Thursday, 26 November 2009

So, apparently....

...I need to get me one of those HRM thingies??!!

A splendid gift for a husband to give to his wife for Christmas, don'tcha think?!

So, my lovelies, on this most Thankful of days, I am once again imploring you to please comment and help me tackle which bloody HRM to go with!! I gather that 'Polar' are the brand to go with, and I have figured out that I need an 'FT' model - for fitness right? So I can wear it in BodyPump etc not just when I am running??! Is that right!?

So YIKES - er hello overwhelming choice!!!

And also, HOW DOES IT WORK?? Do I have to wear one of those strap thingies around my rib cage? Or is it like a watch?! I don't get it!!! What does it calculate? Can it measure how far I run as well as calories burned etc? Have you got one? Is it good? Does it help?!



While I'm here, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my lovely American bloggy pals! I heart you all and am very thankful that you all blog!!! I wish you a happy, healthy, joyful Thanksgiving aka Turkey day!!! Try not to eat yourselves into a food coma.....but if you do, make like Joey Tribiani and wear Clown pants!!!!

"This land is my land....this land is your land...." etc etc!!

Huge Blessings,

BFP xoxo


Anonymous said...

I have the Polar F7, and I freakin LOVE it. I wear a strap around my chest (just under the boobs) and a watch on my wrist that reads the gizmo on the strap.

It tracks my time, heart rate, calories burned, and probably more, but that's all I use it for.

It's good for swimming, too.

Bri said...

I have Polar (forget the actual model) that I bought probably 5 years ago on It has the band that goes around your ribcage and the watch that you wear. It tells time, HR and calories burned. I think the Garmin thingies tell you distance, etc since they have the GPS in them. Eventually, I'll upgrade. I suggest reading some online reviews before deciding!