Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Weekend Weigh In and FINALLY the give-away!!

Hello comrades!

Just a little update on the current state of play. I weighed in, as usual, on Saturday morning at a grand total of 157.5lbs (11st,3.5) which makes my official loss 22lbs precisely, so there was much WAHOOPING ALL ROUND!

That said……..

Repeat after me…

I must not get complacent. I must not get complacent. I must not get complacent. I must not get complacent. I must not get complacent. I must not get complacent. I must not get complacent. I must not get complacent. I must not get complacent. I must not get complacent. I must not get complacent. I must not get complacent. I must not get complacent. I must not get complacent. I must not get complacent. I must not get complacent. I must not get complacent. I must not get complacent. I must not get complacent. I must not get complacent…..are you getting my message?

Having consistently lost each week for the past month has given me a rather devil-may-care attitude towards my eating and old habits are rearing their ugly heads with the potential of creeping in. (mad mixed metaphor there but I’m sure you get my drift…)

So this week is DANGER WEEK for me. I know that when I get complacent, I think I can ‘cheat’ the system and just atone for eating crap by working out like a loon. I do NOT want to be that girl. As I commented on http://www.talkingitoff.com/ earlier today, I want to Move for Moving’s sake and THAT way I learn to see food as fuel, rather than as rewards or for comfort. Food becomes a means to an end – an enjoyable means fo sho BUT a means nonetheless.

I saw my trainer yesterday. Thus today I am very much in Jen’s club of ‘OW’ at every step, stretch, sit,walk,move in general……..I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it. It’s quite addictive this whole healthy lifestyle malarkey!!! Yesterday the aim of my session was to ‘shock’ my body into compliance and give my metabolism a good whack. In days gone by I would have assumed that meant shed loads o’ cardio…but nooooooooooooooooo! It meant weights. Heavy ones. Lots of them. For an hour. Alternating between arms and legs. Involving many lunges. Choice exercises included squats against the wall against a ball, holding for 20 seconds at differing levels, shoulder presses sitting on ball with 8kgs in each hand (ok I don’t care WHAT you lift – that is bloody heavy for me!!!!!!), lots of upright rows on the machines, jumping squats – yes JUMPING SQUATS! What a torturous exercise THAT turned out to be. But I ruddy well completed that hour and felt GREAT! I totally don’t get the science bit – how does it help your metabolism?! But frankly I am just happy to have a functioning metabolism to help!! I am so proud of myself that I CAN do this level of exercise and enjoy it!!!

So this week I need to maintain focus and increase my attention to what I am chucking in my gob….more vegetables and protein please! In fact that’s what I should have focused on today while I am so sore (BLOODY DOMS!!!!) – oopsie.

How are y’all doing?? Ok I hope. I shall be catching up on all your blogs this evening, so expect a plethora of hilarious and yet insightful comments from me….er….??!!

And now to our giveaway…..my first one!!!!!!!

For your chance to win some delectable treats from the UK all you have to do is leave me a comment telling me why you deserve to be treated. That’s it! I will select a winner at random and will post to anywhere so get entering!!!

And what can you win??? Well folks, here they are………JAFFA CAKES!!!!

This is what they look like…..

This is the nutritional hoohaa http://www.jaffa-cakes.com/jaffa-cakes-calories-nutrition-facts

So you see they really are a low-cal treat and I always rely on them for a choc fix! Plus, I sent some to our own dear Jen aka PriorFatGirl a while back and she appeared to like them !

I look forward to reading your comments! Best of luck!!!

That’s it for now dudes, I’m out-y!!!

HEAPS of love, from an ever-shrinking BigFatPie!



Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

Like them???? I DEVOURED THEM!

Seriously, in about 24 hours I ate the entire package! Must send me more! HA...They are totally delish!

skinny me! said...


First..thank you SO much for your awesome e-mail last week...it was SUPER super nice...so Thank you:)

I have had Jaffa cakes before and they are YUMMY! What about an exchange? I can send you some canadian deliciousness in return for some Liverpudlian yumminess.

That way someone else can benefit too! Anyway, just a thought.
Woo hoo on 22 pounds.

Feed Me I'm Cranky said...

Congrats on the 22 pounds! I want those chocolate things because I am selfish, hungry and in dire need of a chocolate fix. Hmm that's not very convincing is it? But it's honest! :D


spunkysuzi said...

Oh i'd love those as i don't usually give myself treats but for those i'd make an exception :) I've been under major stress lately and i know they would help!

Sugar-Free Cupcake said...

Wow, that workout sounds intense but in a good way. Good for you for making it the whole way through!

starfish264 said...

Ha ha - I have such an issue with complacency too .... just when I think I've got the hang of it, there I go and trip up again! We're just going to have to figure out how we keep our eyes on the ball, I guess.

I kind of feel your pain, physically speaking, 7 weeks of not being in the gym properly, and I'm now on my 4th day straight of getting back to regular classes and rediscovering muscles I'd forgotten I even had! All worth it in the end though, and I'd forgotten just how bloody much I love Combat!

Good choice on the Jaffa Cakes - those things are ridiculously more-ish ... which is the only reason I shan't be entereing because I could never stop at just one!

na said...

ah betsy its been ages since i caught up with you on here.....this is my danger week, too, after three or four good ones in a row....so no jaffa cakes for me! feel like the alarm bells have rung ahead of time this time around, which is good......22 is so brilliant, well done my love! xx

Mary :: A Merry Life said...

Woohooo! 22 pounds!! Way to go!!

Hmm, why do do I deserve to be treated? Just because. Same goes for every person alive. Hehe.

Burn Belly Fat said...

@Jen, indeed it looks delicious! and want to taste that too :-)