Sunday, 13 December 2009

A rare Sunday post!

Hi guys and gals....

So, weekly weigh in has been and gone, and I am please to report that I managed to lose another pound and a half, taking my total loss to 31.5lbs and my weight to 10 stone 8 (148 lbs - that maths is getting soooo much easier to do!!) which is really exciting. It means, officially, that I have one lb to go AND on a more NSV related note, it means I will meet my personal target of hitting 147lbs at the last weigh in before Christmas, which is where I was in 2006 (first time round!) - this seems so magical and unbelieveable to me that I might actually get there!


(Come on, you KNEW that was coming..)

I only set my goal at 147lbs because that's where I'd got to last time. I didnt base it on anything other than the fact that I was desperate to prove to myself that despite a crazy hormonal year of hell and frustration, I could be that weight once more.

I'm 5"8' (173cm) - and according to the WW website, the minimum weight for my height is 9 stone 6 (132lbs) and maximum is 11 stone 10 lbs (164lbs). 132lbs sounds teeny tiny - and unattainable. And I do NOT want to get sucked into 'must-achieve-a-number-on-the-scale. So, my question as we launch into a new week, is this...

How did you set your goal weight and how did you know when to stop?

I guess seeking advice from WW Leader and Trainer Man is a good place to start - I'll keep you posted! I'm still really interested in what you think though! Get commenting!!

In other news, I had a training session Friday night with Chris. God it was good to be back - a week seemed like an awfully long time of 'no training'. I felt REALLY GOOD! For the first time in all 8 months I've been training with him I could actually stand to watch myself in the mirror. This is a MASSIVE NSV. He asked me on a purely aesthetic scale of one to ten, ten being your ideal bod, where I felt I was at. My answer was 4 or 5. I wonder if my 'ten' is actually attainable. I need to think about this some more. God, isn't weight loss a total mind f***!!?? (pardon the expression!)

It's Sunday morning, cold, frosty, Christmassy and wonderful. Our tree is up and it's far too early to be thinking so deeply! I am ITCHING to go outside and run....but I won't. "No high impact leg work until after Christmas" is what I have been told and that's what I will stick to.

I might go for a wintery walk to the village garden centre and buy a Poinsettia (God, how quintessentially English does that sound!!??hahaha) and then get down to some weights...and watch a Christmas movie...

Have a great Sunday!!!

Love, BFP xoxox


Weighting Around said...

Setting a weight loss goal is a dilemma for me as well. I weighed 155 at the last weigh-in and 147 was my last low weight. My WW leader kind of left it up to me. I haven't set a goal as yet but getting back into my size 8's (some of them still have the tags hanging) would be wonderful. It's hard to put an arbitrary number on my goal, I am kind of paying it by mirror! But for the sake of lifetime membership I might take 140 (Wow, wouldn't that be fantastic?)!

Marisa (Loser for Life) said...

Congrats! You are doing so amazing!

Setting a goal is hard, but I think when you get to a weight that you're comfortable with and you can sustain then, that will be the right one for you. How do you feel in your body now?

Millie said...

I've been thinking and thinking but I can't work it out for myself yet either.

Can you come here please and we'll have a glass of wine and puzzle it out? Your man can come too. Thank you. x

Stephanie said...

Combining exercise with doing something seasonal is the best. Enjoy your walk to buy your poinsetta!
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