Monday, 14 September 2009

I need to fit blogging and reading into my life again!!

Hi everyone! Man, it feel like yonks since I properly blogged! SO here is a quick catch up form the world of BigFatPie of late for your reading pleasure.

Life's a bit busy right now - always is as the new school year begins! Plus I have been moving offices and getting to grips with a slightly different role, which I unfortunately cannot talk about on the internet but suffice it to say it's challenging!

So here I am, armed with a cuppa, on Sunday morning ready to read all your blogs!

This is an extremely healthy (and, if I am honest REALLY BORING) salmon salad that I ate for dinner whilst my family were consuming their own body weight in fish and chips - see later pics! Honestly, I deserve some sort of award for exercising such retsraint!

This is very random but today my nails look like this......I am in an experimental phase....

This is a the ww lemon drizzle cake I made for dessert when we had dinenr at my parents' house last was really nice actually and tasted like proper cake!

Ah here we are, remember when I told you I was going to my cousin's house for dinner to celebrate his Birthday? Well here we are....this is what you would call a 'chippy tea': mushy peas, sausage, white bread and butter, chips, ketchup and battered cod.....MMMMMMMMM!! I am salivating as I type! Soooo unhealthy but sooooo good!! This is my hubby's plate....

And here's hubby chowing down with the cousins....

In other food news, THIS is my new fave place! Las Iguanas, in Liverpool 1. It's a Latin American restaurant and is so fresh and lovely AND had completely healthy options on the menu!

This, por ejemplo, is a butternut squash, spinach and chickpea enchilada with low fat creme fraiche and crisped carrott shavings. TOTALLY WONDERFUL! We will definitely be visiting again...

And this, this I made for dinner and had the leftovers for 2 days running: chicken coriander with lots of veg, equally as delish cold as hot!

Erm....I dunno how that go there?! This might be a capirhina at aforementioned restaurant....

....and this may or may not be 2 slices of cake plus tea for me and whiskey for Rich that we had at the end of the evening out!!!

So my point to all this randomness is that I ate all this AND STILL LOST WEIGHT 2 weeks on the trot! I am proving to myself that I can still have a normal life and continue to lose. I am in such a happy place right now. I know there will be tough times and times when i won't be quite so 'on it' but that's when I'll be able to look back here and thinkg ' You CAN do it' - here's the proof!

So I am sorry if it seems a little self indulgent, but hey, it's my blog!!!

So that's all for now, more random ramblings tomorrow - I had a fab weekend and I wanan share the eats with you!!!

Right - the gym is calling me!!

hasta luegito!

BFP xoxo


Glam said...

God, that Mexican food looks sooooo good! I'm salivating!
Nice work on a loss while eating like a normal, human being!

starfish264 said...

ha - brilliant post - love all the photos! And oh my god - I luuuuurve Las Iguanos! I've been to the one in Bristol and it's just freaking amazing food, service, cocktails, and have you had the chocolate banoffee pie?? I swear to god, it's heaven on a plate and you should experience it at least once! Good choice on the caiprihinas (sp?) - they're one of my favourites too!

Extra credit for resisting the fish and chips and actually getting some losses these last two weeks - you're on a roll!