Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Ah September, how I love thee……

Hello comrades! It’s ME!!! Back (again) from something of a summer hiatus! I really didn’t mean to skive off from blogging so much over the summer, but it just ended up happening that way, y’know?

But today is a new day, a new month, a new season. I blinking well LOVE Autumn! It is quite my favourite season. I love the whole vibe of it. The pace picks up, the weather gets a bit chillier, the nights start to draw in and, of course, the Christmas countdown begins. For me there’s something magical about this time of year. Partly, it’s that ‘back to school’ feeling, new shoes, new uniform, bag and pencil case vibes. Of course, I am no longer at school but for me this time of year retains that level of significance. The promise of new challenges on the horizon, a new routine, the lazy days of summer are over for another year and it’s time to knuckle down and get with the programme.

I feel as if I’ve been waiting for Sept 1st for a good while now…..in many areas of my life, but mostly that old chestnut of the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle (I’m not saying diet and exercise anymore…..)

To be honest, I’ve been ‘winging it’ for a while now, which has had its pitfalls as well as its successes. For example, I have been fitting exercise in here and there but not going all out, I have been counting points here and there but not massively paying attention. So today is of significance because I am cranking it up a notch…….one day at a time!! PLAN TRACK EXERCISE PLAN TRACK EXERCISE PLAN TRACK EXERCISE…….repeat ad infinitum!

Since Rich got back we have been eating out all over the show, and this past weekend was a non-stop whirl of social activity including a day spent in Liverpool at the Annual Mathew Street Festival, which is a big Beatles festival in the city,and also the Annual Food and Drink Festival at local Farm – both fab events but ones that centre around eating and drinking! Oops. We’ve had people over for dinner (takeaway and Articulate night), and got caught up with our ‘down south’ friends who were up over the weekend. And I just enjoyed myself, didn’t go too mad with the eats (though the alcohol is another story entirely - good GRIEF!) and now……..I’m done.

I’m done with messing about
I’m done with lack of routine
I’m done with being half-hearted

It’s time to get with the programme. Which of course, means blogging regularly and being accountable here. So keep me accountable, ok?!

It’s good to be back! Happy September 1st one and all!!

Lovelove xoxo


starfish264 said...

Can't say that I love Autumn, as it always feels a bit like the beginning of the end of another year to me, but know what you mean about it feeling like the start of a whole new season. Holidays are done - no more food stress, or breaks in my routine for a while now, and no more excuses. I feel refreshed and ready to go too! I feel in need of a challenge in fact!

Fat[free]Me said...

I love autumn too - love the colours and the fresher air. I will miss the longer daylight hours though!

It is a great time for a fresh start - so go for it (and get those bacon butty thoughts out of your mind, mine were very healthy, trimmed bacon grilled to within an ounce of its life, wholemeal bread, no butter and lots of tomato slices - yum)!

skinny latte said...

I ♥ September too! I just miss the longer hours of daylight, and the lower fuel bills that accompany it :)

I want to go to that Beatles festival next year - sounds amazing!!

And yay for blogging regularly, I always love hearing what you're up to :) xx