Thursday, 3 September 2009

The dreaded 'FRESH START' pics!!!!!

Here you go folks! I told you I'd be brave (Thanks for your encouragement everyone!)Please excuse the mess in my apartment! Hahaha Just realised you can see our washing drying - how lovely! Also, please excuse how sweaty I am - I had just got in from last night's gym sesh. GOOD GRIEF running was tough! I could only do 20 minutes and then I felt like I was going to collapse! I know 20 mins is a good enough run, and it was at 9.5kph BUT even so, I was getting used to being able to do over 30 minutes and now I'm sooooo unfit again! GRRRRRR! But I did do some cycling and rowing and all my weights and core/resistance work on the programme soooooo I guess it's ok. I have that pleasant buzz this morning where you're aware of your body and muscles because you've worked them out! I also bit the bullet and texted Chris for an appointment so I have personal training tomorrow at 9am...on my day off. Glutton for punishment anyone?! It'll be worth it. I guess. No it will be. Positivity!

So there you have it, me in all my BigFatPie glory.....166lbs, 5'7" tall, aged (almost) 31 *sob*. Don't get used to seeing me like this! It won't be like this for long!!!!!! BYE BYE FAT!!!!!!!
Eating wise I was a SAINT yesterday. Day 2 = BIG SUCCESS! I got in from the gym and my calf muscles were caning me so I watched a few episodes of The Hills (I know, I know!) and did some of my fave pilates/yoga stretches to wind down. It was great. By this time, however, it was 9:30pm and I still had not eaten dinner. Could not be bothered with cooking or eating a large meal at such a late hour (I am old now, I cannot sleep if I eat too big a meal before bed!), so you know what I realised I was TOTALLY craving? (Bear in mind that as the clock struck midnight on August 31st, the UK apparently skipped Autumn altogether and went straight to bloody was blowing a gale and raining cats and dogs outside) PORRIDGE! That's what! Now, 30g of porridge oats is 1.5points but I was starvin like marvin so doubled up and had 60g for 3 points and skimmed milk all microwaved together with an apple. Nice dinner hey!! Still it filled me up and was most delicious!
So now onto Day 3. This evening is a RED ALERT as my cousin Andy has his Birthday and Rich and I are headed over to theirs for dinner, or 'Birthday Tea' as the invitation said. DANGER! DANGER! I cannot plan or control the point intake tonight so I need to stick to minimal pointage today so I can spare a few tonight. I have decided I will not have any alcohol - after my drunken antics on Sunday I need to give my body a rest, so strictly soft drinks for me! My family know about my WW following so they're usually pretty accommodating in that area, so I'm not too worried. I have had 40g branflakes for breakfast with skimmed milk so that's 2 points plus 1 for milk through the day, I've got grapes and a yoghurt for 11am and then lunch will be the leftover salad plus cherry tomatoes, carrotts and hummus and 2 crispbread for lunch. I also have an apple if I get desperate! So with the points I saved yesterday, plus those I earned exercising I should be ok. Also, it's Thursday which means the boys play football at 9pm which means we will be home by 8pm which means if I am organised I can get in a workout tonight- I'm thinking yoga - whch, again, is a good reason to say 'No thanks, I won't have cake because I've got a class in an hour and I dont want to vom in the studio!' Good hey!?
So that is the plan. I feel ok about my day. Now to start thinking ahead to work=less structure but I HAVE got PT tomorrow early so I'll be up and won't waste the day, there's no bread in the house so I can't eat my own body weight in hot buttered toast, I will have paid £30 for my training session so won't want to 'undo' the good work by eating crap in the day AND I am gonna hang out with lovely Rachel, friend and WW leader and we;re going to do some organising and planning!
My focus this weekend is to PLAN TRACK EXERCISE. Weekends are soooooo easy to sack off, so I need to stick to it.
That's all for now - get commenting my lovelies!!!!!
lovelove BFP xoxo


skinny me! said...

Girl YOU CRAZY! I can't believe you were scared to post this pic!! You look good my dear! but I know you were nervous about it, so good for you! lol

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you're 5'7"? Because I'm 5'7", weigh less than you and look about twice as wide. You must be packing some muscle, girl. Congrats on day two -- love following your blog. Great writing, especially your witty Briticisms, so cute to us boring USers. What's your goal?

Watching and Weighting said...

hey kerry! Thanks but whatEVER!!! yeeesh i HATE looking at those pics! Ah well, we're on the plan, eh? lmao xxxxxx

And Anonymous (oh mysterious one) Yep I am 5'7", I made my husband measure me yesterday! Thanks for following me! There is some debate about goal - last time I did ww i got down to 10 stone 3, which is umm...hold on....143lbs. But that was after the flu! I'd LIKE to be 10,7 so just under 150lbs. here's hoping! xx

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

I know you feel big, but I think you look wonderful! It will just get better from here then!

Great job on the gym.

starfish264 said...

Oh the irony! I'd be so happy with your figure! lol Grass is always greener eh?

I always find that not drinking instantly makes a hard night out easier - I therefore blame the single vodka and tonic for the popcorn episode last night. But Butterkist Toffee popcorn is in fact heaven on earth, so all in a good cause!

Food Coma said...

I think ( and I am very smart) that you are lovely.

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

I think you look fab!!! Way to rock the workout ...9.5 MPH ..Holy Lightning Strike!!! I think I'd fly off the treadmill, if I ran that fast! Superpowers... you have 'em =)

mak'n Changes said...

Fat? Does anyone see fat when they look at these pictures? Silly girl! You have a tall strong body ,I love pictures in blogs, it brings words to life.

Keeven said...

Hi, Just wanted to say you have a great blog. And you look gorgeous!!! Can't wait for the next photo. Keep up the good work!

skinny latte said...

You do look fabulous my dear. Anything you do to improve things will just make you even more fabulous :D

Great work at the gym!

Kathleen said...

Way to go! The plan is going to help. And, I agree you look lovely -- but I understand the need to get slimmer.