Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Cheese. Honey glazed roast ham. Terry's Chocolate Orange. Toblerone. Twiglets. Cashews. Pistachios. Carr's cheese melts. Turkey. Gravy. Potatoes roasted in goose fat. Cheesecake. Butter. Peanuts. White bread. Kettle chips. Cheese. Eggy crumpets. Bacon. Maltesers. Lindor. Champagne. Pink wine. Bucks Fizz. Cava. Red wine. Beer. Chutney. Pickled onions. Sprouts. Carrot and turnip. Pigs in blankets. Stuffing balls. Turkey. Roast beef. Yorkshire pudding. After Eight mints. Curly fries. Curly kale. Cabbage. Cranberry sauce. Horseradish. Twiglets. Cheese. Butter. Chocolate.....

....I am DUNZO with eating. With feeling sluggish through food coma induced tiredness.

Christmas was awesome. But now it's back to reality. Five days till weigh in. Damage limitation is ON.....


BFP xoxo

Friday, 18 December 2009


I have quite a serious job. Usually this involves being focused and level-headed…Today, however, I am SERIOUSLY finding it hugely difficult to concentrate on anything, because today, my dear friends, I finish work for TWO WHOLE WEEKS!!! Not only that, but it’s CHRISTMAS! My most favourite time of the entire year….

Needless to say I am a happy bunny today and super-excited. I haven’t taken a big chunk of time off like this in AAAAAGGGGESSSSSS….so I refuse to feel guilty about it! Instead, I am feeling very reflective today – must be a ‘almost the end of the year’ vibe…

I was thinking about this year, and what makes it different from last year. Last year as I entered the party season – I was at least 31.5lbs heavier, so uncomfortable in my own skin, bloated, bad skin, just generally…. ill at ease, y’know?

This year, I am excited about life – particularly the control I have taken back over my eating and attitude to health and exercise. I have come to the conclusion that I am proud of what I have achieved this year. Seems like it’s only just hitting me. Where, in previous years, I would be excited about letting my constant promises to self to ‘be good’ and attempts to eat healthy and exercise regularly completely slide with the ‘legitimate’ excuse of ‘It’s Christmas’, nowadays I feel excited about knowing how to balance the eat-and-drink-athon that is this time of year with exercise and good, wholesome, nutritional, clean eating. I am excited to have time off to be able to run during daylight hours and to take some day time classes. This time of enforced gym ban has also taught me moderation, how to do just enough to balance and enrich my lifestyle, not needing to cane it each and every time I go. This, for me, is possibly the biggest NSV of them all.

I had a sports massage on my legs this week – it was really good, if a little uncomfortable at times - and I was chatting with Mr Trainer Man about goal weight and what not and he really challenged me NOT to set a goal weight. By this he meant get to the aforementioned 147lbs and then stop obsessing on it and challenge myself with different goals – like a time/strength/distance one. ‘And the weight, Liz…’, he said, ‘…will become a secondary issue and just….happen…’

I cannot describe how MUCH I want this to be true! I would LOVE not to be motivated by those digits on the scale. It feels scary even to be contemplating it. This is how I have lived, for better or for worse, for my whole life! I’ve been saying for a while that I’ve been looking for a new challenge and whaddaya know folks – this might just be it….!! YIKES! I’m glad someone has faith in me to be able to do this – because it seems a bit mad to me, but then I’m doing stuff these days that never would have ‘fitted’ with my goals before….what is life without challenges hey? What a difference a year makes…..I’ve just spent half an hour re-reading back through some of these posts and comments and man alive, I feel tremendously humbled that anyone reads this drivel and self delusion! I SERIOUSLY could not have got through this year without you all. Blogging has made SUCH a difference – I feel as if I’ve made friends here! Is that daft? I know we’ve never met in real life, but I think you guys ‘get’ me – possibly more than some of my real life pals in a lot of ways. I’ve shared stuff here that I would NEVER be brave enough to tell someone in real life – so I thank you for putting up with me! Your encouragement and advice and good ol’ fashioned kicks up the arse mean the world to me.

I thought that when I hit goal I would stop this blog – but it’s such a part of my life and if I’ve learnt anything this year, it’s that this is forever- this way of life I’m trying to re-educate myself into, is NOT about a diet. I’m not ‘at’ goal, not yet. I’m not even sure what that means really, truth be told. But what I do know is this:

My attitude towards living healthy and getting the most I can from my one and only body has completely and, I hope, irrevocably changed for the better. I ENJOY living this way. It’s not a chore or a burden, it’s something I have learned to embrace and now love. Funny that!.

So for now, I will continue to witter on in cyberspace. Thank you for being on this journey with me. I urge you to reflect on this year, cast your eyes back, if only for a moment. We’ve been through a lot this year, some of us more than others. It’s my hope that, whatever you have been through, you can find something positive you have learnt about yourself that will carry you forward into 2010.

Much Love, as ever…

Liz xoxo

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Absolutely bob all to do with exercise and/or weight loss.....

......HOW GOOD IS GLEE!!!????

They showed the pilot here last night and I am HOOKED!!!!

Whaddaya know? I'm a GLEEK!!!!!

The full season starts here in the UK on E4 in the new year - I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!

Also - do you think I made a cute Cindy Lou Who?!

C'est tout for today - normal service will resume tomorrow!!

Love BFP xoxo

Sunday, 13 December 2009

A rare Sunday post!

Hi guys and gals....

So, weekly weigh in has been and gone, and I am please to report that I managed to lose another pound and a half, taking my total loss to 31.5lbs and my weight to 10 stone 8 (148 lbs - that maths is getting soooo much easier to do!!) which is really exciting. It means, officially, that I have one lb to go AND on a more NSV related note, it means I will meet my personal target of hitting 147lbs at the last weigh in before Christmas, which is where I was in 2006 (first time round!) - this seems so magical and unbelieveable to me that I might actually get there!


(Come on, you KNEW that was coming..)

I only set my goal at 147lbs because that's where I'd got to last time. I didnt base it on anything other than the fact that I was desperate to prove to myself that despite a crazy hormonal year of hell and frustration, I could be that weight once more.

I'm 5"8' (173cm) - and according to the WW website, the minimum weight for my height is 9 stone 6 (132lbs) and maximum is 11 stone 10 lbs (164lbs). 132lbs sounds teeny tiny - and unattainable. And I do NOT want to get sucked into 'must-achieve-a-number-on-the-scale. So, my question as we launch into a new week, is this...

How did you set your goal weight and how did you know when to stop?

I guess seeking advice from WW Leader and Trainer Man is a good place to start - I'll keep you posted! I'm still really interested in what you think though! Get commenting!!

In other news, I had a training session Friday night with Chris. God it was good to be back - a week seemed like an awfully long time of 'no training'. I felt REALLY GOOD! For the first time in all 8 months I've been training with him I could actually stand to watch myself in the mirror. This is a MASSIVE NSV. He asked me on a purely aesthetic scale of one to ten, ten being your ideal bod, where I felt I was at. My answer was 4 or 5. I wonder if my 'ten' is actually attainable. I need to think about this some more. God, isn't weight loss a total mind f***!!?? (pardon the expression!)

It's Sunday morning, cold, frosty, Christmassy and wonderful. Our tree is up and it's far too early to be thinking so deeply! I am ITCHING to go outside and run....but I won't. "No high impact leg work until after Christmas" is what I have been told and that's what I will stick to.

I might go for a wintery walk to the village garden centre and buy a Poinsettia (God, how quintessentially English does that sound!!??hahaha) and then get down to some weights...and watch a Christmas movie...

Have a great Sunday!!!

Love, BFP xoxox

Friday, 11 December 2009

Fleeting Update!

Hello comrades! Thought I’d update you on the current sitch. You will no doubt be pleased to know that my naturally sunny disposition has kicked in and thus normal service is resumed. Feeling 100% more positive about this whole injury lark - saw my physio on Tuesday and she instantly knew what to do which is soooo reassuring. I am still not allowed to run or do BodyPump though – which I am obviously dealing with like a total brat. Apparently the problem is my knees and hips are all out of whack because of all the ballet I’ve done in the dim and distant past, so whereas ‘normal’ people stand with their feet parallel and hips in line, mine are pretty much rotated through 90 degrees (picture the way a duck stands, with turnout!!) and this has meant that my hips and knees have to work extra hard to stop going ‘off’. Basically, I have dodgy pins! Nice, huh?!

So I’ve been given physio exercises to do and my lovely PT has been in touch with the physio so he can work me out a programme I can do while I’m getting over this hurdle.

Eating has been a funny ol’ thing recently. Last week, when I felt so dire and naffed off and soooooo not in control, I restricted and restricted and obsessed over every little cherry tomato. This week, I exchanged weekly goals with Caro my AMAZING motivational match up and one point was to ‘eat points, track and nothing more’ and I’m happy to report that I have met that goal. I haven’t gone crazy under points, but I haven’t gone over either. I’m definitely noticing I’m not as hungry as I have been recently but I think that’s because I’m not exercising as much –well, at all really. I have upped the protein to help my body heal and just trying to eat as clean as poss. really, so even though I’ll lose muscle tone (sob) my insides will at least be healthy, which is good ground work for when I do start training again.

I had really hoped to be at goal this week or next, but I really don’t think that’ll happen – which is obviously gutting but I guess I have to look after myself, right? This journey is about so much more than a number on a scale. Right?!

So that’s me. I’ll check in tomorrow after weigh in and I need to share some pics with you!!! You’ll laugh your asses off I imagine!!!!

