Tuesday, 15 September 2009

"Gym Jimminy, Gym Jimminy, Gym Gym Jeroooo"

Ok, so last night I hauled myself to the gym, kicking and screaming, protesting all the way, in a downright grump.


I got on the treadmill.

With a spring in my step.

With a spring in my step.


I know.

This is me, remember?!

But you know what? I LOVED IT!

I loved it so much, that I did the following:

25 minutes running on an incline of 1% @ 9.5kph
15 minutes of fast cycling on hill programme with level 6 resistance
2000m rowing
200 sit ups : uppers, lowers and sides
3x full plank holding for 30 secs each
3x 15 pec fly with 4’s
3x20 DB chest press on bench with 5’s
3x15 hammer curls with 3’s
3x15 bicep curls with 3’s
3x15 right tricep raises
3x15 left tricep raises
3x20 lat pull downs at 25kg
3x20 pec deck machine at 20kg
6x20 front loaded squats/4 point lunges super set

Then I collapsed. Just kidding.

I felt energised, buzzing, healthy, and most importantly, for me at least, like I’d conquered my whiny inner demon ‘I don’t wannnnnnna workout’…for one day at least!!!

Obviously I can’t do that every day – that extent of a workout…can I? But the demon-conquering, THAT I work on beating every day!!!!

And having done good at the gym, I didn’t want to eat myself into a coma, so had some veggies and salmon and went to bed early.

Seriously. What’s wrong with me!!!????

I wish you all well in your pursuit of health: in both your individual and our collective journeys. May today be a day we CONQUER!!!!!!

loveloev BFP xoxo


Miz said...

damn impressive woman.

and here I was contemplating skipping the weights today.

uh, methinks not.

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

That's totally amazing! I'm glad you had such an awesome workout!

Glam said...

Wow. My inner whine demon is such a bitch. she needs to be beaten into submission. i was sorely tempted to skip out on the class at the gym tonight, but i think you've inspired me!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

That's exactly how it is with me: when I do my work at the gym, I naturally eat better. It's not a chore; it just occurs on it's own. Conversely, when I skip workouts, I'm much more likely to eat poorly.

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

WOOT WOOT, way to get your butt into the gym!

Bri said...

Way to GO! I feel like conquering today as well. I just did the Wii EA Active for 30 minutes and I'm getting ready to go walking at a lake by my house that that has killer hills.

Bare It All said...

Whooo-hooo (that is a whistle). Wow. Are you sure you didn't collapse? I absolutely love workout days like that. You feel like you can climb a mountain or run a marathon. Way to go.