Wednesday, 14 October 2009

What happens when WW is no longer enough?

So, here’s what I am currently pondering. With the amount of exercise I am currently fitting into my little life, my daily points allowance of 20 seems not to be enough. I am HUNGRY. My body craves protein and carbs and whatnot. I don’t get it. At what point do I stop counting points and trust myself that I know how to do this? Can I ever do that? Last time I tried, I put all the weight I’d lost back on! I have a mad relationship with food, I know that. And exercise helps me counter that. Am I over-exercising? How will I know if and when I am? Monday for example, I did BodyPump, Pilates and then a 2.5k run (part of my new programme is to run 2.5k as fast as possible) - this did not feel excessive and my body is not knackered to the point of no return, I am not incapacitated, in fact I am not in pain at all – I enjoy it! It helps me relax! Sure, it’s time consuming but I am rather proud that my wobbly bod can perform so well.

Will there come a point though where I need extra calories with all the working out? I don’t want to click into starvation mode? I had to jib off the FastStart from last week halfway through because I had no energy! Although this disappointed me, I still lost AND kept within points. I don’t count activity points, perhaps I should do this. I think I am around 12 pounds off goal (don’t get excited, that’s nearly a flippin stone to go) but I HAVE lost 20.5lbs thus far (twice – HA!)

Perhaps I am worrying about nothing. I feel great, I think I am beginning to look a bit better than I did and so I should just carry on.

It’s been a good week this week. Monday, as I said I did one hour’s BodyPump – with the green weights this time! I love that class. I was transfixed by the girl in front of me who had the flattest stomach EVER – like even flatter than Britney’s! I must have looked like a right old perv! I wanted to say to her ‘How many times a week do you do this class!!?’

After that I did pilates – again, amazing. The teacher is soooooo amazing and she comes round the class and ‘places’ you and helps you correct and explains it in layman’s terms- it’s really good.

And then there was the run. 2.5k in 13 minutes – I am trying to improve my time so that I get used to running faster over longer distances……I guess Mr Motivator knows what he’s doin!!

So exercise is going great right now. I am all about the endorphin high!!

Eating-wise I think that I am so much more clued in to what I am shovelling into my gob these days and how it will affect me. For example. Our Thanksgving Canadian hosts brought us a big bag of stuffing, turkey, cranberry and white bread to make the requisite turkey butty – and I will not lie, I had one. BLOODY HELL IT WAS DIVINE!!! But because I ate those two slices of WHITE bread, well….I’ll leave it to your imagination, I am sure you can guess, but let’s just say I have been OD’ing on peppermint tea and Branflakes all week HAHAHA!!!

So in conclusion dear pals, I am rockin’ it this week. I am sure I am due a hormonal attack though sooon so it may all go down the bog but let’s hope not!! SURELY at some point in my life my HABITS will change and not be affected by all that bobbins?!

This weekend I cannot weigh in as I am taking some of my girlfriends away to Abersoch for the weekend. I fear there will be much eating and drinking, so I am taking my running gear. Most annoying thing is not being able to weigh in on Saturday am. But I’m going to have fun with the ladies and cheer them up (crappy work sitch and just been dumped) and then get cracking again next week. So you’ll have to wait for a weekend weigh in update my dears. But worry not, I plan to keep you entertained with all sorts of drivel and random ramblings from my mind!!!!

Big fat Love to you all from meeeeeeeeeeeee

BFP xoxo


starfish264 said...

Oh. My. God!!! I can't believe you don't eat any of your activity points with all the exercise you do!! Seriously - eat some of them. I try not to eat all of mine, if I can help it, as I'm always wary that I might have over pointed my exercise (if that makes sense), but you should be fine eating at least half of them. Not eating any, and doing as much as you do, is tantamount to going way under your points if you weren't doing any extra exercise, and will only make it harder in the long run. Eat some - you eat pretty well anyway, so some extra veggies, lean protein and wholegrain carbs are not going to do you any harm at all!

Other than that - I just have to say you are TRULY rocking it! 8lbs for me to go before I get to that golden stone left, and I cannot freaking wait!! Have a fab time in Abersoch with the girls - sorry things are so pants for them, but I'm sure a weekend with you and some wine will cheer them right up! :O)

Sugar-Free Cupcake said...

I don't know much about WW but I think if you are uping your exercise you should be able to consume more wholesome food without fear of weight gain. I think some people over estimate the calories that they burn and under estimate the amount that they take in and thats why the weight finds its way back. Maybe consult a professional who can help you find balance? Its sounds like you are doing an amazing job as far as exercise goes so keep that up!!

Shhh said...

For me, I got down to 19 points and was freakin HONGRY! So I moved to WW Core. Only now I guess it's not Core, is it?

From there I realized that even eating clean, I could still eat too much, and I decided I needed to educate myself about calories and nutrients in food. It's as everyone has always said, it's calories in/calories out, and that's it. So I searched and found the site NutriMirror. There I log all my calories in AND out. And I make sure I have all my nutrition.

The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

I totally have to agree with what others have said.. you should be eating your activity points. I left this part out a while back, plateaued out, then slowly started adding in more food till my body didn't crave it. And you know what? I started losing weight again.

You're a machine with your workouts! great job!

nic said...

The 35 WPA are built into the program! EAT THEM! but as a general rule, I tend to eat only my Activity Points and usually about half of them.

So if I burn 700 calories (which I translate to 7 APs) I will eat 3.5 of those. It works for me, but you might have to play with it.

If you're hungry, eat! Just make good choices. If you've never read it, maybe check out the Beck Diet Solution - it's a cognitive behavior therapy workbook that teaches you how to reform your relationship with food while you're on a diet (like WW) It's helped me a ton!

Georgia Mist said...


It's FREE -- and there are support groups, message boards, nutrition, fitness, and weight trackers. Articles, polls, guides. etc.
And... it's FREE. No weekly meetings, no fees.
Please check it out! I'm GeorgiaMist there, too.
Give it a try and see if it fits your plans.

Georgia Mist said...

SPARK PEOPLE!!! Leave it to me to mis-spell it!

Marshmallow said...

DEFINITELY count the activity points (or, as people have suggested, try Sparkpeople, it's great! I used to use it before I switched to intuitive eating).

If you keep on exercising the way you are and not eating the activity points, you'll either a) get so hungry one day that you'll binge and undo all of your good work and goodness knows what will happen to your motivation and self esteem, or b) you'll think, "I get so hungry from exercising, why do I bother?"

You're doing great, much love!