Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Moving, excuses, lies and the single life!

Hey dudes, blimey it's been AGES! So much to catch up on. Haven't really felt like blogging for a bit after everything that poor Jen is going through - seemed a bit daft to blather on about food and diet and exercise and whatnot when my friend was and is going through so much pain. However, I feel like Jen would tell me to keep on blogging so I am going to......and thus a catch up post is necessary!

So, we moved....... we live here now! The top floor is ours - the window you can see to the left of the picture is the living room. Isn't it pretty!

This is the route I take to work each day - like living in 'Pleasantville' or 'Wisteria Lane'

It's the view down the Causeway through the Village towards the War memorial. Picturesque.
So, yes. I am having a lovely time living there so far. It's been a little bit weird without Rich, ye olde ball and chain. Yes folks my husband has scarpered! He's currently in Canada with the boys climbing a mountain on a Young Life trip called 'Beyond Malibu' which we did once before when we were 18 but the guys wanted to try it again now they're all 31! Nutters. Rather him than me. so yeah, I feel a bit as if I have moved and Rich hasn't - bless him, his clothes are all in random places and a lot of his stuff is still in boxes waiting for him to return. He gets back August 22nd so I CANNOT WAIT!
Moving is a complete pain in the arse and we have vowed never to move ourselves ever again. EVER. The first week I did bugger all exercise and ate complete crap - convenience food eating. And I lost 4lbs - all that bloody lifting of couches and boxes and whatnot obviously worked! That took me down to 160lbs - lowest weight ever since 2006! WAHOOP! However this week i gained 1.5lbs back so it serves me right, and if I'm not careful it'll be another 3lbs this week. I just cannot get back into it. Haven't been the gym at all in 3 weeks. I suck. I lied to my PT and said I had to work when in fact I was off and just did not want to go to see him and have him tell me my body fat's back up. Pathetic aren't I!
Thing is, life is pretty hectic right now! Who knew I'd have such fun with my dear hubby away?! I was in London all weekend, visitng a friend - we did manage to run along the riverbank in sunny Richmond though on Sunday morning, then Monday I spent the day learning how to put up bookshelves with my dad, last night I ate dinner with the folks as they have flown to Italy today, tonight my friend Karen is cooking for me and another friend Louise, then Thursday I have the girls coming over for drinks and then Friday I am FINALLY off. So I am mentally prepping myself for a gain again this week and then getting into the gym on Friday.
No more excuses. I need to get back in the zone - I need a week. Just a week. To get me back on track. A week of no distractions, no social plans. A week of routine and leaving the office at 6 getting in the gym and half past and not leaving until 9 kinda week. Also planning foodwise - I need to stop eating out and start bloody well cooking again. And blogging. I feel like blogging is defo part of the routine and sanity!
So, there you have it pals. I AM BACK.
Love y'all
Lizzie xxxxx


Sal said...

hooooooo ray for pleasantville happiness for the wallies. wahopp! the zone is just round the corner i can see it for you lovely. welcome back to blogville.

starfish264 said...

Yay - good to have you back - now don't you disappear off again without a good excuse!

As for getting back on plan - why wait til next week? Ok so you're out socialising this week, and getting to the gym is going to be difficult, but breakfast, lunch and snacks are in your control, dinner is semi-in-your-control, and if you're walking to and from work that's some exercise - what about an extra walk at lunch, or can you be fitting in some extra walking to and from all these social engagements (you little social whirlwind you!).

Come on - I know you can get this sorted! Good work on the losses by the way! I've missed your blog x

skinny latte said...

Yay for getting back to the plan - and no better time while you have some time to yourself! I know it's a pain when you've just moved and got heaps on, but when you're making time for exercise and eating well for body and mind then you just feel amazing and it gives you so much more oomph to get on with the other stuff. You can do it!! :D x

Amanda, another priorfatgirl said...

sooo glad you're back to posting. i always love what you write :)

Bri said...

Hurrah! I love, love, love the new place. And your walk to work is beautiful! Welcome back!