Thursday, 8 October 2009

An update...and a request for help!

Hello peeps! How are we all doing! What a week it’s been! I swear that I have never been this busy before….

I don’t know about you international lot but here in Blighty we are experiencing the first stirrings of see-your-breath-cold. It is SUCH a joy to break out the scarf collection and the winter coat.

Last year I bought a beautiful long navy blue coat for the winter trip to Switzerland for a wedding. I have been wearing it this week (makes a very useful cover up for the walk home from the gym!) despite the fact that it is rather more roomy on me this year than last! Hurrah for NSV’s!

The eating/exercise front has been pretty standard this week. Nothing new to report. Trying to get some protein in with every meal to help the old muscles repair and encourage my bod to feel fuller for longer. I definitely feel slimmer this week, but am resolutely refusing to weigh myself until Saturday for the official weigh in. I think it might be time to take the dreaded up date pics in the gym gear since I am half a stone lighter than the last lot (yeesh) and compare and contrast! Ha!

I was reading an article is some dreadful celebrity magazine this week….and there was an article about my beloved SJP and how her arms are getting a tad Maddona-esque. The headline was ‘SJP’s crazy workout regime’ and basically said that she works out too much - in that she does an hour’s cardio and an hour’s pilates or yoga.

And do you know what friends? For the first time in my life, I read the details of the ‘crazy’ workout and thought. “Bloody HELL that’s not crazy AT ALL! I do that!!” I do 3 lots of cardio a day which takes an hour and an hour’s core/weights/resistance. Sometimes that’s a pilates or yoga class, sometimes it’s not but what struck me is that that workout doesn’t seem terribly extreme to me!!

(which yes I know begs the question why the heck isn’t my body like hers, but hey I’m workin’ on it!!!)

My point is, that with exercise, I sometimes think we give people the wrong advice. When I say ‘we’, I obviously mean society at large (‘we’ as in us in blogland obviously give amaaaaaaazing advice about exercise!!! FO SHO!) I NEED to do that amount of exercise in a week to stay on top of my weight and health. (Not ‘need’ as in OCD vibes) and yes it seems a lot but it’s realistic. And I love it. Er…make that HAVE learned to love it. But by telling the average new member of weight watchers that they just need to get off the bus a stop earlier or by a stupid wii fit or take the stairs instead of the lift, I think we do them a disservice. Actively incorporating exercise in your bid for a healthy lifestyle is imperative. Sure, taking the stairs is a good starting point, but eventually you will need to do more. Dunno. Whaddaya reck? Thoughts?

I knew nothing really about my levels of fitness and limits and potential before I started working with Chris aka Mr Motivator. But what I have found is that with the correct guidance and assessment and encouragement, I can push myself beyond what I thought I was ever capable of. I got my new programme this week, and we are working on my speed, trying to run quicker. So what I have to do is run 2.5km in as a fast a time as possible. I like it because it’s a reasonable distance and I can really focus on running fast and lengthening my stride. So yesterday evening was the first time I tackled it and managed it in a not too shabby 13.5 minutes. I have no idea if that’s good or not but I figure I ran the 5k race for Life in 31 minutes so it’s in keeping with that time. I’ll keep you posted !

I did BodyPump again last night. The instructor is just how I imagine MizFit to be in real life! She is so inspiring and has a bod, quite frankly, to die for. I upped the weights a little last night to challenge my arms and back and squats a little more – seems to have done the trick. This morning I am pleasantly fatigued but not completely knackered. I was brave and went on my own too because Rach needed family time. I almost sacked it off when I noticed a super hot gym girl who intimidates me going ontot he class but then a guy who I’d met last week said hello so that made it all ok again! God, I must be hormonal or something! Isn’t it funny how just one little sighting of someone can put you off. Then I thought ‘I need this class more than you so I am bloody well doing it sunshine’

Of course, she is a perfectly lovely, friendly and humble girl, not at all showy-offy and very helpful – this fantasy exchange was all taking place in my head as an inner dialogue. One of my ‘life scripts’ is fantastical exchanges with people who I deem ‘better than me’. Once I reminded myself of this fact, I got a grip and sorted out my weights and bar! Thank GOD for therapy! Hahaha.

The other thing I have been trying to accomplish this week is the Fast Start. This is a ww technique for kick starting your weight loss by lessening the points you consume in a day but follow a pre-prepared meal planner where all the nutrients and whatnot are planned for you.

At 162.5lbs I am allowed 20 points per day. Fast Start takes me down to 14 per day. I must confess my lovely bloggies, that I have found it really REALLY hard to eat just 14 points worth of food. I am hungry all the time. So I’m wondering if this could be to do with all the exercise I do?? I need help and advice. So I’m throwing it out there – help guys!!!

All advice/comments emails gratefully received! I don’t want to go into starvation mode! And I don’t want to gain weight through exercise resulting in eating more ! How do I achieve this!!!

Yours in wonderment




starfish264 said...

Hmm - difficult. I've never managed to figure out the whole activity points question on a normal week, never mind what to do on a Fast Start week. You'd assume that you should follow whatever you normally do - so if you normally eat your activity points, or half of them, do the same on Fast Start week, and if you don't, then stick with that. I have to eat part of my points, as I find my body goes into starvation mode if I stay down on my points for too long.

It's funny about the exercise thing, because I think most of us do quite a lot and think that's normal now. But, thinking back, if you'd told me what I needed to do at the start, I'd have look at you like you were crazy and said "No freakin' way!". The answer really is to be honest that they will need to loads of exercise, but reassure them that you start slow and build up.

Bri said...

Hmmm, that's not a lot of points. Does it include a lot of protein? I'd maybe try eating half your APs for starters. Do you like hard-boiled eggs, protein shakes, string cheese, etc? That would be a good post-workout snack. Good luck with it- I can't wait to see how you do on the Fast Start!

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

oy vey, I am no expert so I will remain in the background on this one and just observe all the comments & suggestions!

Oh and HI BFF!

Blossom said...

I don't understand the points system in the UK; it seems like so much less than here! I thought one point was roughly 50 cals, so if you're only eating 14...that's only 700 calories, no wonder you're hungry (especially if you're exercising so much). Do you get activity points? If so, definitely eat those...and eat more protein on your weight days!