclaundryfail

Instead of panicking, the idea occurred to me to wear aforementioned purple shorts to the gym. Yikes!

So I did.

I noticed several things:-

* when I run, my legs do not look all flabby + cellulitey. I can see the muscles in them, all defined!

*when I do loaded lunges, same deal- you can actually see the muscle tone.

* and then, the "light bulb moment".....

BLOODY HELL MY LEGS *are* as honed + toned as Jessica Simpson's!!!!!! (Please understand I'm talkin' the Jessica of 'Dukes' era, not now- poor thing)

Now, all this might sound a bit odd to you, but there's such power in getting past a body hang up. At least I've found it to be so. It's a bit mad to realise that my bod has undergone such a transformation. - similar to when I was a bit mesmerised by my own arms during BodyPump class - my legs are usually covered so it was kinda weird to see them working!


I wrote the above today sitting in a coffee house during lunchtime. It's now 11pm + I'm home after "Beast it Thursday" gym time.. After reflecting on my "shorts thoughts" today, I decided to go the whole hog + wore a pair of teeny tiny gym shorts to do yoga this evening. I was soooooo scared! I didn't want people to think "who's the fat girl in the gym wear" because irrespective of how I look, that is how I feeeeeeeel. So it was something of a challenge-to-self.

I bloody did it. AND furthermore, Sharon aka amazing yoga teacher came up to me in the middle of forward bend and told me my legs look great + if she had them she'd wear little shorts all day every day! Wowsa! What a compliment (she has an amaaaaaazing body!)

So all in all, shorts experiment = total success!

Hurrah for NSV's! That is defo mine for the week! Right now, I'm so jacked up on endorphins, I don't even care about the scale!!! (It'll wear off, don't worry- hahaha)

Right, I'm off to bed to have pre-pt nightmares.....more on that tomorrow!


Lizzie xoxo

The costume!

Yoga shorts!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Sneaky mid-week scale peek.....

.........suggests that the buggers have finally mooooooved! Downwards, I hasten to add! All of which is greatly pleasing. However, tis only Wednesday *sob* so there's plenty of work to be done. No slacking!!!!


L xoxox

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Those scales had better bloody well MOVE this week!

Or there will be trouble!!!!

Having got over my tantrum after weigh in on Saturday, I'm pleased to report quite an ok weekend. Put it this way, I didn't have to scrawl "write off" dramatically across my tracker in red pen in the manner of an angry teacher this weekend, as I *may* have done over the past six or seven.

Had a great workout Friday night, took Saturday off + ran yesterday + then did BodyPump 75 which is the new release here in the UK. Verdict? Shoulders + abs are great! Much harder than 74, but I'd have kept the lunge track from 74! Rest was all pretty much of a muchness. I find that now I know how to put my own weights programme together, BP doesn't cut it as much as it once did. But it is great for when I only have an hour to bob in + out of the gym.

This morning I was up early + legged it round my usual 5k route before work. I did this a lot last Autumn when I was busy in the evenings, so think I'll try + fit a few in on days when I can't work out in the evenings because of rehearsal. (Five weeks till the show- arrrrgh!!!!)


Oops! That's been sitting in my drafts file all day! Today is Tuesday. I am on fire!! Got home unexpectedly early- so instead of sitting on my a*se + watching yet more re-runs of Gilmore Girls, I donned my running gear + ran 3 laps of the village- four-ish miles. Yay me. And then off I went to rehearsal! First one in the theatre YIKES! Really reeeeealllly good to be back on stage + whilst I have major anxiety regarding my costume or lack thereof, I realise that I do feel pretty confident about my body these days- or more confident than I used to, at least.

Scales, however, aren't playing ball just yet. It's only Tuesday though.......on Friday I go back to see my pt. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiizzzzzznuts! *scared*

If that's not an incentive to eat right + workout then I dunno what is!!!!!

Happy Tuesday peoples!

L xoxo

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Saturday Weigh-in

And the results are in.....


I am p*ssed off.

L xo

Friday, 10 September 2010

People don't notice you half as much as you imagine they do....

Check it. Conversation I had this evening at the gym.

Picture the scene: It was 7:30pm, I had done a BodyCombat class and a BodyPump class and was a big, sweaty, red-faced mess. This is my usual look around about this time on a Thursday. I was on my way out of the studio to change my revolting gym top for a nice fresh, dry, sweet-smelling one before heading back into the studio for yoga when one of the regulars stopped me. The conversation ensued thus:-

(Woman) "Oooh I thought of you on Sunday"

(I do not even know this woman's name, so this was a slightly odd convo opener!)

(Me) "Oh really?"

(Woman) "Yes, but I don't want to offend you"

(Me) "Er....ok....?" (Slightly panicked )

(Woman) "But I was watching Alan Carr Chatty Man on Sunday...."