Until then beauties, lotsa love

BP xoxoxox

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Sightly more positive than yesterday.....

....I can walk ALMOST like a normal person again! WAHOOP!

And.....the results are in.....weigh in Saturday has been and gone and I am delighted to say....

I lost!



Even during a week of (enforced) no training/exercise!

I am flabbergasted!

This means I am OFFICIALLY at the 30lbs target!! WOOOOOOP!

I weighed in this morning at 10 stone 9.5lbs (149.5lbs). I AM BLOODY WELL OUT OF THE 150's- ok, so it's by half a pound but YAAAAAAAY!!!!

I cannot believe it.

It's so good for me to realise that I don't have to exercise like it's going out of fashion in order to lose weight. It's good to be reminded that this way of eating works (for me) and suits my lifestyle and pace.

I feel about a million times better today. Thanks for your lovely comments yesterday. I will let you know how it goes with the physio referral....*gulp*

I am going out tonight with my dad's side of the family. We're having dinner together as part of our Annual Whobilation. This year - I am Cindy Lou Who.......I'm sure there will be pictures!

Have a fabulous Saturday night

lovelove BFP xoxox

Friday, 4 December 2009

Dark Days :(

My deepest apologies, dear friends, for the lack of blog action. It has been a particularly low and trying week for me. (Though I have to say I feel a great deal more positive today). Long story short, I’m injured :(

But before I launch into what I’m sure will be a total whine-fest, let me first preface this by saying I am aware this is completely self-indulgent post AND that yes, there IS a bigger picture and there are people going through the most heinous of circumstances right now for whom there is no light at the end of the tunnel. I know this in my rational mind. I am blessed. I am lucky. But I am STILL mightily PISSED OFF! Please don't judge me...

I have had a pain in my hip for a few weeks, which I had assumed was just a little over-stretched from yoga or from squats in BodyPump. I ran through it. Trained through it. Paid particular attention to my hip flexors, making sure they were warmed up and down and stretched out properly. Figured that would be enough. Trained like a mad woman last Friday – ran for an hour, did an hour’s Body Pump where I upped my weights a little. Weighed in on Saturday. Lost 4lbs. Much rejoicing. Noticed my hip socket ached when I walked to the Post Office to collect a parcel (Elf outfit – whole other story) so didn’t do anything on Saturday. By Saturday night I was popping Ibuprofen and in quite a lot of pain. Sunday though, felt ok (er..hello….6 painkillers!) so I did BodyPump. I was late (having been very busy lying on the sofa all the live long day) and the class was starting so I was jogging around the studio to collect my Bar Bell and step and weights and whatnot and I noticed I couldn’t really rely on my hip joint as my leg impacted. I took it easy in the class, particularly squats and lunges and went home, thinking nothing of it. Monday I had a meeting to attend in Manchester (about an hour away) and involved walking to and from train stations and meeting venues and meeting my sister for a lightning-quick cup of coffee before heading back to work. Guys, it was actually painful just to walk! I was hobbling around like a little old woman! *SOB* Stupid thing is I STILL went to the gym Monday night! I did pilates (thinking stretching would help) and walked a little on the treadmill (because I couldn’t physically run).

As I am typing this I am like ‘ WHAT WERE YOU THINKING YOU NUTTER!!!??’. And this brings me to my current freak out – I am hopelessly addicted to working out. Shit! HOW did it get to this soooooo quickly!? This is soooooo old ground for me – the ‘must-workout-at-all-costs’ vibe. And now I am properly injured. Chris (PT) took a look at it Wednesday to see if sports massage might help but couldn’t even do that because my hip is so visibly bruised. Friends, I am in a bit of a pickle. We’re now at Friday – he has categorically banned me from all exercise until further notice and told me to see a physio. I guess I should be glad of his ethical and professional stance but really I am mostly just annoyed right now. And panicky. I was completely unprepared for this overly emotional reaction. I spent yesterday alternating between sobbing and getting mad at people who said things like ‘Have patience’, ‘Cheer up’ ‘It’s Christmas – now you can eat what you like!’ AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! That kind of thinking is precisely what got me into being fat in the first place. The thought of not exercising makes me feel itchy and stressed. Not a normal reaction Elizabeth!

I’ve been hobbling around the office for a few days now, so they have referred me to Occupational Health which means I can see a physiotherapist for free (thanks GOD!) but that’s not till Monday. Patience is sooooooo not one of my strong points and I am not a good patient EVER! Rationally I know that one week off training won’t make a huge difference, and that by next week I will know more and be having treatment and that sports injury physios can help devise me a training programme whilst I’m injured but I am stressed that my muscle tone will go and the weight will pile on. This makes me click into that long-forgotten and dealt with almost default setting of ‘RESTRICT!’ – thinking in terms of calories permanently (and boring the arse off everyone talking about it all the time), doing crazed calculations of calories in and calories expended and panicking anytime anyone mentions food. The twice daily weighing. The scrutinising of my body in the mirror. This is so not healthy behaviour, and I worked damn hard over the years to change this behaviour and thought patterns. I am morbidly fascinated by how QUICKLY it has come back into being. I guess you’re never too ‘safe’. All that bloody work I’ve done on my mind and body, focusing on strength and being capable rather than repeating the mantra - surely it’s not for nothing. Surely I am more knowledgeable now?

I just feel so sad. I was on such a roll and goal was in sight. I feel a bit……lost. Like nobody understands. Bloggies??! Help!

So there you go. Sorry for the verbal diarrhoea and insight into the neuroses of my head. I’m ok, really. Just need to get this in perspective. Both hip and knee feel improved today but still limping. Definitely going to go ahead with physio as soon as I can, if only so I can get back to some level of training as soon as possible. I absolutely cannot wait until after Christmas before I can start working out again – this time of year is my all time favourite and I need to balance it with some form of exercise. Apparently I need to balance my exercise too….maybe once I’m healed I need to actually listen to my trainer and not over train. Will I learn my lesson? God, I hope so.

Yours, frustratedly,


Saturday, 28 November 2009

Doing the Happy Dance!

Hello friends!!!!! I am very much a happy big fat pie this Saturday evening!!!! I have sung my heart out to Christmas Carols while drying the dishes for the past hour while hubby does an essay. I have waited and waited for him to get off the computer but he is still typing away and I am desperate to tell you my news so have resorted to BlackBerry blogging!

As you know, I've been a bit stuck this past few weeks at the darn scale which stubbornly refused to budge, obstinate creature that it is! Some of you encouraged me to eat more of my activity points this week, which I have done, and only exercised every other day rather than every day. And......

.....The results are in.......

This week, I...........LOST!!



This tales me finally, finally FINALLY under the 11 stone mark (154lbs) which I have been desperate to achieve for aaaaaaaaages!!!!!! - am 10 stone 12.5 which is...um....hold on....*does some maths*....... 152.5lbs!!! HOW GREAT is THAT??!!!!

Needless to say I am super happy!!! Ironically, I am now only half a pound over what I was this exact day in November 2006, otherwise known as the first time I did ww!!! So hopefully my Christmas challenge and NSV of fitting into my Christmas Day dress from 2006 for Christmas Day 2009 moght actually happen!!! YIKES!!!

Dudes, I am absolutely buzzin!! This health thing really works!!! Yaaaaaaay!!!!!!!

Right, it's 5:30pm and we have the parents coming over soon so I better dash. Remind me to tell you about the sports massage experience I had this week!!!!

Love to you all, have a great weekend

Love BFP xoxo

Thursday, 26 November 2009

So, apparently....

...I need to get me one of those HRM thingies??!!

A splendid gift for a husband to give to his wife for Christmas, don'tcha think?!

So, my lovelies, on this most Thankful of days, I am once again imploring you to please comment and help me tackle which bloody HRM to go with!! I gather that 'Polar' are the brand to go with, and I have figured out that I need an 'FT' model - for fitness right? So I can wear it in BodyPump etc not just when I am running??! Is that right!?

So YIKES - er hello overwhelming choice!!!

And also, HOW DOES IT WORK?? Do I have to wear one of those strap thingies around my rib cage? Or is it like a watch?! I don't get it!!! What does it calculate? Can it measure how far I run as well as calories burned etc? Have you got one? Is it good? Does it help?!



While I'm here, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my lovely American bloggy pals! I heart you all and am very thankful that you all blog!!! I wish you a happy, healthy, joyful Thanksgiving aka Turkey day!!! Try not to eat yourselves into a food coma.....but if you do, make like Joey Tribiani and wear Clown pants!!!!

"This land is my land....this land is your land...." etc etc!!

Huge Blessings,

BFP xoxo

Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Hi dudes! Bit of a mixed bag of late to be honest! I am stuck in a rut! Sooooo annoying. Been stuck at 155lbs for 4 weeks on the run now and those blasted scales are just refusing to move, even with all the workouts I’m doing and all the tracking and counting and planning! Guys, it is so frustrating!!!!!!! Gained a pound this week, so back up to 156lbs GRRRRRRRR!

Mr Trainer reckons I am not eating enough. This puzzles me as I am sticking to points. Mrs WW Guru thinks I am eating too much of the same things, which also puzzles me as surely the calories are the same so it should equal a loss. Sometimes it feel like there’s no bloody rhyme or reason to this weight loss malarkey! I thought it was supposed to be scientific!!!!

