Monday, 9 November 2009

Gotta be quick BUT.....

...... I am so FLIPPING PSYCHED about the Motivational Match Ups!! If you dunno what I'm on about, head on over to Jen or MizFit's blogs for the details. My 'match up' emailed me today to introduce herself and I am absolutely buzzing to get to know her and get motivated, and to be (hopefully) able to encourage someone else on this bonkers journey! It is UTTERLY FAB!!

I am so happy to be part of this!!!! Are you getting that?! HAHAHA!

Weekend - total disaster - too much wine. ERROR! Saturday weigh in - stayed the same, stuck at 11.1.5lbs. I NEED TO BE UNDER THAT 11 stone mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had a perfect day yesterday of eating and exercising and have continued said trend today. On the plus side I saw my trainer on Friday night (I know, I must be mad) and he was full of positive stuff about how far I've come since March! So that was so good to hear - kinda spurred me on, ya know??

The puzzling thing is, even though I am still a little way off goal, all the clothes that fit me at my skinniest TOTALLY FIT AGAIN!!!! I spent a large part of yesterday trying on all my 'skinny' clothes - thanks GOD I am a hoarder!!!!!! So even though I am heavier, I must be mroe streamlined, no??? How DOES THAT WORK? Science is baffling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right - bodyPump here I come - i promise to be better @ blogging!!!!!!!

Love BFP xoxo

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Blossom said...

You've been lifting weights, so while you may not weigh as little as you did before, your body is more compact and leaner. Good for you!!