Wednesday, 21 October 2009

On the treadmill...

…of life that is. Anyone else feelin’ it? I am in that place at the moment where I feel like groundhog day! I wake up, I go to work, I go to the gym, I come home, I go to bed repeat ad infinitum! It’s that 9-5 hamster wheel, waiting-for-the-weekend drudgery! Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do, but sometimes it’d be nice to be able to be a little less…..predictable!

Having said that, being in a ‘routine’ suits my fussy personality down to the ground! It was great after a hectic weekend to get back into it immediately. This is still something of a revelation to me, the fact that I can sort my eating/exercise out so quickly after a trip. It used to take bloody WEEKS for me to get back into my routine! Hurrah for NSV!!

I couldn’t weigh in last week because I was in lovely Abersoch (Great weekend, fab girls, complete nutters, lots of musicals on dvd, spending most of the time in our pj’s, singing along loudly to films, drinking pink wine and eating junk food. Saturday was so beautiful we were able to hit the beach!) so I am hoping against hope for a loss this week. More importantly than scale antics, I have been eating very well this week and exercising for the sheer joy of it (rather than ‘I must burn off calories’ scary possessed woman type vibes) and loving every minute!

Haha! I feel like my blog is dead boring en ce moment because everything is fiiiiiiine!! I am on top of my game, so to speak. I keep thinking that I need a challenge – but then I figure trying to get to goal is enough of a challenge right now! It’s my aim to do that my Christmas so perhaps early in 2010 I will set myself a challenge. Some pals are running a half marathon at the end of March but I am categorically not ready for that (still cannot make it past 10k – whole other post). I am loving Kerry’s current challenge to self of not weighing in until January 2010. Gotta admire that girl!! So I’m thinking some sort of eating challenge (not corn dogs, Jack Sh*t!!!) – but that’s after Christmas. Until then….I am concentrating all my efforts on getting to goal in a healthy, non obsessive and timely manner. So please do bear with me if I am boring – I can’t do it without you!!!!

In other news, still loving the BodyPump classes…it has meant, however, that I have not been as diligent at my set programme from Mr. Motivator – oopsie! I expect I’ll get shouted at on Monday – my next session. So maybe I need just to do one BP class a week, one pilates, one yoga and the rest of the time do programme. Hmm…I’ll see. While I’m on such a roll, I’m reluctant to change it, Y’know? PLUS there’s something that feels easier to accomplish about taking a class….you have to be there at a set time and stay for an hour and all the thinking is done for you! Ha I am such a lazy git!

I have been SUCH a ditz lately….sometimes I am shocked that I have such a responsible job, the things I manage to do! A few weeks back I was putting on mascara and eating branflakes at the same time, and I absent-mindedly put the mascara thingy in my mouth - what an idiot! Not to mention a blinkin waste of YSL mascara!!!! And then today I raced around town on my lunchbreak (had to buy a smaller work skirt –wahoop!) and was soooooo sweaty when I got back to the office I decided to spray some body spray on to freshen up…….I didn’t look at what I grabbed out my handbag and ended up with bloody Elnette hairspray under my arms and down my back! OH NOOOOOOOOO!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWW it feels sooooooooooooo gross!!!! Praise the Lord for the handy baby wipes I keep in my gym bag!! Dear me, I need help!

Well my dears, I think I’ve prattled on long enough now. Please check back tomorrow because *fanfare* I have decided to do a giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Right, ciao for now fellow healthy livers!!

Big Love!!!

BFP xoxo

Ps ALSO would someone PLEASE remind me to post updated workout clothes pics…those inches better be coming off!!!!


skinny me! said...

Thanks for the shout out :) You gonna join me on that challenge?


You are SO not boring :)

Shh said...

LOL @ the hairspray incident!