Thursday, 20 August 2009

Not at all to do with diet and/or exercise...

On this day, I sincerely hope that those Brits and North Americans and all those of us who live in our safe, Western world who are too lazy to vote or who don't care that they even have a vote or who don't think it'll make a difference, take heed of what's happening in Afghanistan today, right this very instant. The Afghan people are voting for only the second time to elect their leader, and all this under the sincere and very real threat of the Taliban "we will not think twice about killing anyone involved in this election". The very least threat is having your finger cut off having dipped it indelible ink to prove you've voted. Such brave people that are voting. Really made me think today.....we should pray protection over the elections today. Or if you're not someone who prays, think good vibes!

That is all...
BFP xo xo

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Injuries, NSV's, Returning Husbands and other such nonsense...

Hello children. Bloody hell I am crap at blogging of late aren't I!? This is somewhat indicative of my current attitude I fear.....*holds out wrist to be slapped*. I am sllll-o-wwww-ly getting my mojo back, but nowhere near like I was doing, so frustrating. And all the carefully honed and toned muscles are now, well, fat, which is sooooooooooo pants it's untrue. So this weekend I had a free schedule and decided after weigh in (stayed the same OMG MIRACLE!) to spend the day pretty much in the gymnasium.


I awoke Saturday am unable to move my head due to a ruddy great pain down the left side of my neck into my shoulder blade and arm! YIKES!!!!!! I felt about 103 years old!

After the meeting I took 2 Cocodamol (codeine) (Thank you Rachel, you star!) and fell asleep by one pm, and awoke at SIX PM!!!! Bloody hell! What's in those pills!!??!! I felt absolutely hammered when I woke up, so switched drugs to Ibuprofen!

It's now Tuesday and it's easing off somewhat, which is typical since the docs could only fit me in tomorrow morning...but let's not knock the NHS - it's brilliant (bugger off Barack!!!).

So, special needs neck = bugger all exercise. AGAIN!

OH WHY OH WHY DO I DO THIS????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bugger all exercise leads to 'ah well, jack in the healthy eating' which leads to BIGFATPIE!

So I need to STOP, and recognise this RIGHT THIS VERY INSTANT and do something about it before I gain back the bloomin' lbs I've lost (and worked damn hard to lose, I might add!)


So, the NSV to which I refer in the title of this eloquent post is as follows:

Here is my desk. On it, apart from a load of junk, you will notice that there is a tub of hummus (low fat, organic, Marks & Spencers) to the left of the dreaded pink weightloss file, and atop said tub sits......carrotts! Yep indeedy do!

What would I usually choose to go with hummus? CRISPS! What did I do instead? Picked raw carrotts! Hence the NSV. I had a hankering for something fresh and these precut, washed, raw carrotts (again from M&S - how lazy ARE these people?!) which is a little signal that there may well be light at the end of the carb/processed food tunnel.....on verra!

In other news, the hubby returns on Saturday and I CANNOT wait! 3 weeks seems like an AGE!
I am off again this Thurs/Fri so am determined to actually make it to the gym, I need my neck to be better for then.

You know what I think it is? I'm in holiday mood! I am actually thinking 'Sept 1st is D-Day' - most stupid.

Anyway, I think I'll leave it there because some youths are currently sitting in their car outseide my office window playing reeeeeeeeeeeeally loud 'Bounce Anthems' which are REAAAALLLY crap so I need to go and bollock them.


Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Moving, excuses, lies and the single life!

Hey dudes, blimey it's been AGES! So much to catch up on. Haven't really felt like blogging for a bit after everything that poor Jen is going through - seemed a bit daft to blather on about food and diet and exercise and whatnot when my friend was and is going through so much pain. However, I feel like Jen would tell me to keep on blogging so I am going to......and thus a catch up post is necessary!

So, we moved....... we live here now! The top floor is ours - the window you can see to the left of the picture is the living room. Isn't it pretty!

This is the route I take to work each day - like living in 'Pleasantville' or 'Wisteria Lane'

It's the view down the Causeway through the Village towards the War memorial. Picturesque.
So, yes. I am having a lovely time living there so far. It's been a little bit weird without Rich, ye olde ball and chain. Yes folks my husband has scarpered! He's currently in Canada with the boys climbing a mountain on a Young Life trip called 'Beyond Malibu' which we did once before when we were 18 but the guys wanted to try it again now they're all 31! Nutters. Rather him than me. so yeah, I feel a bit as if I have moved and Rich hasn't - bless him, his clothes are all in random places and a lot of his stuff is still in boxes waiting for him to return. He gets back August 22nd so I CANNOT WAIT!
Moving is a complete pain in the arse and we have vowed never to move ourselves ever again. EVER. The first week I did bugger all exercise and ate complete crap - convenience food eating. And I lost 4lbs - all that bloody lifting of couches and boxes and whatnot obviously worked! That took me down to 160lbs - lowest weight ever since 2006! WAHOOP! However this week i gained 1.5lbs back so it serves me right, and if I'm not careful it'll be another 3lbs this week. I just cannot get back into it. Haven't been the gym at all in 3 weeks. I suck. I lied to my PT and said I had to work when in fact I was off and just did not want to go to see him and have him tell me my body fat's back up. Pathetic aren't I!
Thing is, life is pretty hectic right now! Who knew I'd have such fun with my dear hubby away?! I was in London all weekend, visitng a friend - we did manage to run along the riverbank in sunny Richmond though on Sunday morning, then Monday I spent the day learning how to put up bookshelves with my dad, last night I ate dinner with the folks as they have flown to Italy today, tonight my friend Karen is cooking for me and another friend Louise, then Thursday I have the girls coming over for drinks and then Friday I am FINALLY off. So I am mentally prepping myself for a gain again this week and then getting into the gym on Friday.
No more excuses. I need to get back in the zone - I need a week. Just a week. To get me back on track. A week of no distractions, no social plans. A week of routine and leaving the office at 6 getting in the gym and half past and not leaving until 9 kinda week. Also planning foodwise - I need to stop eating out and start bloody well cooking again. And blogging. I feel like blogging is defo part of the routine and sanity!
So, there you have it pals. I AM BACK.
Love y'all
Lizzie xxxxx

Saturday, 1 August 2009


Guys please keep lovely, amazing, wonderful Jen aka priorfatgirl, and her family in your thoughts and prayers right now. Such an awful shocking tragedy to happen. :(

Head on over to her blog for an update, show her your support. She and her family need support and love right now.

Liz x