(God-awful British chat show host)

."... And Katy Perry? was on it...."

(She said "Katy Perry?" like how you Americans speak, y'know, with a question mark at the end, as if gauging to see if I'd know who Katy Perry was)

"....And I said to my husband, there's a girl who goes to my yoga class who is the absolute spitting image of Katy Perry...."

Hahahahahahaha!!! She thinks I look like Katy Perry!

I was somewhat taken aback!!

(A) er hello.....AS IF


(B) WHAT a compliment! She is beautiful!!!!!!

{ (C) I tooooooootalllllly wish I had her boobs }

I assured random yoga woman that it was a huuuuge compliment, at least to my way of thinking, and got involved with sun salutation,


The exchange kinda got me thinking....pretty much proves the whole beauty-eye-beholder thang + further reinforces my point to self from a few days ago..

Which is

That what I see in the mirror is not what others see.

On the days when I have been feeling grotesque + gargantuan people have commented on how much weight I've lost. I forget that just because I'm scrutinising every little inch of my body and judging it and making mental (and, sadly, real) lists of improvements I wish to make, doesn't mean that everyone else pays such close attention.

In fact, people don't notice you half as much as you imagine they do. True story.

I am my own harshest critic. I am trying not to be.

Lots of love + happy Friday,

Katy Perry xoxox hahahaha!!!!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

*Stop Press*

The grey pencil skirt that was super tight on Monday Sept 1st is now loose-fitting again. Go figure.

L Xoxo

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

I am almost certainly going to hell for this post.......

Last night I went to the gym.

I forgot my iPod so on the treadmill I resorted to people watching. I admired some people, learnt some new things, and thought constructively how I'd change what certain people were doing if I were a pt. (To the man doing ridiculously heavy chest presses WITH AN ARCHED BACK you are going to do yourself a mischief sunshine – engage that core and tense your abs…and whilst we're at it boys of gym world, please don't think we cant see you having a 'cabinet reshuffle' with one hand down your roomy gym keks…..because we CAN. And it's vile. So stop it. It'll still be there when you get home, play with it then. Good grief. Oh and ONE MORE THING! Pleeeeeease wear proper shoes rather than flipflops in the weight room you doofuses.)

*Ahem* Where was I?

Oh yes, on the treadmill, people watching………

And then I saw an actual pt working out alongside one of her clients. She had a t shirt that said 'Personal trainer' on the back. They were rowing together. She was hard to miss. And by that I don't mean she was a honed & toned gym bunny and all-round good advert for her profession. Oh no. She was, well….how can I put this?

Er…..chunky and flabby.

I was appalled. And also surprised by the strength of my reaction. Now I am appalled at MYSELF for being so bloody judgemental.

But I DID judge her. I wouldn't pay someone who looked like that my hard-earned cash to train me. HOW BAD IS THAT!!! I am a BAAAAAAAAAD person and clearly gonna get a karmic kick in the ass for it. But nonetheless, it's true.

I judged her immediately as a poor trainer because of her size, shape and the fact that she looked as if she'd never been near the gym.

It got me thinking, how important IS appearance when choosing a pt? When I met Chris I didn't think 'WHOA! He works out!' I just thought 'there's someone who looks fit and as if he knows his stuff and as if he can teach me a thing or three', but if I'd met this girl from last night, I'd have hightailed it out the door after the consultation & never looked back.

If the proof really IS in the pudding, then I guess appearance IS important. Kinda like when you pick a new hair stylist. I unashamedly pick one who has good hair. It seems to make sense. If they can look after their own 'do', they're gonna be respectful of mine! Equally with pt's, if they look like they take care of their own bods, I'm gonna trust them with mine. Simply put, I respect them. I

t's kind of the reaction I've been getting lately when I get chatting to gym people and I tell them my story – as if people can't imagine that I've ever had a problem with my weight, or wasn't always this fit – and once they discover that I've had to work for my success, a light of respect (acceptance??) comes into their eyes and I know I've got them 'on side'. Weird.

Anyhoo….. So, if you're still reading this, after discovering what a total judgemental b*tch I am, what do you think?

Would you reject a pt on the basis that they were a bit on the porky side?? Interesting, innit?




I've got Body Image Anxiety.

Haven't we all?! I hear you cry.


Let me explain what I mean. Last night I had a dance rehearsal for the show that I'm in. My costume is little more than an embellished bikini. I know. Insania. It got me thinking. I find it MENTAL that I am contemplating not only wearing said item, but also engaging in full on dance routines whilst wearing said item. On a stage. In front of people. People I know. HOLY Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiznuts! (as someone I love dearly would say!)

So, arguably, you might say that my self image has improved considerably since I got to goal, took control of my eating and my health, started working out etc etc. Because there's NO WAY IN HELL I ever would have considered wearing said item in said vicinity when I was 40 odd lbs heavier.


