Monday, 27 September 2010

All synced up!

My life is imitating the blogosphere! What a coinkydink!!

This morning, as I do most Mondays, I got to the office early & got caught up on all the blog action from the weekend. One blog I read each & every day (unless she's on a blogging hiatus - lol ) is Charlotte.

A word in the title of today's post caught my eye.


Where have I heard that recently? I thought to myself. No sooner had I thought that very sentence than was I assaulted right between the eyes with a vivid flashback of Friday evening - dizziness, flashing lights, tunnel vision, incredible sweating, elevated heart rate, puce coloured face. Traumatised I recalled the unholy terror that was Friday night's pt session.


Japanese for cruel + unusual punishment. Not really. I made that up. But it should be.

Yes, pals, on Friday I was introduced to the mad, mad world of Tabata intervals. Simply put, 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. Save me retyping a definition, go read Charlotte's post all about it here and then read on!

I am always suspicious when I arrive at the studio and see Chris with a stop watch. It never turns out good. And always means hard work.

"Are you ready? Tabata!" - he said, all smiles and cheery disposition.

Having never heard the word before, I assumed he'd said "Are you ready to batter?"

Had I realised it was a 'thing', I'd have immediately demanded a full explanation. What can I say? I like to know what I am getting myself into, particularly when paying for the privilege.

As it was, I hopped unsuspectingly onto the treadmill to warm up with a quick 1k. What followed is something of a blur, but roughly included this:-

1. Lateral jumping side steps over the bosu. 20 seconds. 10 seconds rest. repeat. 8 times. With the added bonus of the last interval being 30 seconds.

2. Hammer curl to shoulder press. With 3kg dumbells. 20 seconds. 10 seconds rest. repeat 8 times. With the added bonus of the last rep being 30 seconds. (Getting the picture?)

3. MB sledgehammer. With 8kg kettlebell. 20 seconds....yadda yadda yadda.....

4. Fast step ups on a step.

5. Jumping over a cone. Fast.

6. On treadmill. 14kph run at a 2.5% incline for 20 secs, 10 secs rest walking at 6kph. 8 times.

7. MB pullover to crunch with medicine ball using rebounder to throw + catch MB.

Each exercise might sound pretty tame and do-able but try doing all that in the space of an hour whilst trying not to throw up. Or faint. Or both. De-light-ful.

Oh, did I mention that I was only allowed 1 lousy minutes' rest inbetween each exercise.


That my friends, was my induction into the world of Tabata (my 'to batter' doesn't seem so stupid now, does it!!!!)

I swear my face has never been so red following exercise. Ever.

It was bloody good though! I worked flipping hard. I would never push myself that hard alone. I guess you should only try it though at a level that's reasonable for you and your level of fitness, or under instruction of a qualified professional because it is reeeeeallllly hard....

(I remain convinced that the 1.5lb loss this week happened entirely on Friday night - hahaha!)

Happy Monday dudes!

Love Lizzie xoxoxox


Charlotte said...

I looooove it!!! We are totally on the same brain-wave today! And this: "Japanse for cruel + unusual punishment" is hilarious and true! Your workout sounds brutal - truly I never enjoy a Tabata workout until it's over;) Great post!

starfish264 said...

Well, that sounds unusally hideous, and I thought circuits was bad with the whole 30 second stations and no breaks except for 2 mins at the end of the full circuit! Not feeling overly jealous of you putting yourself through that! :o)

wildfluffysheep said...

I can feel myself getting tired and sweaty just reading that. I will live vicariously through you and your tabatas!

way to go on the loss. sounds like its worth it. painful but fruitful.