Friday, 3 September 2010


How come it feels like I've been back at work for eons despite being a 3 day week??!!! Next week will be hell!!

At least there's a weekend on the horizon! Anyone got any fun plans??

So last night I did a BodyPump class and followed it with BodyCombat. It's been a week since I did any kind of exercise (apart from a rather pathetic beach run whilst away) and MAN was it tough!!! I guess this is what I mean when I say I've lapsed somewhat with my training! It's been kind of a cumulative thing over a 2 month period. So last night was tough but this morning I've got that achey tiredness vibe that I've learnt to love because I know it means I've worked out! When I got in I was absolutely famished and had a mad craving for beans on toast- so I had them. Part of me felt bad because it means I've broken the no bread rule + gone over points, but mostly I just really, reeeeealllly wanted to eat them! I didn't put anything on the toast + I drained the sauce off the beans so it put me only a couple of points over my daily allowance of 18. I don't count my activity points either but I know from my HRM that a good 900 calories were burnt @ the gym so all in all I figure I'm ok.

That said, today I feel a little bit as if I'm wearing a fatsuit. I can feel more padding all over my bod and I really don't like it! I know others won't be able to tell but I can!! It's not nice having been so lean and toned so recently! Isn't it MAD !!!! At the gym I really got a good look at myself (er hello! Bloody mirrors EVERYWHERE!) and I can definitely tell I'm chunkier.

Still, the scale says that after just 2 days of being back on the vibe I've lost 4lbs! Haha yeh RIGHT!!!! But that puts me at 10,1 or 141lbs which is still only 1lb over my goal of 140 so it's not drastic from a scale perspective BUT I reckon my body fat % has gone up + lean muscle gone down. I'm so frustrated at myself!

I'm also avoiding my pt - he's been away for a month and I'm supposed to go tonight but I cannot bring myself to face the music! I know I need to man up but I'll feel so disappointed with myself. As if I've undone all my hard work!!


So apparently I'm having a wobbly day! Dammit.

L xoxo


starfish264 said...

Lizziieeeeee!!! I've missed your blogging voice!!! It is frustrating when you feel like that, but look at it this way - weight first, and the fitness will follow behing naturally. It'll come back quicker than it took to achieve the first time - go face the music - a) I'm sure it's not as bad as you thing, b) I'm sure even your trainer has times when he feels like that, I know from speaking to my ex-trainer that he did, and c) that's what successful people do - it's not where you are, it's what you do about it!

Preaching over, as I can't talk - haven't worked out properly in a month and I KNOW it's going to hurt when I get to a gym or go for a run later!

Mwah! Sue

Lizzie said...

Sue I so needed to ehar that from you! Thanx dude - missed ya!! how's tricks! x