So I am feeling stuck. The thing I struggle with, is that I really have no idea in terms of calories what I take in and what I expend through exercise and whilst inactive. WW activity points are so hit and miss and (I think) inaccurate – and people totally overestimate them. I am forever hearing members say at the scales,things like ‘Well I’ve taken the stairs instead of the lift and walked the dog around the block twice’ and then when they’ve gained, the ‘reason’ is ‘well, I’ve probably built muscle this week with *all* my exercise’. Honestly, that level of self delusion makes me want to SCREAM!!!! Obviously, any level of exercise has to be gradual and built up slowly, particularly if there’s a lot of weight to lose and all that jazz BUT I think we kid ourselves quite often!!! It’s taken me MONTHS to build up bloody muscle!!!! It takes a LOT of exercise to earn activity points!

So, come on you whizz kids – HELP! How do I find out what I am burning calorie wise, to make sure I am eating enough?! Is there a magic formula?!

For example. If I run 4 miles in about 40 minutes, cycle for 20 minutes and row for 15 minutes and then do an hour’s Body Pump class and then an hour’s yoga, what’s the calorie burn?!

What should I be eating AFTER I work out to replenish stocks?? I spend so long in the gym that when I get in at 9pm I don’t WANT to eat a big massive meal!!

OH I AM STRESSING OUT! I seriously need that Jillian Michaels woman to come and live at my house and just advise me!!

PLEAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSE comment with your wise words dudes!!!

On a far more positive note, I had to get on the dreaded scales of doom at my PT session last Friday. Now, let me preface this by saying that I *think* I am full-on hormonal at the moment (sorry if this is TMI but er hello get used to it!! Lol) and thus feel like the side of a house. Suffice it to say that I was somewhat reluctant to stand on that stupid machine whilst it pinged electricity around my body to gauge all the fat and visceral fat and metabolic age and lean muscle and hydration and all that hoo haa………but BOY AM I GLAD I DID!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is with great shame that I must inform you that when I began training with my PT in March, the metabolic age of my poor body was…..dunh, dunh,dunnnnnnnnhhhhh…..FORTY BLOODY NINE!!!!!!!!!!!!! And in the obese category… I was then THIRTY YEARS OLD!!!!! OH. EMM. ACTUAL.GEE. I am EXTREMELY glad that he refrained from sharing this particular gem of information with me, as it would have most certainly tipped me over the edge!

I am now 31 years old (*sob*), and in 7 months I have lowered my metabolic, big fat pie age to….wait for it…..THIRTY THREE! Thirty freaking THREEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! In 7 months I have sweated, sit upped, ab curled, run, stepped, cross trained, lifted, pumped, cried, moaned, told my PT to shut up and then done it anyway, and hard-worked my way to knocking 16 whole years off my body’s age!!

Apparently, Metabolic age is a “number that comes from comparing your Basal Metabolic Rate with the Basal Metabolic Rate average of your chronological age group. Depending on how you compare, you are assigned a metabolic age number that can be lower or higher than your chronological age. A metabolic age younger than your chronological age generally means that you are fitter and in better health than the average, the lower the age the better in shape you are. An older metabolic age points towards being less healthy and fit than your peers and if it’s much older than your chronological age this should be considered a wake up call." (www.purelifestyle.co.uk)

Clearly there’s still a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng way to go but HOW GOOD IS THAT ! That’s the best indicator I’ve had YET that I am on the right track and finally I feel a little as if the spell that scale has cast upon me for so long has been broken. It’s kind of about more than just a number every Saturday morning!!! I need to know I am getting healthier. Chris the PT said I should try and view exercise not just about weight loss. Easy for him to say,, he’s not inside my head – the head that still translates images of super-skinny girls as ‘beautiful’ and ‘desired’. I’m reeeeeeeeeeeeealllly trying to change that but it’s kind of ingrained, y’know? Even with weight loss, I have a ‘sensible’ weight loss goal in my head that I publicly will share, but then I actually think in my head that I have a ‘real’ weight loss goal that is quite a bit different than that!!!

ARGHHHHHH I am a total Muppet!!! Get your head in the game Elizabeth! I realised this week that I am still so motivated by the aesthetics of weight loss – for all my jibber-jabbering about the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle! I WILL NOT BE RULED BY THAT SCALE OR BY A WARPED MENTAL IMAGE OF WHAT I *THINK* I SHOULD LOOK LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, as I said, mixed bag – all sorts of insane emotions are spinning about – I almost miss my Depo Provera induced nullified emotional state!! HAHAHA (– not really!!)

Ok, so onto the planning for the week….

Tonight I work late, so will do my brand spanking new weights and core programme from my PT, as I won’t have time at 9pm to get to the gym for a class or a run. (memo to me GET A FLUORESCENT JACKET TO RUN IN AT NIGHT!) then Wednesday is all new running programme (intervals and something called ‘clocks’ which I have never heard of – keep ya posted) then Body Pump and Pilates. I am making warm quinoa salad tonight for dinner and having leftovers tomorrow for lunch, PLUS my grocer shop gets delivered this evening so Old Mother Hubbard I will be no longer! No major plans for the weekend – had a wonderful Saturday night with my friend Karen in Liverpool having elegant cocktails all night. So a quiet one this week. God, it’s only Tuesday and I am already thinking about the weekend! MADNESS!!!

Right – must dash – gotta go counsel some young people. Maybe I’ll CBT myself while I am at it!!!!

Love to you all xoxox

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Inching my 'weigh' to a hot bod!

Hey dudes!

So this week – actually for the past 2 weeks - I’ve been struggling a bit with eating, feeling stuck in a rut and not very ‘clean’ with food. Dunno what it is – maybe the dark evenings and general winter hibernation vibes, I’m still motivated but last night completely did not feel like working out – for the first time in about 5 weeks. So I didn’t.

I’m hovering over this next stone zone and hoping and trying and counting and tracking to get underneath it but I don’t feel like it’s happening AT ALL!

So last night, instead of having a pity party, I decided to be spurred on by a recent post by Jen (www.priorfatgirl.com) to take my measurements. I don’t think I told you but I spent most of Sunday afternoon in my underwear (no, not THAT – minds out of the gutter please!!) trying on all my old clothes that I’ve hoarded. Er helloooooooo whole new wardrobe! So I know that my body shape has changed and morphed into getting towards the being I want to be. I was intrigued to know what was happening with the old tape measure.

I took my measurements first in May this year (idiot that I am, I soooooo should have done them when I first started with the PT) and then again in July but haven’t done them since

Needless to say I am WELL BUZZING off the results….

Check this out!

July 2009 Nov 2009 Total

Waist -2 inches -3 inches -5 !!

Hips -2 inches -3 inches -5 !!

Bust -2 inches -2 inches -4 !!

Bicep -1 inch -2 inches -3 !!

Thigh -2 inches -1 inch -3 !!

So, ladies and gents, when you put it like that it’s MUCH easier to feel good about the BLOODY SCALE WHICH WILL NOT FREAKING WELL MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I urge you to take your measurements!

Here endeth the lesson

Heaps of lurve

Liz xoxo

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Plots and Plans....

I love this time of year. I love the cold, crisp mornings and how the pavement twinkles with the promise of magic when darkness falls (at about 4pm!) I love all the rituals and traditions that accompany this time of year. Some are particular to my family or my friends, and some are universal. For example. In my family, we never acknowledge All Hallows’ Eve. My sister was born on October 31st and would always have a full on hissy fit if ever the word were uttered in her presence. My dad was also a teacher and thus to open the door to his own pupils in the comfort of his own home would have been asking for trouble. So on Halloween we do something different…this year we went to Manchester where my sister lives to eat at an amazing tapas restaurant www.evuna.com.

Bonfire night is another grand tradition. Wellies, scarves and hats and a brisk walk to the local park for hot potatoes roasted in foil from the bonfire and a firework display to remember the ‘Gunpowder, treason and plot’. As we’ve got older and therefore of legal drinking age, it’s also meant a swift half in the pub on the way home.

I always spend New Year’s Eve with my friends, I am usually the planner and find us a glamorous location for dinner so we can get glammed up and ring in the New Year with style and a sumptuous meal. And then there’s the Secret Santy Balti. This involves a group of friends, curry and a secret santa gift so we don’t have to buy for all 20 of us! We gather at our local and much loved curry house and eat like gluttons and sing Christmas songs!

Other traditions are smaller but nonetheless equally as important. The fact that my mum stops making her traditional Sunday roast in October so we ‘enjoy’ our Christmas dinner more, having Canadian Thanksgiving with the Millars, having our parents around for dinner to discuss who’s going where/doing what/buying what for whom at Christmas. Cheery reunions with friends and loved ones from far and wide as they return for the festive season. And then there is Christmas itself……2 long (blissful) weeks of eating, drinking and being merry.

What’s the common theme here?

FOOD! Or, consumption!

I am a creature of habit. You know by now that I fully meet the clinical criteria for having OCD tendencies and habits that become obsessions. I am very much an ‘all or nothing’ kinda gal. Last Christmas was ‘all AND nothing’, as in I ate and drank everything in sight AND did nothing in the way of exercise.

Because of my ‘habits’ and rituals, I can get easily stressed if things do not happen as I feel they should (Autistic Spectrum Disorder, anyone??!!) and yet pretty much all of my much-beloved Autumnal and Festive Season traditions centre around food and/or alcohol!

