Saturday, 5 December 2009

Sightly more positive than yesterday.....

....I can walk ALMOST like a normal person again! WAHOOP!

And.....the results are in.....weigh in Saturday has been and gone and I am delighted to say....

I lost!



Even during a week of (enforced) no training/exercise!

I am flabbergasted!

This means I am OFFICIALLY at the 30lbs target!! WOOOOOOP!

I weighed in this morning at 10 stone 9.5lbs (149.5lbs). I AM BLOODY WELL OUT OF THE 150's- ok, so it's by half a pound but YAAAAAAAY!!!!

I cannot believe it.

It's so good for me to realise that I don't have to exercise like it's going out of fashion in order to lose weight. It's good to be reminded that this way of eating works (for me) and suits my lifestyle and pace.

I feel about a million times better today. Thanks for your lovely comments yesterday. I will let you know how it goes with the physio referral....*gulp*

I am going out tonight with my dad's side of the family. We're having dinner together as part of our Annual Whobilation. This year - I am Cindy Lou Who.......I'm sure there will be pictures!

Have a fabulous Saturday night

lovelove BFP xoxox


trio said...

Yay! That is good news!

skinny latte said...

Great news Liz! Well done!! Glad to hear you are feeling more positive about the injury too - rest and doing exercises to heal and strengthen the injured area really do help. xxx

starfish264 said...

Oh bummer - I've just caught up on your woeful injury status - massive sympathy, hon, because that's a rubbish thing to happen. Please, please, please take it easy if that's what the physio recommends though - my back / hip / ankle took weeks longer to heal than they should have done a couple of months ago, purely because I insisted on doing stuff before they were ready and kept wrenching the muscles whilst they were still tender - I'd think that as soon as the immediate pain and discomfort had gone, I could go back to usual, but the muscles still weren't fully healed and were still overtight and I just kept putting myself back, because I was desperate to be 100% for windsurfing hols - in the end I was only just back in one piece in time, and that was because I finally gave up and took a full 2 weeks off to heal - incredibly frustrating, and I know exactly what you mean about the panic feelings re the weightloss, but really is the best way.

Have to say the my Body Balance classes are massively helping now that it IS healed again, but during the healing process attempting yoga only made mine worse because the poor muscles weren't prepared to stretch like I was asking them to.

Also know exactly what you mean with people saying "oh well, it's Xmas, now you can eat what you want" - like I might actually want an excuse to go completely off the rails!!! WTF??? Gaaaaah - people just don't get it sometimes - what I want is all the foodiness of the holidays to disappear so I can stick to my routines - which isn't to say that I won't enjoy what I do eat!

Chin up, lovey - you'll get better in no time. Ooooh - and on the subject of HRM's - if you've still not bought one, I recently got a Polar F6 after much deliberation, and LOVE it. Perfect compromise for me between decent price and functionality. The strap is configured to cut out cross talk with other HRM's (good for spinning classes where a couple of us wear Polars), has a backlight for night runs outdoors, simple display, and a diary function for the week to track my week's activities. Can also download to computer / Polar website for long-term tracking and stats, and recognises heart-rate zones for targeting workouts - I was really chuffed with it for just under £50.

Much love and thanks for recent commenting, Sue xx :o)

starfish264 said...

Flippin' heck - just seen how long my comment was lol

Amanda, another priorfatgirl said...

yay for you!!!!!!! i weighed 149.8 when i stepped on ye ol' scale this morning, so i'm sure you had a minicelebration like i did :) atta girl!