Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Today I am 32. GAH! Less said about that the better but what it has made me do is reflect a little.....

This time last year I was here - 165lbs (11 stone 11), as opposed to now, a year later at 137lbs. My birthday last year marked the beginning of starting to feel good about my health & fitness & weight again. I never would have imagined getting to where I'm at with all this healthy lifestyle stuff. I certainly never would have imagined my body looking how it does today or having the speed & strength & drive I've got now. Or being this active.

So I guess what today has done is made me appreciate just how far I have come in a relatively short while & how changes I have made have been for the better. Without question. Whilst I might be overly self-critical it does me good to take a step back and just realise.

Last year, I felt amaaaaaaazing on my birthday - this year totally different again.

Imagine what I'll be like at 40???!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Have a great day dudes

Love Lizzie xoxox


skinny latte said...

Happy birthday beautiful!!! Hope you have an amazing day and yes, be proud of how far you've come in one year! You rock! :) xx

MB said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Like fine wine, you just get better with age. Rock on!

Vee said...

Happy Birthday! You ARE amazing! http://veegettinghealthy.blogspot.com

Cosmic said...

Happy Birthday!


starfish264 said...

Happy birthday, luvvie, and may I say you rock!!! You rocked this last year, and I dare say (and fully expect) that you will rock this one even more!!

Have a fabulous day!

Sue xx

tam said...

happy birthday! Hope you have a fun day x x

Glam said...

happy birthday, gorgeous!!!! i'm inspired by your progress over this past year. i can't wait to be able to state the same about my progress! hugs!