Wednesday, 16 September 2009


So, over the past couple of days I've been noticing my hunger. I'm working with a young person who suffers from pretty hardcore ruminations; where she has obsessive thoughts constantly whirring around her mind. I've asked her to *notice* if there are periods or times in the day where these specifically get worse. She had some difficulty in understanding what I meant, so I said if she was willing to undertake an experiement in the week before our next session, then so would I. Then we could each draw up a diary sheet and show each other. So since I am trying to lose weight I thought I would look at hunger, to see if there are certain periods or triggers in the day where I am hungry that I am not prepared for and how do I cope in these situations? I'm only 3 days into the week and already the results are interesting.

So, Monday, I got up really late because I has stayed up too late. I had also eaten waaaaaaay too much on Sunday evening, too late on. So I didnt have breakfast. I had a cup of tea. You know that feeling where you're so FULL still, the morning after a huge meal that you just can't face the thought of eating?? Well that was me Monday morning.

I usually have a mid-morning snack about 10:30am/11am to stave off the munchies until lunch. Because I hadn't had breakfast I noticed that I was suddenly ravenous around 9:30am/10am where ordinarily I wouldn't even think of eating until 10:30-ish. I realise that the direct link is that I didnt have brekky - but I seriously do not think I have ever paid such close attention to my hunger /eating patterns before - certainly not 'true' hunger - emotional hunger is another subject entirely. Thankfully this is not something that I am having a hard time with - at the moment....

Even after my usual yougurt and fruit fix at 10am, I was still hungry earlier and so ate lunch bang on 12, which meant that but the time I took my lunch half hour I was all munchied up and on the lookout for the dreaded salt and vinegar crisps. I succumbed to a pack of salt and vinegar M and S reduced fat - but nonetheless I wouldn't have given in if I had BLOODY WELL EATEN BREAKFAST! And then I was 'picky' - luckily I had oodles of carrotts and cherry tomatoes on which to snack in my work fridge, but a ww choc bar did creep in there too. Monday was mammoth workout day (see previous posts) and from 6pm until 8pm I was in that gym getting my money's worth! Once I got home I'd kinda gone past the point of hunger so had some porridge :) a weird dinner but I was so tired and not really hungry

Tueday I ate breakfast and was able to get through the morning much less munchily! For lunch I ate salmon with a load of roasted vegetable couscous which really filled me up until about six pm. Unfortunately I hadn't prepared anything for after 6pm - I work till 9pm Tuesdays and because there is such a tight turn around with clients, I dont get time to eat! Needless to say I was ravenous when I got home....and you know what I wanted? Cheesy Doritos and cheese on toast.


SO I had 2 points' worth of Doritos (leftover from the weekend which is why the demon idea popped into my tiny mind - otherwise they NEVER would set foot in my house!) and 2 slices of Roberts the Baker wholewheat bread (seriously British WW'ers, forget that ww danish loaf crap and get involved with Roberts the Baker - Asda, Tesco, Somerfield - proper big slices of normal bread for a point a slice!), and a slice of Kraft light cheese.


I was craving the carby-ness of toast - and because I am PRACTISING listening to my body, I am becoming more attuned to it!

How cool is that? I am learning to listen to myself - I really feel like I learned something through this little experiment- and I will continue to do so!!

Just got in from the gym - did the exact same workout as Monday (yesterday I just did weights when I got in, in front of Jamie Oliver's America and Gareth Malone's The Choir) but I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally got in the running zone today - I didnt even look at the clock until 22 minutes in so was able to complete a 5k and run for 30 minutes. I have been trying and trying to break back through that barrier with my running, so hopefully I'm there. WOOP!!

Just eating a healthy dinner of stirfried veggies in a scechzuan tomato sauce, as I type! MMMMMMMMMMM!!

Thursday tomorrow, and the end of my working week (HALLELUJAH!) I've got drinks with the girls tomorrow night and then a PT session at 9am Friday morning - great, this will help me be GOOD with the ol' vino tomorrow night. And then Friday afternoon I am traipsing off to Liverpool One to shop for a birthday frock!

So, looking forward to the next few days, gotta just keep on keeping on. Sometimes I just don't believe that this weight will ever come off again. Gosh I hope it does.

Onwards and downwards (the scale, that is)

Lizzie aka BFP



♥ Dee ♥ said...

Hey! Where's your protien, lady!?! Your muscles need it to recover, and it will fill you longer...


Sally said...

You're doing great! You're exercising and you are accountable. Believe in yourself....The weight WILL come off.

starfish264 said...

It's good to get more in tune with yourself isn't it? I'm just getting there and I find I eat soooooo much better for it!

Whoop - to posh frock shopping - post photos if you find one and then I can be jealous that yours is better than mine!! xx

Bri said...

yoooo-hooooo, where are you???

I miss reading your posts...

Glam said...

Hey, Miss Thang! Are you so busy working out that you can't post?! ;)

Come back!!

Lindsey @ Sound Eats said...

There is something so priceless about being able to listen to your body and know what it wants, when it wants. :)