Monday, 30 August 2010

Lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer...

......Sitting in the late afternoon blistering sunshine, surrounded by emerald green fields and clear blue sea, it's REALLY hard to care about an expanding waistline and atrophying muscles.....especially with an ice cold, local Welsh brewed organic pear cider in hand to wash down a bonafide seaside chippy dinner, after a day on the beach.


Tomorrow it's back to reality.

Tomorrow I WILL care.

Tomorrow I will not look back and stress about what I could have (should have??) done differently.


Tomorrow, I shall merely pick up where I left off on Friday. A week of healthy eating and working out will set my world to rights. I'll get back in control of my body and continue this journey. In no time at all I will feel on top of my game once more. This is learning. This is experience.

A new and (if honest) a slightly odd feeling.......but one I choose to embrace.

Happy end of summer, friends, and here's to the next chapter in all our lives, both collectively & individually......

Lizzie xoxox.

Friday, 27 August 2010

So, that was summer?!

Dudes! It's almost September! I'm almost 32! Panic! Where on earth have the last 6 weeks gone? The nights are drawing in, the weather sucks (and has done for most of July & August), and the hubster is almost back to school. Summer is almost dunzo. And what have I got to show for it??

Well, what I've got to show for it is a 6lb gain. That's 1lb a week. That's almost half a stone. And I can definitely feel it, too. And not in any good places (ie boobs). Granted, I am still 1lb under my goal weight but I do like to err on the side of crazy, er..caution...and this 'thickness' I now feel and see in my body does not sit comfortably. In fact I am driving myself insane thinking about it. Obsess much?

The summer has been busy, socially speaking, which means I have relaxed somewhat in my ordinarily rigid rules. I am trying to see this as a good thing. I have seen people I wanted to see this summer, rather than missing out on events because I live in the gym.

But rather than dwell on the past and spend the next hour justifying my summer, I am going to look ahead!

The fact is, I have not 'undone' 18 months of hard work with a six week slackened schedule/eating plan. I will not suddenly gain back the 40-odd lbs Ive lost in a few weeks (unless I continue to bake Charlotte's deadly pb cookies that is (see picture) - seriously, try them BUT ONLY ONCE...amaaaaaaazing. In a 'crack' kinda way. Put white chocolate chips in too....seriously). I know what I need to do and how I need to live in order to pull it back over the next few weeks.

So, plans for the Autumn (that's 'Fall' US readers) are thus:

Begin tracking again. Nuff said.

Drink water - I've lost my diligence with the whole 3 litres a day thing

Clean eating - the processed foods have been creeping in again, albeit pointed and tracked but still, after being so careful I can really feel the difference.

Shake up the workouts - my exercise schedule has altered slightly from the 6 days a week full on beat it to an altogether more moderate plan, mostly to accommodate my latest project

Yes my friends, I am currently in rehearsals for another musical with West Kirby Light Opera Society! It's very exciting, bloody hard work but a reet ol' larf too. I play a Courtesan in the local brothel...I know...and as such will be wearing very little on stage. All the more reason for me to go bootcamp crazy on my ass!! We rehearse Monday/Wednesday/Sunday so it's playing havoc with my gym and running regime!

I think too that I am going to pull back on the pt sessions. Every week for 6 months has been awesome and I have loved every minute of it - even the throwing up post-circuits, the fatigue and the feeling like I have been run-over for 3 days after.....but it's not sustainable forever - neither financially nor realistically - I'm not in LA!! So I think I'll ask Chris for a programme I can do on my own and visit him once a month for a good ol' pasting. I know enough now that I can challenge myself in the weights room rather than relying solely on BodyPump classes. I also want to get back into running longer distances (10k +), I've not done a long run for aaaaaaaages.

So all in all I'm excited for September 1st. I'm away this weekend but once next Wednesday arrives I'm gonna be all about tracking, weighing, pointing, exercising and (dare I say it) BLOGGING!

So keep me accountable, ok?!

Looking forward to September!

lovelove xxxx

Monday, 9 August 2010

I suck at blogging.....

.......And, just lately, at staying on plan.

Back to basics I go.........


Lizzie xoxo