The past month or so I have really hit my stride (pun intended) with my workout schedule and eating regime…..(whole other post on habits and rituals coming up hahaha!) and whilst I can feel my blood pressure rising at the mere thought of interrupting said routine, I need to be realistic . The pace of life will change – hectic in the sense of a million different people to see but relaxed in that I am off work for 2 weeks. And I need to embrace that albeit temporary change. I need a rest! I can’t keep going at this pace of work-uni-exercise-eat right-try-and-fit-husband-and-family-and-friends-in-somewhere-craziness! But when I relax, I don’t want to (as I have in past years) interpret that as permission to slack off and thus undo all the bloody hard work I’ve done this past year.

Guys, I’m stressin’! I need a plan!!!

One good thing though is that this year I don’t belong to the public gym – which shut down last year over the holidays!! This year my gym is open throughout as it’s based in a hotel and leisure club so THANK GOD I’ll be able to stave off some of the food and drink damage in between social events – plus I am off work so I’ll be able to make good use of my time.

But more than that, I want my attitude to Christmas to be different this year or at least to Christmas eating! I adore Christmas and every single thing about it. When I was little my parents used to have to get medication for me from the doctor to give me leading up to Christmas because I used to throw up and be an insomniac from excitement – true story! It’s not the presents or material things either, it’s that honest-to-goodness-peace-on-earth-and-goodwill-toward-men vibe that I adore. That vibe that, for me, is perfectly encapsulated by a combination of the Grinch movie and ‘A Christmas Story’ (Ralphie and the BB Gun). I LOVE IT!

However, I usually get so excited that my good intention go out the window. But not this year. This year will be different. I will eat, drink and be my usual, merry, Christmassy self – but this year I have learnt the value of food as fuel. I am infinitely happier in my own skin and thus have no need or desire to use food as comfort for feeling shitty about myself.

This year will be different.

So what about you my friends?? What’s your Christmas contingency plan! We’re only 43 sleeps away – you’d best get crackin’!!!! Care to share any top tips for survival?!

Lots of love

BFP xoxo

Monday, 9 November 2009

Gotta be quick BUT.....

...... I am so FLIPPING PSYCHED about the Motivational Match Ups!! If you dunno what I'm on about, head on over to Jen or MizFit's blogs for the details. My 'match up' emailed me today to introduce herself and I am absolutely buzzing to get to know her and get motivated, and to be (hopefully) able to encourage someone else on this bonkers journey! It is UTTERLY FAB!!

I am so happy to be part of this!!!! Are you getting that?! HAHAHA!

Weekend - total disaster - too much wine. ERROR! Saturday weigh in - stayed the same, stuck at 11.1.5lbs. I NEED TO BE UNDER THAT 11 stone mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had a perfect day yesterday of eating and exercising and have continued said trend today. On the plus side I saw my trainer on Friday night (I know, I must be mad) and he was full of positive stuff about how far I've come since March! So that was so good to hear - kinda spurred me on, ya know??

The puzzling thing is, even though I am still a little way off goal, all the clothes that fit me at my skinniest TOTALLY FIT AGAIN!!!! I spent a large part of yesterday trying on all my 'skinny' clothes - thanks GOD I am a hoarder!!!!!! So even though I am heavier, I must be mroe streamlined, no??? How DOES THAT WORK? Science is baffling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right - bodyPump here I come - i promise to be better @ blogging!!!!!!!

Love BFP xoxo

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Weekend Update/And the winners are!!!

Hello! So before I tell you the dreaded weigh in results let me firstly say that.....

SPUNKY SUZI and ANNABELLE - you girlies are the WINNERS of the grand Jaffa Cake giveaway! Sooooooo....email me please, with your addresses and I will get them to you asap!

And now onto the result!

This week, I.......LOST !! Again!!! HURRRRRRRAAAAAYYYYYYY! Another 2lbs off taking my total to 24lbs off and my current weight to 155.5lbs (11stone 1.5lbs) which means that after a year of trying to get under the 12 stone mark, I am nearly under the 11 stone mark!! I was absolutely delighted with this result - I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin and happy to be me - and that, my friends, is something I cannot overstate! After feeling so very miserable about this whole weight loss malarkey for what seemed like an aaaaaage, I am finally making headway and IT IS FAB!!! Just that subtle shift from 'I am on a diet' to 'I am pursuing a healthy lifestyle' has done wonders for my psyche.

So, this week it's a matter of cracking on to get the job done. I KNOW I can lose 1.5lbs in a week to get into the next stone zone but unfortunately this is one week where it might not happen. I have to be realistic. I have consistently lost for 5 weeks now - a fact which might seem daft to you reading this, but trust me people, this is bloody amazing progress for me!! And I have done this by being focused and determined and not letting anything sidetrack me. This week however, is another story. Tonight is my dad’s birthday so I have not got time to get a gym sesh in (and I ALWAYS judge people when they say that and think ‘you could fit it in if you reeeealllyyyy wanted to…’ but tonight it’s actually true! So I can go Wednesday to the gym for defo and get a good run/row/cycle in and a BodyPump class but then Thursday is Guy Fawkes’ night which means traipsing off to the bonfire and fireworks display in a local park so I won’t be gymming that night, but then I have a training appointment on Friday evening so at least I’ll be working out then. I get really superstitious when I’m losing weight – do you? So in my head right now because I’m thinking I can only gym it every other day this week, I wont lose because I gymmed it every day LAST week and lost…is that utterly barking or WHAT!?

So in short, to bring this ramble to a conclusion, I’m not going to pressure myself if I don’t lose 1.5lbs (especially after near death by tapas-induced food coma over the weekend…) but I sure am gonna TRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO I’ll sign off now as it’s past 5pm – hometiiiiiime!!!

Reapeat after me: must not eat own body weight in cake this evening, must not eat own body weight in cake this evening, must not eat own body weight in cake this evening, must not eat own body weight in cake this evening, must not eat own body weight in cake this evening, must not eat own body weight in cake this evening, must not eat own body weight in cake this evening, must not eat own body weight in cake this evening, must not eat own body weight in cake this evening, must not eat own body weight in cake this evening, must not eat own body weight in cake this evening, must not eat own body weight in cake this evening, must not eat own body weight in cake this evening,

Laters hotties!

BRP xoxo

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Weekend Weigh In and FINALLY the give-away!!

Hello comrades!

Just a little update on the current state of play. I weighed in, as usual, on Saturday morning at a grand total of 157.5lbs (11st,3.5) which makes my official loss 22lbs precisely, so there was much WAHOOPING ALL ROUND!

That said……..

Repeat after me…

I must not get complacent. I must not get complacent. I must not get complacent. I must not get complacent. I must not get complacent. I must not get complacent. I must not get complacent. I must not get complacent. I must not get complacent. I must not get complacent. I must not get complacent. I must not get complacent. I must not get complacent. I must not get complacent. I must not get complacent. I must not get complacent. I must not get complacent. I must not get complacent. I must not get complacent. I must not get complacent…..are you getting my message?

Having consistently lost each week for the past month has given me a rather devil-may-care attitude towards my eating and old habits are rearing their ugly heads with the potential of creeping in. (mad mixed metaphor there but I’m sure you get my drift…)

So this week is DANGER WEEK for me. I know that when I get complacent, I think I can ‘cheat’ the system and just atone for eating crap by working out like a loon. I do NOT want to be that girl. As I commented on http://www.talkingitoff.com/ earlier today, I want to Move for Moving’s sake and THAT way I learn to see food as fuel, rather than as rewards or for comfort. Food becomes a means to an end – an enjoyable means fo sho BUT a means nonetheless.

I saw my trainer yesterday. Thus today I am very much in Jen’s club of ‘OW’ at every step, stretch, sit,walk,move in general……..I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it. It’s quite addictive this whole healthy lifestyle malarkey!!! Yesterday the aim of my session was to ‘shock’ my body into compliance and give my metabolism a good whack. In days gone by I would have assumed that meant shed loads o’ cardio…but nooooooooooooooooo! It meant weights. Heavy ones. Lots of them. For an hour. Alternating between arms and legs. Involving many lunges. Choice exercises included squats against the wall against a ball, holding for 20 seconds at differing levels, shoulder presses sitting on ball with 8kgs in each hand (ok I don’t care WHAT you lift – that is bloody heavy for me!!!!!!), lots of upright rows on the machines, jumping squats – yes JUMPING SQUATS! What a torturous exercise THAT turned out to be. But I ruddy well completed that hour and felt GREAT! I totally don’t get the science bit – how does it help your metabolism?! But frankly I am just happy to have a functioning metabolism to help!! I am so proud of myself that I CAN do this level of exercise and enjoy it!!!

So this week I need to maintain focus and increase my attention to what I am chucking in my gob….more vegetables and protein please! In fact that’s what I should have focused on today while I am so sore (BLOODY DOMS!!!!) – oopsie.

How are y’all doing?? Ok I hope. I shall be catching up on all your blogs this evening, so expect a plethora of hilarious and yet insightful comments from me….er….??!!

And now to our giveaway…..my first one!!!!!!!

For your chance to win some delectable treats from the UK all you have to do is leave me a comment telling me why you deserve to be treated. That’s it! I will select a winner at random and will post to anywhere so get entering!!!

And what can you win??? Well folks, here they are………JAFFA CAKES!!!!

This is what they look like…..

This is the nutritional hoohaa http://www.jaffa-cakes.com/jaffa-cakes-calories-nutrition-facts

So you see they really are a low-cal treat and I always rely on them for a choc fix! Plus, I sent some to our own dear Jen aka PriorFatGirl a while back and she appeared to like them !

I look forward to reading your comments! Best of luck!!!

That’s it for now dudes, I’m out-y!!!

