Monday, 20 September 2010


I did not work out one teeny tiny little bit over the weekend.

I did not have time AT ALL.

(I hate it when people say things like that.)

Worst part is, the horrendous guilt I am feeling. Not a good sign.....

L xo


skinny latte said...

Oh sweetie, don't beat yourself up - I have weekends like that all the time!!! Sometimes we are genuinely too busy, we can't help it! It will all even out though, don't worry. Two words - big picture :D


Vee said...

It's done and over with. Step away from the guilt and computer and walk in place for 5 minutes. Wiggle your butt. Flap your wings, er, arms. Sometimes being silly is great exercise!

Vee at

starfish264 said...

Lizzie!! Shame on you for your guilt - I think you'll find this is called living life, and there's no need to exercise every day. Which you know, but I also know you get carried away! Channel the fabulous Ms Bitchcakes - persistence not perfection is key - exercise tonight, tomorrow, whatever, but don't feel guilty about the weekend. Everything in moderation - and that includes life!