It occurred to me, looking back through old (now hideous) pics of myself, that back then I genuinely thought that I looked ok. I mean, sure, I've never been 'beautiful' in the classic sense of the word, but I know how to dress for my shape, I'm good at clothes and I have my own style and whatnot. Plus my husband it damn hot so I figure I cant be totally fugly.....(er hello putting your self worth in other people/things alert!!!)

All joking aside, what I mean is, I genuinely did not see the unhealthy, flabby body before me. But never mind hey? At least now I have it all in perspective and can look objectively at my own reflection and be pleased with what Ive achieved.



I think, and here's the point of the post, that I have got WORSE instead of better!

I'm so much more self critical, forever "checking" in the mirror whether my stomach is flat, how toned my arms/back/shoulders/legs/stomach/ how sharp my profile is/is there a space under my ribs/whether I've got love handles/etc etc.

I torment myself with "things to work on next" itineraries and I am never happy with my image in pictures.....there's always something I'd change. I never USED to do this.. I never would pick holes in my appearance like this.

So why is this? What's changed? Is it that my "standards" of expectation I set myself are higher (in my eyes) now? Is it because I finally have a glimpse of just how athletic my body can be? Is it because I'm motivated or is it because I have gone over to the dark side.

Is this normal when you've lost a chunk of weight? I so want to be able to appreciate my body for what it is and what it can do, and how amazing it has become (is becoming? Always was?) not be all negative and self-critical all the time. I fully subscribe to the 'Be your own superhero' maxim but cant quite get past the self-scrutiny.


L x


Monday, 6 September 2010

Weekends are FAR too short.....

Monday? Again? Seriously?!

So, my weekend went a little like this:

Friday- was a total saint all day food wise, high-tailed it straight to
them gym where my legs begrudgingly took me through a fast 5k (well,
fast for me- 21 mins) and then did a super set weights circuit. Legged
it home and got ready to go to The Heywoods for my cousin Andy's
birthday gathering. All the rellies, my own dear husband included,
chowed down on that classic British staple of fish + chips, whereas I,
dear friends, took along a tuna super salad. Rather than taking the
mick, one of my aunts exclaimed how great it was that I was that "in the
zone" I didn't even WANT to eat what the others were eating.......and
the more I thought about, the more I realised how true that is. After a
successful week of being healthy, I didn't want to chuck it all away the
night before weigh in!

And weigh in? Well, I managed a stay-the-same at 10.5 stones (140.5lbs,
63.7kg) from the last time I weighed in, which is not bad going
considering what I've eaten + what I weighed at the beginning of the
week!! So I'm pretty pleased. Only 0.5 of a lb over goal, so my aim for
this week is to press on and see a nice 9 at the start of the scale @
weigh in this weekend! Should be do-able.......

Still wimping out of the pt though.....I'm like one of those ww members
who says they'll "return to meetings when I've lost a bit of weight".
Good grief. Sue's right in her lovely comment on my previous post - I do
need to go and face the music. Grrr....... I am DREADING getting on the
scales of doom - the ones that calculate bodyfat. GROSS.

Workout-wise I wussed out on Saturday, was just too tired (on account of
having stayed up till 2am the previous night - bloody idiot that I am!).
I did ride my bike to and from fat club thought but that was it on the
exercise for Saturday. I did, however, make up for it on Sunday. Sucked
it up and ran my first 10k for 8 weeks. 57mins, which SUCKS but I'll
take it. It can only get better. I absolutely loved it, though. And
typically, afterwards I wondered why on earth I'd been so reticent to do
it in the first place! WEIRD. After my run I had a little rest for a few
hours then hit the gym to do my own kick ass circuits in the weights
room. I got there at 5:15pm so could have done the 5:30pm BodyPump class
but I wanted (yes, WANTED) to challenge myself a little bit more so
spent a good 90 minutes doing circuits of tri-sets, completing 3 sets of
15 reps on each individual exercise. Sounds complicated, so let me give
you an example.

One arm tri-set that I did was on the ball, prone position. 1 set wide
rows with 5kg, 1 set tricep kickbacks with 4kg, 1 set rear delt fly with
4kg. Each set has 15 reps in, so I did wide rows, then triceps, then
rear delts, then began again with wide rows. I super-setted it so no
resting in between.

I alternated between arms, core, resistance, legs, abs to ensure an even
workout and worked a bit on my pull ups. I just felt like I got so much
more out of my workout than if I had done that Pump class. Don't get me
wrong, I love that class and it's great when you only have an hour to
whizz in and out of the gym, and can follow a bit mindlessly, but this
way I used my own knowledge and love of exercise to better equip my body
to deal with life. I'm so sore today but man it was worth it!

