Thursday, 12 November 2009

Inching my 'weigh' to a hot bod!

Hey dudes!

So this week – actually for the past 2 weeks - I’ve been struggling a bit with eating, feeling stuck in a rut and not very ‘clean’ with food. Dunno what it is – maybe the dark evenings and general winter hibernation vibes, I’m still motivated but last night completely did not feel like working out – for the first time in about 5 weeks. So I didn’t.

I’m hovering over this next stone zone and hoping and trying and counting and tracking to get underneath it but I don’t feel like it’s happening AT ALL!

So last night, instead of having a pity party, I decided to be spurred on by a recent post by Jen ( to take my measurements. I don’t think I told you but I spent most of Sunday afternoon in my underwear (no, not THAT – minds out of the gutter please!!) trying on all my old clothes that I’ve hoarded. Er helloooooooo whole new wardrobe! So I know that my body shape has changed and morphed into getting towards the being I want to be. I was intrigued to know what was happening with the old tape measure.

I took my measurements first in May this year (idiot that I am, I soooooo should have done them when I first started with the PT) and then again in July but haven’t done them since

Needless to say I am WELL BUZZING off the results….

Check this out!

July 2009 Nov 2009 Total

Waist -2 inches -3 inches -5 !!

Hips -2 inches -3 inches -5 !!

Bust -2 inches -2 inches -4 !!

Bicep -1 inch -2 inches -3 !!

Thigh -2 inches -1 inch -3 !!

So, ladies and gents, when you put it like that it’s MUCH easier to feel good about the BLOODY SCALE WHICH WILL NOT FREAKING WELL MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I urge you to take your measurements!

Here endeth the lesson

Heaps of lurve

Liz xoxo


Bri said...

Yay for you! Measurements really do help with how you feel about progress, right? I'm guessing the bad eating is just an adjustment period to it getting darker earlier and probably a bit colder. You'll come around full circle again, I know it!

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Whoooo hoooo!!!! Now that is some great progress! It's so hard to not be ruled by the scale. I'm glad you took your measurements and can celebrate your success!

Who is Bethy? said...

That's awesome! Great job!

Weighting Around said...

Keep it up, Liz. How terrific.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Way to prove that the scale isn't the only indicator of success on this journey. Outstanding results!

skinny latte said...

Great results Liz! Well done xx

MB said...

The scale is a Big Fat Liar. Great job on the progress. Keep up the good work. Rock on!

Thanks for the heaps of love. I need it ;)

Tricia said...

Whooo Hooo...great progress!

Sugar-Free Cupcake said...

Yay to inches lost! They are what really matter..every notices a smaller waist right?? Good for you!!

Miz said...

LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE this post Liz and entirely agree.

and PFG.

but who doesnt love PFG? :)