HEAPS of love, from an ever-shrinking BigFatPie!


Wednesday, 21 October 2009

On the treadmill...

…of life that is. Anyone else feelin’ it? I am in that place at the moment where I feel like groundhog day! I wake up, I go to work, I go to the gym, I come home, I go to bed repeat ad infinitum! It’s that 9-5 hamster wheel, waiting-for-the-weekend drudgery! Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do, but sometimes it’d be nice to be able to be a little less…..predictable!

Having said that, being in a ‘routine’ suits my fussy personality down to the ground! It was great after a hectic weekend to get back into it immediately. This is still something of a revelation to me, the fact that I can sort my eating/exercise out so quickly after a trip. It used to take bloody WEEKS for me to get back into my routine! Hurrah for NSV!!

I couldn’t weigh in last week because I was in lovely Abersoch (Great weekend, fab girls, complete nutters, lots of musicals on dvd, spending most of the time in our pj’s, singing along loudly to films, drinking pink wine and eating junk food. Saturday was so beautiful we were able to hit the beach!) so I am hoping against hope for a loss this week. More importantly than scale antics, I have been eating very well this week and exercising for the sheer joy of it (rather than ‘I must burn off calories’ scary possessed woman type vibes) and loving every minute!

Haha! I feel like my blog is dead boring en ce moment because everything is fiiiiiiine!! I am on top of my game, so to speak. I keep thinking that I need a challenge – but then I figure trying to get to goal is enough of a challenge right now! It’s my aim to do that my Christmas so perhaps early in 2010 I will set myself a challenge. Some pals are running a half marathon at the end of March but I am categorically not ready for that (still cannot make it past 10k – whole other post). I am loving Kerry’s current challenge to self of not weighing in until January 2010. Gotta admire that girl!! So I’m thinking some sort of eating challenge (not corn dogs, Jack Sh*t!!!) – but that’s after Christmas. Until then….I am concentrating all my efforts on getting to goal in a healthy, non obsessive and timely manner. So please do bear with me if I am boring – I can’t do it without you!!!!

In other news, still loving the BodyPump classes…it has meant, however, that I have not been as diligent at my set programme from Mr. Motivator – oopsie! I expect I’ll get shouted at on Monday – my next session. So maybe I need just to do one BP class a week, one pilates, one yoga and the rest of the time do programme. Hmm…I’ll see. While I’m on such a roll, I’m reluctant to change it, Y’know? PLUS there’s something that feels easier to accomplish about taking a class….you have to be there at a set time and stay for an hour and all the thinking is done for you! Ha I am such a lazy git!

I have been SUCH a ditz lately….sometimes I am shocked that I have such a responsible job, the things I manage to do! A few weeks back I was putting on mascara and eating branflakes at the same time, and I absent-mindedly put the mascara thingy in my mouth - what an idiot! Not to mention a blinkin waste of YSL mascara!!!! And then today I raced around town on my lunchbreak (had to buy a smaller work skirt –wahoop!) and was soooooo sweaty when I got back to the office I decided to spray some body spray on to freshen up…….I didn’t look at what I grabbed out my handbag and ended up with bloody Elnette hairspray under my arms and down my back! OH NOOOOOOOOO!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWW it feels sooooooooooooo gross!!!! Praise the Lord for the handy baby wipes I keep in my gym bag!! Dear me, I need help!

Well my dears, I think I’ve prattled on long enough now. Please check back tomorrow because *fanfare* I have decided to do a giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Right, ciao for now fellow healthy livers!!

Big Love!!!

BFP xoxo

Ps ALSO would someone PLEASE remind me to post updated workout clothes pics…those inches better be coming off!!!!

Friday, 16 October 2009

I *heart* YOGA!

SO, yesterday was one of those days where I had to literally drag myself kicking and screaming to the gym. There seemed a plethora of reasons as to why I shouldn’t go – the offer of a glass of wine from the in-laws, numerous people telling me how tired I looked which suddenly led to me feeling really, really tired indeed, a general ‘can’t-be-arsedness’, the whole ‘I’m away this weekend and it’d be lovely to spend the evening with hubster’ vibe and frankly, just the complete dread at the thought of running anywhere! I gritted my teeth and got myself to the lovely gym. Messed about getting changed, facebooked, generally faffed around and then gave myself a good talking to and hopped on the dreadmill. I’ve worked so hard this week that my heart just wasn’t in it, my legs felt heavy and my hip flexors were really tight. I hopped off the treadmill after a lousy 15 minutes and then I cycled for a bit and then gave up! I was a lost cause.

Instead of going home though, I took myself through the core/resistance and weight programme I’ve just been given by my trainer and managed to complete that. By this time it was 7:25pm and I didn’t really feel like anymore working out. And then I remembered. This time last week was when I did that yoga class! All of a sudden I was excited about exercise again! Grabbed a mat and joined the yoga posse for a good hour and a half sesh.

Yoga demands of me an entirely different mentality and set of skills to running and weights. In some ways I am entirely in my comfort zone as my dance training and flexibility both come into play in a big way, and yet – as the instructor pointed out – because I can rely on that flexibility and strength, I can work deeper and challenge myself, this demands a drive and comittment not just to 'wing' it and not work hard. She explained the difference between ‘pushing’ oneself and ‘working deeply’ – deep work should not cause a strain on joints or muscles, so I really don’t feel any pressure - it’s all about working at one’s own pace and listening to one’s body and getting on the vibe where you know your own muscles and capabilities. Running, to me, is still difficult. It is not yet something that I enjoy purely for the love of doing it – let’s face it, I do it because it’s really helping me lose weight (whole other addiction post!) - but yoga? THIS I could learn to love.

I always thought yoga was a bit ’hippy dippy nonsense’ to be honest, but this class is AMAZING and last night I loved every minute of it! Sure, it was hard but as I’ve said, hard in an ok way. I don’t know the names for all the poses and such but there’s something so life affirming about each of them, they make perfect sense (er..hello! happy baby?!) and they mean good and positive things. What’s not to like?! No weirdy chanting or ‘ohm’-ing, just a generally fabulous time.

Total bonus is that after a good few cobra stretches and deep kneeling lunges I can totally almost do the splits again!! This is something I have ALWAYS been able to do as I am, as we say in the biz, ‘flat turned out’ (my hips are very lose) and since I porked up and then began exercising to lose that porked upness, I’ve focused so much on cardio and weights that I’ve forgotten all about my flexibility and stretching - thus, in keeping with the 'use it or lose it' rule of thumb, my ability to sit in the splits has long gone!. No wonder my hip flexors were complaining! After a few minutes of sitting in ‘Downward facing frog’ the pain completely went away!

Yoga is BONZA!!!!!!!!

And the final treat of the night was that we got to attempt a head stand…..the one where you make a triangle out of your head and arms and walk your feet in and then some magical body force takes over and your legs kind of float up?? THAT ONE!! I totally did that!!! How amazing!!!!! At first I did it against the wall, but once I knew how to do it I tried it unaided and I DID IT!!!!!!!!! I was absolutely BUZZING! Still am today!! So what about you? Anyone out there a fan of yoga? Two classes in and I am a total convert!

So, the moral of all this waffling dear readers?? It’s ALWAYS good to listen to your body and respond to what it needs….this goes for food and eating just as much as exercise.

Right, that’s more than enough deep thought for today. I’m off to the seaside for a weekend with my girlfriends - to try and stay on plan!! *GULP* I will not gain I will not gain I will not gain…….repeat ad infinitum!

Laters homies

BFP xoxo

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

What happens when WW is no longer enough?

So, here’s what I am currently pondering. With the amount of exercise I am currently fitting into my little life, my daily points allowance of 20 seems not to be enough. I am HUNGRY. My body craves protein and carbs and whatnot. I don’t get it. At what point do I stop counting points and trust myself that I know how to do this? Can I ever do that? Last time I tried, I put all the weight I’d lost back on! I have a mad relationship with food, I know that. And exercise helps me counter that. Am I over-exercising? How will I know if and when I am? Monday for example, I did BodyPump, Pilates and then a 2.5k run (part of my new programme is to run 2.5k as fast as possible) - this did not feel excessive and my body is not knackered to the point of no return, I am not incapacitated, in fact I am not in pain at all – I enjoy it! It helps me relax! Sure, it’s time consuming but I am rather proud that my wobbly bod can perform so well.

Will there come a point though where I need extra calories with all the working out? I don’t want to click into starvation mode? I had to jib off the FastStart from last week halfway through because I had no energy! Although this disappointed me, I still lost AND kept within points. I don’t count activity points, perhaps I should do this. I think I am around 12 pounds off goal (don’t get excited, that’s nearly a flippin stone to go) but I HAVE lost 20.5lbs thus far (twice – HA!)

Perhaps I am worrying about nothing. I feel great, I think I am beginning to look a bit better than I did and so I should just carry on.

It’s been a good week this week. Monday, as I said I did one hour’s BodyPump – with the green weights this time! I love that class. I was transfixed by the girl in front of me who had the flattest stomach EVER – like even flatter than Britney’s! I must have looked like a right old perv! I wanted to say to her ‘How many times a week do you do this class!!?’

After that I did pilates – again, amazing. The teacher is soooooo amazing and she comes round the class and ‘places’ you and helps you correct and explains it in layman’s terms- it’s really good.

And then there was the run. 2.5k in 13 minutes – I am trying to improve my time so that I get used to running faster over longer distances……I guess Mr Motivator knows what he’s doin!!

So exercise is going great right now. I am all about the endorphin high!!

