Friday, 24 September 2010

Sweaty Betty & LiLo spam

Hello friends

Thanks for all the reassuring comments after my freak out yesterday. Crisis averted. And thanks Sal for a timely, pointed, arse-kicking email. I do love you so.

I made it to the gym last night in time for combat & yoga after seeing my client. I had not done BodyPump as usual prior to Combat so I threw myself into the routine to warm myself up. So much so, in fact, that I sweated like an actual pig. You know how women are suppsoed to 'perspire'? Well I don't. I sweat. Like a man. As in clima cool top soaked right through-having to wear a head band at all times-if you sit on a gym mat you leave a bum print-trickling down your back and between your boobs kinda sweating.

And last night was no exception. In fact I sweated more than I usually do because I was so fresh (ironically given yesterday's post) and had more energy to expend.

And expend it I did. During the back kick/front kick combo I glanced down and noticed that I had sweated all over the floor around me. This transfixed me so that the next thing I knew I went A over T and had slipped over. In the gym. On my own sweat.


vile vile vile.

People just applauded. Apparently it's a sign of working hard. Good grief.

In other news, apparently Lindsay Lohan has been lurking on my blog and commented on yesterday's post (I have now deleted the comment) about all sorts of lovely drugs I can purchase to help combat my anxiety.

Who knew?


Happy weekend! Weigh in tomorrow. Oh god.

lovelove xoxoxox


starfish264 said...

Haha - you rock!!!! I sweat like an absolute beast at the gym too (and when I run, when I bike ... actually just generally when I'm active!), if that's any consolation, or just solidarity!!! My circuits class (where I am sooooooooo the least fit person there), I'm beet red in the face and "glowing" after just the warm up. Mmmmmm mmmmm mmmm!

I look at it this way - anyone who knows me from the gym, gets a pleasant surprise when they see me away from the gym for the first time and I look normal (which is obviously lovely) :o)

Sue x

Glam said...

that sweaty beast sounds like me as well! i have been known to sweat buckets. you're right, it's vile, but also a sign that we're kicking ass!

Sal said...

laughing at the thought of you in a heap - so sorry babe.
Re read my email this morning - it was rather pointed wasn't it? All meant in complete love you understand. right?

love ya,