Saturday, 28 November 2009

Doing the Happy Dance!

Hello friends!!!!! I am very much a happy big fat pie this Saturday evening!!!! I have sung my heart out to Christmas Carols while drying the dishes for the past hour while hubby does an essay. I have waited and waited for him to get off the computer but he is still typing away and I am desperate to tell you my news so have resorted to BlackBerry blogging!

As you know, I've been a bit stuck this past few weeks at the darn scale which stubbornly refused to budge, obstinate creature that it is! Some of you encouraged me to eat more of my activity points this week, which I have done, and only exercised every other day rather than every day. And......

.....The results are in.......

This week, I...........LOST!!



This tales me finally, finally FINALLY under the 11 stone mark (154lbs) which I have been desperate to achieve for aaaaaaaaages!!!!!! - am 10 stone 12.5 which on....*does some maths*....... 152.5lbs!!! HOW GREAT is THAT??!!!!

Needless to say I am super happy!!! Ironically, I am now only half a pound over what I was this exact day in November 2006, otherwise known as the first time I did ww!!! So hopefully my Christmas challenge and NSV of fitting into my Christmas Day dress from 2006 for Christmas Day 2009 moght actually happen!!! YIKES!!!

Dudes, I am absolutely buzzin!! This health thing really works!!! Yaaaaaaay!!!!!!!

Right, it's 5:30pm and we have the parents coming over soon so I better dash. Remind me to tell you about the sports massage experience I had this week!!!!

Love to you all, have a great weekend

Love BFP xoxo


Bri said...


I am amazed and slightly jealous! I used to have big losses like that when I was younger. Now that I've hit 30, it doesn't seem to go off as fast. I am so thrilled for you!! Way to shake things up this week dude!

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

I'm with Bri, amazed and jealous!

CONGRATS on pushing through your barrier lady!