Eating-wise I think that I am so much more clued in to what I am shovelling into my gob these days and how it will affect me. For example. Our Thanksgving Canadian hosts brought us a big bag of stuffing, turkey, cranberry and white bread to make the requisite turkey butty – and I will not lie, I had one. BLOODY HELL IT WAS DIVINE!!! But because I ate those two slices of WHITE bread, well….I’ll leave it to your imagination, I am sure you can guess, but let’s just say I have been OD’ing on peppermint tea and Branflakes all week HAHAHA!!!

So in conclusion dear pals, I am rockin’ it this week. I am sure I am due a hormonal attack though sooon so it may all go down the bog but let’s hope not!! SURELY at some point in my life my HABITS will change and not be affected by all that bobbins?!

This weekend I cannot weigh in as I am taking some of my girlfriends away to Abersoch for the weekend. I fear there will be much eating and drinking, so I am taking my running gear. Most annoying thing is not being able to weigh in on Saturday am. But I’m going to have fun with the ladies and cheer them up (crappy work sitch and just been dumped) and then get cracking again next week. So you’ll have to wait for a weekend weigh in update my dears. But worry not, I plan to keep you entertained with all sorts of drivel and random ramblings from my mind!!!!

Big fat Love to you all from meeeeeeeeeeeee

BFP xoxo

no WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've got 80 flipping followers!!!!! HOW FABULOUS IS THAT!!! Thank you all ever so much!!

Crikey - I better get cracking with a witty yet informative and thought provoking post to wow you all!! er.....??!!

Seriously though, THANK YOU!!!!!

More later

BFP xoxo

Monday, 12 October 2009

Weekend Weigh In - Smiles all round!!


Had a mad busy weekend of planning and executing a baby shower for my friend Julie (Hi Jules!!) and celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving with our wonderful Vancouverites, The Millars. So this update is a tad late (what else is new!?) but just to let you know that I lost 3.5lbs this week!!


And that means *fanfare* that I am FINALLY in the 150's!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

I am now 11st,5lbs

11x14 = 154
154 + 5 = 159lbs!

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! I know it's by the skin of my teeth but it's bloody significant let me tell you!!

So I am just busy making a plan for the next 2 weeks to keep me on track (cant weigh in next week as I am away with the girls) I need to be extra diligent and focused!

Catch y'all later!!!

BFP xoxo

Thursday, 8 October 2009

An update...and a request for help!

Hello peeps! How are we all doing! What a week it’s been! I swear that I have never been this busy before….

I don’t know about you international lot but here in Blighty we are experiencing the first stirrings of see-your-breath-cold. It is SUCH a joy to break out the scarf collection and the winter coat.

Last year I bought a beautiful long navy blue coat for the winter trip to Switzerland for a wedding. I have been wearing it this week (makes a very useful cover up for the walk home from the gym!) despite the fact that it is rather more roomy on me this year than last! Hurrah for NSV’s!

The eating/exercise front has been pretty standard this week. Nothing new to report. Trying to get some protein in with every meal to help the old muscles repair and encourage my bod to feel fuller for longer. I definitely feel slimmer this week, but am resolutely refusing to weigh myself until Saturday for the official weigh in. I think it might be time to take the dreaded up date pics in the gym gear since I am half a stone lighter than the last lot (yeesh) and compare and contrast! Ha!

I was reading an article is some dreadful celebrity magazine this week….and there was an article about my beloved SJP and how her arms are getting a tad Maddona-esque. The headline was ‘SJP’s crazy workout regime’ and basically said that she works out too much - in that she does an hour’s cardio and an hour’s pilates or yoga.

And do you know what friends? For the first time in my life, I read the details of the ‘crazy’ workout and thought. “Bloody HELL that’s not crazy AT ALL! I do that!!” I do 3 lots of cardio a day which takes an hour and an hour’s core/weights/resistance. Sometimes that’s a pilates or yoga class, sometimes it’s not but what struck me is that that workout doesn’t seem terribly extreme to me!!

(which yes I know begs the question why the heck isn’t my body like hers, but hey I’m workin’ on it!!!)

My point is, that with exercise, I sometimes think we give people the wrong advice. When I say ‘we’, I obviously mean society at large (‘we’ as in us in blogland obviously give amaaaaaaazing advice about exercise!!! FO SHO!) I NEED to do that amount of exercise in a week to stay on top of my weight and health. (Not ‘need’ as in OCD vibes) and yes it seems a lot but it’s realistic. And I love it. Er…make that HAVE learned to love it. But by telling the average new member of weight watchers that they just need to get off the bus a stop earlier or by a stupid wii fit or take the stairs instead of the lift, I think we do them a disservice. Actively incorporating exercise in your bid for a healthy lifestyle is imperative. Sure, taking the stairs is a good starting point, but eventually you will need to do more. Dunno. Whaddaya reck? Thoughts?

I knew nothing really about my levels of fitness and limits and potential before I started working with Chris aka Mr Motivator. But what I have found is that with the correct guidance and assessment and encouragement, I can push myself beyond what I thought I was ever capable of. I got my new programme this week, and we are working on my speed, trying to run quicker. So what I have to do is run 2.5km in as a fast a time as possible. I like it because it’s a reasonable distance and I can really focus on running fast and lengthening my stride. So yesterday evening was the first time I tackled it and managed it in a not too shabby 13.5 minutes. I have no idea if that’s good or not but I figure I ran the 5k race for Life in 31 minutes so it’s in keeping with that time. I’ll keep you posted !

I did BodyPump again last night. The instructor is just how I imagine MizFit to be in real life! She is so inspiring and has a bod, quite frankly, to die for. I upped the weights a little last night to challenge my arms and back and squats a little more – seems to have done the trick. This morning I am pleasantly fatigued but not completely knackered. I was brave and went on my own too because Rach needed family time. I almost sacked it off when I noticed a super hot gym girl who intimidates me going ontot he class but then a guy who I’d met last week said hello so that made it all ok again! God, I must be hormonal or something! Isn’t it funny how just one little sighting of someone can put you off. Then I thought ‘I need this class more than you so I am bloody well doing it sunshine’

Of course, she is a perfectly lovely, friendly and humble girl, not at all showy-offy and very helpful – this fantasy exchange was all taking place in my head as an inner dialogue. One of my ‘life scripts’ is fantastical exchanges with people who I deem ‘better than me’. Once I reminded myself of this fact, I got a grip and sorted out my weights and bar! Thank GOD for therapy! Hahaha.

The other thing I have been trying to accomplish this week is the Fast Start. This is a ww technique for kick starting your weight loss by lessening the points you consume in a day but follow a pre-prepared meal planner where all the nutrients and whatnot are planned for you.

At 162.5lbs I am allowed 20 points per day. Fast Start takes me down to 14 per day. I must confess my lovely bloggies, that I have found it really REALLY hard to eat just 14 points worth of food. I am hungry all the time. So I’m wondering if this could be to do with all the exercise I do?? I need help and advice. So I’m throwing it out there – help guys!!!

All advice/comments emails gratefully received! I don’t want to go into starvation mode! And I don’t want to gain weight through exercise resulting in eating more ! How do I achieve this!!!

Yours in wonderment



Monday, 5 October 2009

The long-promised Birthday Dinner post! (in a random order!)

This is the end of the evening.....you can tell by our eyes!!
My beautiful little sister Jen

Illustrating how full we are on a scale of 1 to 10...

Jen wins!

Hubster is very pleased with the lasagne...

My main course.....pan fried salmon and pesto mash

Happy Birthday tooo meeee!

I love those shoes....

I am very impressed with the garlic bread...

My beautiful mummy and her main course of veal (we checked it was British and locally sourced)

what's left of the Italian Marriage soup


My father and his distinct LACK of table manners.....

Gorgeous hubby wanting to eat his starter in peace and not be photographed!

I am rather pleased with my starter: arancini rice balls with goat's cheese....mmmm...

My lovely sister Jen models her starter...asparagus I think

"Hmmm...what shall we eat next?"

A glass of Prosecco to cleanse the palate
So there you go folks! 'Twas a fabulous night....food comas all round!
lovelove BFP xoxo

Weekend Weigh In (and still no pictures - sorry!)

Does anyone else feel that there just aren't enough hours in the day?!

SO, Saturday weigh was a loss of 2.5lbs (again)...at least I made a good dent in the gargantuan 3.5lb gain from last week. peaks and troughs, people, peaks and troughs. But the attitude is still in good form, which frankly for me is half of if not most of the battle in the first place!

I am trying desperately hard not to compare this weight loss effort with previous ones. For example. I could tell you what I weighed this time in 2006 and how it differs from now...but I think I will drive myself round the bloody bend if I do that...trying to focus on the here and now, not the past. I may be fatter now but bizarrely I feel a million times healthier. Is that stupid? I am definitely stronger and capable of doing more, exercise-wise. I have not had a chest infection/cold type thing (touch wood and whistle) that I used to get every winter. I do not drink anywhere NEAR as much diet coke. I can run!

I seem to be all about the positive affirmations lately! HA!

Pics later - JE VOUS PROMETTRE!!!!


BFP xoxo

Friday, 2 October 2009


Hello everybody! Long time no speak! Sorry to have gone AWOL! And thanks to Bri and Glam for checking up on me!!!

So here we are on the first day of October! Time sure flies when you’re having fun hey!!!

