Friday, 11 December 2009

Fleeting Update!

Hello comrades! Thought I’d update you on the current sitch. You will no doubt be pleased to know that my naturally sunny disposition has kicked in and thus normal service is resumed. Feeling 100% more positive about this whole injury lark - saw my physio on Tuesday and she instantly knew what to do which is soooo reassuring. I am still not allowed to run or do BodyPump though – which I am obviously dealing with like a total brat. Apparently the problem is my knees and hips are all out of whack because of all the ballet I’ve done in the dim and distant past, so whereas ‘normal’ people stand with their feet parallel and hips in line, mine are pretty much rotated through 90 degrees (picture the way a duck stands, with turnout!!) and this has meant that my hips and knees have to work extra hard to stop going ‘off’. Basically, I have dodgy pins! Nice, huh?!

So I’ve been given physio exercises to do and my lovely PT has been in touch with the physio so he can work me out a programme I can do while I’m getting over this hurdle.

Eating has been a funny ol’ thing recently. Last week, when I felt so dire and naffed off and soooooo not in control, I restricted and restricted and obsessed over every little cherry tomato. This week, I exchanged weekly goals with Caro my AMAZING motivational match up and one point was to ‘eat points, track and nothing more’ and I’m happy to report that I have met that goal. I haven’t gone crazy under points, but I haven’t gone over either. I’m definitely noticing I’m not as hungry as I have been recently but I think that’s because I’m not exercising as much –well, at all really. I have upped the protein to help my body heal and just trying to eat as clean as poss. really, so even though I’ll lose muscle tone (sob) my insides will at least be healthy, which is good ground work for when I do start training again.

I had really hoped to be at goal this week or next, but I really don’t think that’ll happen – which is obviously gutting but I guess I have to look after myself, right? This journey is about so much more than a number on a scale. Right?!

So that’s me. I’ll check in tomorrow after weigh in and I need to share some pics with you!!! You’ll laugh your asses off I imagine!!!!

Until then beauties, lotsa love

BP xoxoxox

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