Monday, 30 August 2010

Lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer...

......Sitting in the late afternoon blistering sunshine, surrounded by emerald green fields and clear blue sea, it's REALLY hard to care about an expanding waistline and atrophying muscles.....especially with an ice cold, local Welsh brewed organic pear cider in hand to wash down a bonafide seaside chippy dinner, after a day on the beach.


Tomorrow it's back to reality.

Tomorrow I WILL care.

Tomorrow I will not look back and stress about what I could have (should have??) done differently.


Tomorrow, I shall merely pick up where I left off on Friday. A week of healthy eating and working out will set my world to rights. I'll get back in control of my body and continue this journey. In no time at all I will feel on top of my game once more. This is learning. This is experience.

A new and (if honest) a slightly odd feeling.......but one I choose to embrace.

Happy end of summer, friends, and here's to the next chapter in all our lives, both collectively & individually......

Lizzie xoxox.

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