Where am I up to, you may ask?! To answer your question dear Glam, no I have not been too busy working out to blog…but I HAVE been rather busy moving offices YET AGAIN AND they have finally gone and blocked Blogger at work. This means that by the time I get in from work and gym and eat, my blog just goes out of my head, so I am so sorry to have neglected you my friends!!!

I’m back now!

So, let’s recap shall we? First 2 weeks Sept – AMAZING! Lost weight, worked out, ate healthy.

And then it was my birthday.


So, on Monday September 21st, I reached the ripe old age of 31. 31!! THIRTY FREAKING ONE!!!! How the bloody HELL did that happen??!!!! OH EMMACTUALGEEEEEEE!!!!

*ahem* Anyway….

So, it was my birthday which meant that I’d been out to eat on the Saturday before, then on the Monday the parents and siblings arrived with other family members plus takeaway, cake and champagne….then Tuesday I had this terrible sore throat so rather than exercising off the calories from the weekend and night before, I lay on the couch wrapped in a blanket of slef pity. Then Wednesday I had to go and enrol on my MSc course, which meant I didn’t get home until 9pm – too late for the gym, which then meant the week spiralled out of control and rather than having my sensible head on and gymming it a bit, I pretty much sacked t off until this Monday just gone.

So the result at weigh in on Saturday was delightful 3lb gain! IN A WEEK!!!! GOOD GRIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!

So as of Monday morning I have rediscovered my sensible, balanced, you-can-still-have-a-life-and-be-healthy attitude to life. Monday I did a full workout, Tuesday I did weights, yesterday I did 5k run and then – get this!- a BodyPump class!!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!!

I went with my lovely friend Rachel who is fabulous and we weathered it together. Tough class but by no means the traumatic experience I had expected it to be. I think that what put me off initially was all the equipment you need – bar bell, weights, step, mats yadda yadda yadda. But it was a great class, went really quickly and I found it a happy alternative to lifting weights on my own – I am definitely going to go next week! And best of all, during the pressups section I did full, proper man press ups and the instructor ahd everyone applaud me at the end! HOW COOL!!! I am completely driven by praise and reassurance and I felt well chuffed that she singled me out!

So that was BodyPump, what else have I been up to?

Oh we went to a gorgeous restaurant for my birthday dinner – an Italian vibe, called Zelig’s. My sister and I took hilarious photos of our food just for you, so I will post them soon as I can!

There have a been a few NSV’s to speak of, so in the interest of keeping myself motivated I will list them here:

1. After a week off exercise and indulgence I hopped back on plan straight away on Monday morning – this would ordinarily have lasted approximately 3 weeks….
2. Though I am not as light as I would like to be yet, my visceral fat is down by 8% which is (I am sure) a direct result of working with Chris (amazing personal trainer man) and having a plan when I am on my on working out which means I know what I’m doing. It is completely worth the expense!
3. I didn’t have to have any fillings at the dentist!! I have only ever had one filling in my life and it was when I began ww first time round and was relying on diet coke A LOT – it knackered my teeth and meant a filing. Now that I am eating much healthier, it means an added benefit is my teeth are stronger and in better condition! YAAY! Also the dentist now does cosmetic whitening on the nhs so it’ll only cost me £300! YAAAAAAAY!!! Bring on the LA smile!!!! Hahahaha
4. A 20 minute run is now standard to me. How life changes! I remember so clearly around March/April time how I couldn’t even manage to run for 5 minutes - and I never ever thought I would get past it. But take it from me, someone who is not a runner – it’s totally possible! It’s true what all the runners I know say about the ‘magic’ 20 minute mark – once you get past that it seems like it’s easier to progress.
5. I am STILL more than ever in my whole life, more clued in to what I am eating and how I am exercising! This is a constant source of amazement to me and I am so much happier these days……which brings me to…
6. I am HAPPY! Yes, the battle with weight and eating rages on but I AM IN CONTROL! And it feel good.
7. I am healthier now, in mind, body and spirit than I have ever been. This is progress people.

In other news, guess what I got for my birthday??!! A Nike+ ipod thingy!!!!!! How exciting! I don’t really get how itworks, and at first I thought I would have to buy very expensive trainers but it turns out that there’s a way round that! (I cannot sacrifice my beloved asics running shoes for Nike traineeeeees like some scally down Birkenhead!) There’s a little pouch you put the chip in and attach to your running shoes. Cool hey! I can’t wait to play with it!

Any thoughts on this subject?? Let me know your views dear friends!

Next thing I need input on: PROTEIN!

A few posts ago Dee commented that I needed more protein in my diet (sad face at Dee not blogging anymore) and lo and behold Mr. trainer man then went on to say the exact same thing to me - suggesting poached egg on toast and beans on toast as a means of upping the protein. So I did some reading. As far as I can work out, it (a) makes you feel fuller and (b) helps your muscles recover quicker – is that right? SO I have been making an effort to up the protein, I hope it works…..


I have been writing this post for 3 days so I will just bloody well post it now in the interest of actually posting…..birthday pictures to follow – I felt HOT! Hahaha


Liz aka BFP xxxx

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


So, over the past couple of days I've been noticing my hunger. I'm working with a young person who suffers from pretty hardcore ruminations; where she has obsessive thoughts constantly whirring around her mind. I've asked her to *notice* if there are periods or times in the day where these specifically get worse. She had some difficulty in understanding what I meant, so I said if she was willing to undertake an experiement in the week before our next session, then so would I. Then we could each draw up a diary sheet and show each other. So since I am trying to lose weight I thought I would look at hunger, to see if there are certain periods or triggers in the day where I am hungry that I am not prepared for and how do I cope in these situations? I'm only 3 days into the week and already the results are interesting.

So, Monday, I got up really late because I has stayed up too late. I had also eaten waaaaaaay too much on Sunday evening, too late on. So I didnt have breakfast. I had a cup of tea. You know that feeling where you're so FULL still, the morning after a huge meal that you just can't face the thought of eating?? Well that was me Monday morning.

I usually have a mid-morning snack about 10:30am/11am to stave off the munchies until lunch. Because I hadn't had breakfast I noticed that I was suddenly ravenous around 9:30am/10am where ordinarily I wouldn't even think of eating until 10:30-ish. I realise that the direct link is that I didnt have brekky - but I seriously do not think I have ever paid such close attention to my hunger /eating patterns before - certainly not 'true' hunger - emotional hunger is another subject entirely. Thankfully this is not something that I am having a hard time with - at the moment....

Even after my usual yougurt and fruit fix at 10am, I was still hungry earlier and so ate lunch bang on 12, which meant that but the time I took my lunch half hour I was all munchied up and on the lookout for the dreaded salt and vinegar crisps. I succumbed to a pack of salt and vinegar M and S reduced fat - but nonetheless I wouldn't have given in if I had BLOODY WELL EATEN BREAKFAST! And then I was 'picky' - luckily I had oodles of carrotts and cherry tomatoes on which to snack in my work fridge, but a ww choc bar did creep in there too. Monday was mammoth workout day (see previous posts) and from 6pm until 8pm I was in that gym getting my money's worth! Once I got home I'd kinda gone past the point of hunger so had some porridge :) a weird dinner but I was so tired and not really hungry

Tueday I ate breakfast and was able to get through the morning much less munchily! For lunch I ate salmon with a load of roasted vegetable couscous which really filled me up until about six pm. Unfortunately I hadn't prepared anything for after 6pm - I work till 9pm Tuesdays and because there is such a tight turn around with clients, I dont get time to eat! Needless to say I was ravenous when I got home....and you know what I wanted? Cheesy Doritos and cheese on toast.


SO I had 2 points' worth of Doritos (leftover from the weekend which is why the demon idea popped into my tiny mind - otherwise they NEVER would set foot in my house!) and 2 slices of Roberts the Baker wholewheat bread (seriously British WW'ers, forget that ww danish loaf crap and get involved with Roberts the Baker - Asda, Tesco, Somerfield - proper big slices of normal bread for a point a slice!), and a slice of Kraft light cheese.


I was craving the carby-ness of toast - and because I am PRACTISING listening to my body, I am becoming more attuned to it!

How cool is that? I am learning to listen to myself - I really feel like I learned something through this little experiment- and I will continue to do so!!

Just got in from the gym - did the exact same workout as Monday (yesterday I just did weights when I got in, in front of Jamie Oliver's America and Gareth Malone's The Choir) but I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally got in the running zone today - I didnt even look at the clock until 22 minutes in so was able to complete a 5k and run for 30 minutes. I have been trying and trying to break back through that barrier with my running, so hopefully I'm there. WOOP!!

Just eating a healthy dinner of stirfried veggies in a scechzuan tomato sauce, as I type! MMMMMMMMMMM!!

Thursday tomorrow, and the end of my working week (HALLELUJAH!) I've got drinks with the girls tomorrow night and then a PT session at 9am Friday morning - great, this will help me be GOOD with the ol' vino tomorrow night. And then Friday afternoon I am traipsing off to Liverpool One to shop for a birthday frock!

So, looking forward to the next few days, gotta just keep on keeping on. Sometimes I just don't believe that this weight will ever come off again. Gosh I hope it does.

Onwards and downwards (the scale, that is)

Lizzie aka BFP


Tuesday, 15 September 2009

"Gym Jimminy, Gym Jimminy, Gym Gym Jeroooo"

Ok, so last night I hauled myself to the gym, kicking and screaming, protesting all the way, in a downright grump.


I got on the treadmill.

With a spring in my step.

With a spring in my step.


I know.

This is me, remember?!

But you know what? I LOVED IT!

