Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Day One Back on Plan

Very boring but necessary post:

Breakfast: 40g branflakes, skim milk and tea - 2 pts + 1 for milk.
Lunch: salad of celery, peppers, cucumber, red onion, cherry tomatoes, tuna with xlight mayo - 3pts
Latte 2pts
Go Ahead bar 3pts
Melon + strawberries. 2.5pts
3L water 0 pts

This takes me up to dinner time. I have a rehearsal at 7 so no time to gym so instead I will swim in my lunch break to get my exercise in. 40 lengths in 25 mins is the aim.

Weight: 10,5 3/8 OMG!!

Grey pencil skirt feels very verrrry tight. Error.

Onwards and,er, downwards.

Have a great 1st Sept!!

Love lizzie xoxo


MB said...

Welcome Back! That pencil skirt will be loose in no time. Happy September!

Watching and Weighting said...

Thanks MB - also to you! Day one so far so good. PHEW. xx