Monday, 6 September 2010

Weekends are FAR too short.....

Monday? Again? Seriously?!

So, my weekend went a little like this:

Friday- was a total saint all day food wise, high-tailed it straight to
them gym where my legs begrudgingly took me through a fast 5k (well,
fast for me- 21 mins) and then did a super set weights circuit. Legged
it home and got ready to go to The Heywoods for my cousin Andy's
birthday gathering. All the rellies, my own dear husband included,
chowed down on that classic British staple of fish + chips, whereas I,
dear friends, took along a tuna super salad. Rather than taking the
mick, one of my aunts exclaimed how great it was that I was that "in the
zone" I didn't even WANT to eat what the others were eating.......and
the more I thought about, the more I realised how true that is. After a
successful week of being healthy, I didn't want to chuck it all away the
night before weigh in!

And weigh in? Well, I managed a stay-the-same at 10.5 stones (140.5lbs,
63.7kg) from the last time I weighed in, which is not bad going
considering what I've eaten + what I weighed at the beginning of the
week!! So I'm pretty pleased. Only 0.5 of a lb over goal, so my aim for
this week is to press on and see a nice 9 at the start of the scale @
weigh in this weekend! Should be do-able.......

Still wimping out of the pt though.....I'm like one of those ww members
who says they'll "return to meetings when I've lost a bit of weight".
Good grief. Sue's right in her lovely comment on my previous post - I do
need to go and face the music. Grrr....... I am DREADING getting on the
scales of doom - the ones that calculate bodyfat. GROSS.

Workout-wise I wussed out on Saturday, was just too tired (on account of
having stayed up till 2am the previous night - bloody idiot that I am!).
I did ride my bike to and from fat club thought but that was it on the
exercise for Saturday. I did, however, make up for it on Sunday. Sucked
it up and ran my first 10k for 8 weeks. 57mins, which SUCKS but I'll
take it. It can only get better. I absolutely loved it, though. And
typically, afterwards I wondered why on earth I'd been so reticent to do
it in the first place! WEIRD. After my run I had a little rest for a few
hours then hit the gym to do my own kick ass circuits in the weights
room. I got there at 5:15pm so could have done the 5:30pm BodyPump class
but I wanted (yes, WANTED) to challenge myself a little bit more so
spent a good 90 minutes doing circuits of tri-sets, completing 3 sets of
15 reps on each individual exercise. Sounds complicated, so let me give
you an example.

One arm tri-set that I did was on the ball, prone position. 1 set wide
rows with 5kg, 1 set tricep kickbacks with 4kg, 1 set rear delt fly with
4kg. Each set has 15 reps in, so I did wide rows, then triceps, then
rear delts, then began again with wide rows. I super-setted it so no
resting in between.

I alternated between arms, core, resistance, legs, abs to ensure an even
workout and worked a bit on my pull ups. I just felt like I got so much
more out of my workout than if I had done that Pump class. Don't get me
wrong, I love that class and it's great when you only have an hour to
whizz in and out of the gym, and can follow a bit mindlessly, but this
way I used my own knowledge and love of exercise to better equip my body
to deal with life. I'm so sore today but man it was worth it!

Eating-wise Saturday was not so good, but on the plus side I DID track
EVERYTHING! Saturday night we had pizza and x factor with a few beers,
but yesterday - oh yesterday! I got all 'Domestic Goddess' in my kitchen
and made (ww friendly) chicken Kiev for Rich and myself! Amazing what
you can do with good ol' Philly ! I also made chilli potato wedges and a
super salad. I measured a 175ml glass of Soave and snuggled up with the
hub to watch Transformers. Rich was rather impressed with his dinner and
did not believe it was a ww recipe! HAHAHA! I was most impressed with
myself - particularly because I was well within daily points for the
day, which means I am starting my week off on the right foot! Now bring
on that fat loss!!!!!!

Hope you're all having a great Monday and HELLO NEW FOLLOWERS!!! (Bloody
HELL I've got 104!!! :0)

Love Lizzie

Oh, and PS - what the chuff is labour day all about? Seriously!!



Feed Me I'm Cranky said...

i am going to have to add "what the chuff" to my daily rotation of British expressions ;) You rock for running a 10k and for doing all the strength training, cooking and tracking that you're doing. You're putting me to shame! which is great motivation, actually ;)

Dani - tkdchick said...

I've been a little suprised at the WW recepies too... sometimes they're not so great. If you haven't tried it already I recommend the WW Chicken Parmigana recepie! I wow company with that one!

I hope you make goal! I wimped out and got a Dr's note but I keep trying to make WW's goal... just not paying to sit on a pleateau for over a year now!