I loved it so much, that I did the following:

25 minutes running on an incline of 1% @ 9.5kph
15 minutes of fast cycling on hill programme with level 6 resistance
2000m rowing
200 sit ups : uppers, lowers and sides
3x full plank holding for 30 secs each
3x 15 pec fly with 4’s
3x20 DB chest press on bench with 5’s
3x15 hammer curls with 3’s
3x15 bicep curls with 3’s
3x15 right tricep raises
3x15 left tricep raises
3x20 lat pull downs at 25kg
3x20 pec deck machine at 20kg
6x20 front loaded squats/4 point lunges super set

Then I collapsed. Just kidding.

I felt energised, buzzing, healthy, and most importantly, for me at least, like I’d conquered my whiny inner demon ‘I don’t wannnnnnna workout’…for one day at least!!!

Obviously I can’t do that every day – that extent of a workout…can I? But the demon-conquering, THAT I work on beating every day!!!!

And having done good at the gym, I didn’t want to eat myself into a coma, so had some veggies and salmon and went to bed early.

Seriously. What’s wrong with me!!!????

I wish you all well in your pursuit of health: in both your individual and our collective journeys. May today be a day we CONQUER!!!!!!

loveloev BFP xoxo

Monday, 14 September 2009

I need to fit blogging and reading into my life again!!

Hi everyone! Man, it feel like yonks since I properly blogged! SO here is a quick catch up form the world of BigFatPie of late for your reading pleasure.

Life's a bit busy right now - always is as the new school year begins! Plus I have been moving offices and getting to grips with a slightly different role, which I unfortunately cannot talk about on the internet but suffice it to say it's challenging!

So here I am, armed with a cuppa, on Sunday morning ready to read all your blogs!

This is an extremely healthy (and, if I am honest REALLY BORING) salmon salad that I ate for dinner whilst my family were consuming their own body weight in fish and chips - see later pics! Honestly, I deserve some sort of award for exercising such retsraint!

This is very random but today my nails look like this......I am in an experimental phase....

This is a the ww lemon drizzle cake I made for dessert when we had dinenr at my parents' house last weekend....it was really nice actually and tasted like proper cake!

Ah here we are, remember when I told you I was going to my cousin's house for dinner to celebrate his Birthday? Well here we are....this is what you would call a 'chippy tea': mushy peas, sausage, white bread and butter, chips, ketchup and battered cod.....MMMMMMMMM!! I am salivating as I type! Soooo unhealthy but sooooo good!! This is my hubby's plate....

And here's hubby chowing down with the cousins....

In other food news, THIS is my new fave place! Las Iguanas, in Liverpool 1. It's a Latin American restaurant and is so fresh and lovely AND had completely healthy options on the menu!

This, por ejemplo, is a butternut squash, spinach and chickpea enchilada with low fat creme fraiche and crisped carrott shavings. TOTALLY WONDERFUL! We will definitely be visiting again...

And this, this I made for dinner and had the leftovers for 2 days running: chicken coriander with lots of veg, equally as delish cold as hot!

Erm....I dunno how that go there?! This might be a capirhina at aforementioned restaurant....

....and this may or may not be 2 slices of cake plus tea for me and whiskey for Rich that we had at the end of the evening out!!!

So my point to all this randomness is that I ate all this AND STILL LOST WEIGHT 2 weeks on the trot! I am proving to myself that I can still have a normal life and continue to lose. I am in such a happy place right now. I know there will be tough times and times when i won't be quite so 'on it' but that's when I'll be able to look back here and thinkg ' You CAN do it' - here's the proof!

So I am sorry if it seems a little self indulgent, but hey, it's my blog!!!

So that's all for now, more random ramblings tomorrow - I had a fab weekend and I wanan share the eats with you!!!

Right - the gym is calling me!!

hasta luegito!

BFP xoxo

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Weekend Weigh In #2

Hello! Oh guys I have had SUCH a busy week!! Sorry for the lack of posting and commenting! I am in the middle of moving offices at work - all very sudden so I haven't been able to get online all week! I promise you a proper post tomorrow when I'll have time. Today I am cooking preparing a Chinese meal for my parents and husband tonight!

Just wanted to check in on the weight loss front, in keeping with the 'Fresh start for Sept theme'. So more on how week 2 went tomorrow- plus pics and everything! But for now, suffice it to say that.......

I had another successful week and lost 2.5lbs! That means I am 11,6.5 which is 160.5lbs! That is a total loss so far of 19lbs AND the lowest (and fittest!!) I have been since October 2006!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

So that's a loss 2 weeks in a row - and I am more determined than ever to keep it up for a 3rd week triumph! Thanks for all your support!!

Big massive love

(getting littler) BigFatPie xoxo

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Weekend Weigh In and other stuff

DUDES! Hello!! Thanks so much for all your positive comments about my porky bod yesterday! You're all lovely. Deluded, but lovely :)

Well, anyhoo....just been to weigh in after the FRESH START FOR SEPTEMBER 1st first week of eating on plan and working out.

Starting post-summer weight 11,12 (166lbs)

First weigh-in.....11,9 (163 lbs) which means a loss of... *fanfare*

3 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am very happy with that for week One!

NOw I'm off to begin the day - decorating our old flat to sell and then dinner at Las Iguanas tonight with the lovely Chris and Anna and then cocktails at the Albert Dock with Han for her 27th birthday.

Happy days (and probably too mnay points so I better hit the gym too!!)

Had a post-summer PT session yesterday, and as a result cannot bloody well walk, sit, stand, move, reach etc etc today! Anyone ever used a suspension harness??!!

And with that somewhat ambiguous question, I will leave you! More tomorrow!


BFP (albeit 3lbs lighter)


Thursday, 3 September 2009

The dreaded 'FRESH START' pics!!!!!

Here you go folks! I told you I'd be brave (Thanks for your encouragement everyone!)Please excuse the mess in my apartment! Hahaha Just realised you can see our washing drying - how lovely! Also, please excuse how sweaty I am - I had just got in from last night's gym sesh. GOOD GRIEF running was tough! I could only do 20 minutes and then I felt like I was going to collapse! I know 20 mins is a good enough run, and it was at 9.5kph BUT even so, I was getting used to being able to do over 30 minutes and now I'm sooooo unfit again! GRRRRRR! But I did do some cycling and rowing and all my weights and core/resistance work on the programme soooooo I guess it's ok. I have that pleasant buzz this morning where you're aware of your body and muscles because you've worked them out! I also bit the bullet and texted Chris for an appointment so I have personal training tomorrow at 9am...on my day off. Glutton for punishment anyone?! It'll be worth it. I guess. No it will be. Positivity!

So there you have it, me in all my BigFatPie glory.....166lbs, 5'7" tall, aged (almost) 31 *sob*. Don't get used to seeing me like this! It won't be like this for long!!!!!! BYE BYE FAT!!!!!!!
Eating wise I was a SAINT yesterday. Day 2 = BIG SUCCESS! I got in from the gym and my calf muscles were caning me so I watched a few episodes of The Hills (I know, I know!) and did some of my fave pilates/yoga stretches to wind down. It was great. By this time, however, it was 9:30pm and I still had not eaten dinner. Could not be bothered with cooking or eating a large meal at such a late hour (I am old now, I cannot sleep if I eat too big a meal before bed!), so you know what I realised I was TOTALLY craving? (Bear in mind that as the clock struck midnight on August 31st, the UK apparently skipped Autumn altogether and went straight to bloody winter...it was blowing a gale and raining cats and dogs outside) PORRIDGE! That's what! Now, 30g of porridge oats is 1.5points but I was starvin like marvin so doubled up and had 60g for 3 points and skimmed milk all microwaved together with an apple. Nice dinner hey!! Still it filled me up and was most delicious!
So now onto Day 3. This evening is a RED ALERT as my cousin Andy has his Birthday and Rich and I are headed over to theirs for dinner, or 'Birthday Tea' as the invitation said. DANGER! DANGER! I cannot plan or control the point intake tonight so I need to stick to minimal pointage today so I can spare a few tonight. I have decided I will not have any alcohol - after my drunken antics on Sunday I need to give my body a rest, so strictly soft drinks for me! My family know about my WW following so they're usually pretty accommodating in that area, so I'm not too worried. I have had 40g branflakes for breakfast with skimmed milk so that's 2 points plus 1 for milk through the day, I've got grapes and a yoghurt for 11am and then lunch will be the leftover salad plus cherry tomatoes, carrotts and hummus and 2 crispbread for lunch. I also have an apple if I get desperate! So with the points I saved yesterday, plus those I earned exercising I should be ok. Also, it's Thursday which means the boys play football at 9pm which means we will be home by 8pm which means if I am organised I can get in a workout tonight- I'm thinking yoga - whch, again, is a good reason to say 'No thanks, I won't have cake because I've got a class in an hour and I dont want to vom in the studio!' Good hey!?
So that is the plan. I feel ok about my day. Now to start thinking ahead to tomorrow....no work=less structure but I HAVE got PT tomorrow early so I'll be up and won't waste the day, there's no bread in the house so I can't eat my own body weight in hot buttered toast, I will have paid £30 for my training session so won't want to 'undo' the good work by eating crap in the day AND I am gonna hang out with lovely Rachel, friend and WW leader and we;re going to do some organising and planning!
My focus this weekend is to PLAN TRACK EXERCISE. Weekends are soooooo easy to sack off, so I need to stick to it.
That's all for now - get commenting my lovelies!!!!!
lovelove BFP xoxo