Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Those scales had better bloody well MOVE this week!

Or there will be trouble!!!!

Having got over my tantrum after weigh in on Saturday, I'm pleased to report quite an ok weekend. Put it this way, I didn't have to scrawl "write off" dramatically across my tracker in red pen in the manner of an angry teacher this weekend, as I *may* have done over the past six or seven.

Had a great workout Friday night, took Saturday off + ran yesterday + then did BodyPump 75 which is the new release here in the UK. Verdict? Shoulders + abs are great! Much harder than 74, but I'd have kept the lunge track from 74! Rest was all pretty much of a muchness. I find that now I know how to put my own weights programme together, BP doesn't cut it as much as it once did. But it is great for when I only have an hour to bob in + out of the gym.

This morning I was up early + legged it round my usual 5k route before work. I did this a lot last Autumn when I was busy in the evenings, so think I'll try + fit a few in on days when I can't work out in the evenings because of rehearsal. (Five weeks till the show- arrrrgh!!!!)


Oops! That's been sitting in my drafts file all day! Today is Tuesday. I am on fire!! Got home unexpectedly early- so instead of sitting on my a*se + watching yet more re-runs of Gilmore Girls, I donned my running gear + ran 3 laps of the village- four-ish miles. Yay me. And then off I went to rehearsal! First one in the theatre YIKES! Really reeeeealllly good to be back on stage + whilst I have major anxiety regarding my costume or lack thereof, I realise that I do feel pretty confident about my body these days- or more confident than I used to, at least.

Scales, however, aren't playing ball just yet. It's only Tuesday though.......on Friday I go back to see my pt. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiizzzzzznuts! *scared*

If that's not an incentive to eat right + workout then I dunno what is!!!!!

Happy Tuesday peoples!

L xoxo


Vee said...

Sounds like you have a plan and are sticking to it. I admire you. Good luck with the rehearsals! Vee at http://veegettinghealthy.blogspot.com

Lizzie said...

cheers! all a matter of discipline for me....doesnt come easy :) x