Wednesday, 2 September 2009

My all new fave TV obsession....oh and there's some stuff about food in here too!

Morning all! Happy Wednesday! I sat down this morning to write a post and couldn’t think of anything worth saying! But then I read some of your blogs and suddenly I am full of things to talk about…I love how that happens. But first things first let me get one extremely important thing out of the way..

Oh-emm-actual-gee….what the DICKENS is ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’ all about!!?? GOOD GRIEF!! Are those women REAL??!!! Bloody HELL! Total nutjobs!!!! Oh it was HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the first episode here in the UK last night.

I got in late from counselling clients and made a weird but nice concoction of stir fried veggies in a thai green curry sauce, for 2 points, with 2 points of cous cous because it’s lower than rice and mixed it all together and halved it so I can have the rest for lunch today, shunned the bottle of wine that called to me from the fridge (yay me!) and instead made peppermint tea. At 10:35pm I couldn’t go to bed because I’d eaten so late and I couldn’t not eat because I wouldn’t have been able to sleep because I would have been famished, so there was nothing for it but to settle down and watch THE REAL HOUSEWIVES !! OMG I full on LOL’d all the way through. My friends and I were all in our respective houses watching it and facebooking all the way through which added to the enjoyment! My personal fave things are the way they say ‘bubbies’ instead of ‘boobs’ and how they all look so freakin’ PLASTIC!! It’s horrendous! Oh dear me how I LAUGHED! So that’s my new fave telly prog!! HILARIOUS!


Now onto more serious matters….

Didn’t make it to exercise land yesterday – started counselling straight after work so no time annoyingly. I guess I could have gone for a run at about 9:30pm but it’s dark and rainy and windy and generally being very ‘English’ outside en ce moment so I could not be arsed! Today will be different however. The kit is packed, and as you can see, is currently hanging out with my work bag and brolley for company until six pm whereupon I shall hightail it to the gym!!

Isn’t it weird how just one day of good eats can make you feel so much……healthier? Thinner? Better? I dunno, I just know that after my crazed weekend of excess, one day on plan makes me feel pretty damn good about myself. So often when I do a ‘fresh start’ I make a heinous error on the first day and then end up sacking the rest of it off! But yesterday I didn’t. Wanna know why? Because I felt like I was part of this massive posse in Blogland that was all gunning together to have a fresh start for Sept 1st… when I happened to think ‘ooh I could just eat some chocolate now’ and remembered that in the admin room there was a big mahoosive tin full of chocolate biscuits (and Jaffa Cakes, Jen!!), and actually went into their office and took the lid off the tin, a big waft of delicious smelling chocolate hit me but then I thought of my little blogalog friends and thought ‘No, I don’t want to do this’. So that lid went firmly back on and I walked away.

It’s mad how food plays with your mind….well, with mine anyways…. makes me behave like a crazy person....

I stuck to my 20 points yesterday, and will again today. Below are some of the yummy things I scoffed.

This salad I bought at lunch time from M&S, how yummy and massive does that look? And all for no points. Instead of dressing I added a dollop of low fat hummus and some salmon, I also had 2 crispbreads so I was perfectly full and satisfied throughout the afternoon.

Oh, I may have had a skinny latte from Nero too J Some things are worth the points! Here it is with my Tuesday ritual - lunch at my desk with Heat Magazine! I know, I am a saddo.
Today I have had branflakes and skim milk with a good cuppa (Cannot start the day without one - judge if you will!) and as I upload this I am consuming some red grapes with a strawberry WW yoghurt.

Also, check out this pic of my lovely hubby – awwwwwwww, all smart for his first day back at school…he doesn’t look too happy does he!? Mind you, neither would I if I’d had six weeks off and had to go back today!! HAHAHA. (Cute though !)

In other news, I’ve been reading the lovely Kerry’s blog (Skinny Me…Coming Soon…I still dunno how to do those linky things!!) and what she wrote about today really spoke to me. She posted a pic of herself today as she begins her FRESH START for September, in recognition of the fact that this is as far as she goes, from here on out down not up weight-wise! So I think I’ll do the same thing so I can start seeing the difference! (Sorry to nick your idea Kerry!!) My Saturday weigh in just gone was 166lbs. Not good. I don’t wanna go up instead of down. And I’ve been staying the same for a little while due to bugger all effort on my part, so NO MORE. It’s time to STEP IT UP!!!

So I’m feeling positive right now. I’ll be even happier once I’ve exercised. Got a bit in a rut with the running. I found I was caning it for 2 days flat out and then doing weights and resistance every day on top of running which is just knackering and means I spend more time having to rest because I have over done it. This is a pattern I recognise from the good ol’ obsessive days so I am being super strict with myself and only letting myself to day 1 and Day 2 of my training programme that Chris designed for me – that’s what I am bloody paying him for after all!!! Speaking of Mr Motivator himself, I think the Gods are sending me messages that I need to book a session because I keep bumping into him everywhere! Usually when I’m stuffing my face! Bugger!

Right dudes, have a great day and see you tomorrow.
Big love xoxo


mzhindmarsh said...

REALLY enjoyed todays blog hun :) thanks for that! Hehe. x x x x

FatFitnessFood said...

Living in the UK and watched the Real Housewives last night too! Totally hilarious! Can't wait to see what happens!

Good for you getting the kit all packed up to go to the gym! Enjoy!

starfish264 said...

But where's your photo???? You didn't post it up!!!

Good to see I'm not the only one that enjoys WW's yoghurts on every conceivable fruit - try crumbling one meringue in as well, for extra luciousness and only an extra 0.5pts. Yum.

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

I could totally feel the positivity in your words :) Your hubby sure is handsome, is "YUM" an appropriate description here? HA! I kid, I kid, he's safe with you.

Glad to hear you got yesterdays eats under control. Ready for day 2? I'm here, gonna do it with you. An ocean cannot keep us apart!

Emmett losing weight said...

Love the pictures! Always helps me with my decisions.

Emmett said...

Great blog! Congratulations on getting married.

skinny me! said...

YAY! Thats absolutely fabulous! I'm very excited to have been featured in your blog! lol. Can't wait to see your pic. We are almost the same weight!! lol. Shall we have a September race! hah. The winner sends the other some goodies from our respective countries! lol. Actually maybe thats dangerous, there is nothing better than British chocolate...buttons...YUM!
Hey is your hubby a teacher??? I didn't know that! FUN

I enjoy the same ridiculous reality TV shows. Real housewives is CRAZY!! I've been watching it for a while...They are SUCH biatches to each other. just wait and see! lol.

Good luck with the pic!

Glam said...

okay, i'm somewhat embarrassed to report that I couldn't concentrate on your post after I saw a photo of those bags. Must have black satchel! Shall I send you my address? Hahaha.

Can't wait to read up on your newfound motivation and plan! Sounds like a lot of us have a renewed fire under our asses!

hja60uk said...

OMG! Thanks god I am not the only person watching real housewives of new jersey! I am hooked they are all nutters!