Eating-wise Saturday was not so good, but on the plus side I DID track
EVERYTHING! Saturday night we had pizza and x factor with a few beers,
but yesterday - oh yesterday! I got all 'Domestic Goddess' in my kitchen
and made (ww friendly) chicken Kiev for Rich and myself! Amazing what
you can do with good ol' Philly ! I also made chilli potato wedges and a
super salad. I measured a 175ml glass of Soave and snuggled up with the
hub to watch Transformers. Rich was rather impressed with his dinner and
did not believe it was a ww recipe! HAHAHA! I was most impressed with
myself - particularly because I was well within daily points for the
day, which means I am starting my week off on the right foot! Now bring
on that fat loss!!!!!!

Hope you're all having a great Monday and HELLO NEW FOLLOWERS!!! (Bloody
HELL I've got 104!!! :0)

Love Lizzie

Oh, and PS - what the chuff is labour day all about? Seriously!!


Friday, 3 September 2010


How come it feels like I've been back at work for eons despite being a 3 day week??!!! Next week will be hell!!

At least there's a weekend on the horizon! Anyone got any fun plans??

So last night I did a BodyPump class and followed it with BodyCombat. It's been a week since I did any kind of exercise (apart from a rather pathetic beach run whilst away) and MAN was it tough!!! I guess this is what I mean when I say I've lapsed somewhat with my training! It's been kind of a cumulative thing over a 2 month period. So last night was tough but this morning I've got that achey tiredness vibe that I've learnt to love because I know it means I've worked out! When I got in I was absolutely famished and had a mad craving for beans on toast- so I had them. Part of me felt bad because it means I've broken the no bread rule + gone over points, but mostly I just really, reeeeealllly wanted to eat them! I didn't put anything on the toast + I drained the sauce off the beans so it put me only a couple of points over my daily allowance of 18. I don't count my activity points either but I know from my HRM that a good 900 calories were burnt @ the gym so all in all I figure I'm ok.

That said, today I feel a little bit as if I'm wearing a fatsuit. I can feel more padding all over my bod and I really don't like it! I know others won't be able to tell but I can!! It's not nice having been so lean and toned so recently! Isn't it MAD !!!! At the gym I really got a good look at myself (er hello! Bloody mirrors EVERYWHERE!) and I can definitely tell I'm chunkier.

Still, the scale says that after just 2 days of being back on the vibe I've lost 4lbs! Haha yeh RIGHT!!!! But that puts me at 10,1 or 141lbs which is still only 1lb over my goal of 140 so it's not drastic from a scale perspective BUT I reckon my body fat % has gone up + lean muscle gone down. I'm so frustrated at myself!

I'm also avoiding my pt - he's been away for a month and I'm supposed to go tonight but I cannot bring myself to face the music! I know I need to man up but I'll feel so disappointed with myself. As if I've undone all my hard work!!


So apparently I'm having a wobbly day! Dammit.

L xoxo

Thursday, 2 September 2010

"Blasted water weight..."

Morning all!

So, I am pleased to declare Day 1 of "get your health groove back on" was a complete and utter success! Wahoop!! Stuck to 18 points and didn't give in and eat crap at 10pm when I got in from rehearsal! Had some porridge and went to bed.

Is it possible to feel thinner over night? Just one day of eating healthily + working out moderately (40 lengths, 23 mins) and I feel tremendous....or at least on the way to being. Mad. And accoring to the scales I've "lost" 3lbs since yesterday morning, which is obviosuly nonsense but gratifying and encouraging nonetheless....it's as if I've been instantly rewarded for good behaviour. Mad.

So with that, I'm off to have a great tuesday. - why don't you do the same!!

Toot toot!

Lizzie xoxo

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Check me out here on Annabel's fabulous blog!!!! I didn't even know people read regulary! So THANK YOU to those of you that do!!!!

Seeing my own story (again) on someone else's blog, particularly someone like lovely Annabel who 'gets it' (and has a strange penchant for British accents) has really encouraged me to continue on this, frankly, mental journey I find myself on.

I PROMISE to post more often!!

Love and lessening

Lizzie xoxo

Day One Back on Plan

Very boring but necessary post:

Breakfast: 40g branflakes, skim milk and tea - 2 pts + 1 for milk.
Lunch: salad of celery, peppers, cucumber, red onion, cherry tomatoes, tuna with xlight mayo - 3pts
Latte 2pts
Go Ahead bar 3pts
Melon + strawberries. 2.5pts
3L water 0 pts

This takes me up to dinner time. I have a rehearsal at 7 so no time to gym so instead I will swim in my lunch break to get my exercise in. 40 lengths in 25 mins is the aim.

Weight: 10,5 3/8 OMG!!

Grey pencil skirt feels very verrrry tight. Error.

Onwards and,er, downwards.

Have a great 1st Sept!!

Love lizzie xoxo