Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Injuries, NSV's, Returning Husbands and other such nonsense...

Hello children. Bloody hell I am crap at blogging of late aren't I!? This is somewhat indicative of my current attitude I fear.....*holds out wrist to be slapped*. I am sllll-o-wwww-ly getting my mojo back, but nowhere near like I was doing, so frustrating. And all the carefully honed and toned muscles are now, well, fat, which is sooooooooooo pants it's untrue. So this weekend I had a free schedule and decided after weigh in (stayed the same OMG MIRACLE!) to spend the day pretty much in the gymnasium.


I awoke Saturday am unable to move my head due to a ruddy great pain down the left side of my neck into my shoulder blade and arm! YIKES!!!!!! I felt about 103 years old!

After the meeting I took 2 Cocodamol (codeine) (Thank you Rachel, you star!) and fell asleep by one pm, and awoke at SIX PM!!!! Bloody hell! What's in those pills!!??!! I felt absolutely hammered when I woke up, so switched drugs to Ibuprofen!

It's now Tuesday and it's easing off somewhat, which is typical since the docs could only fit me in tomorrow morning...but let's not knock the NHS - it's brilliant (bugger off Barack!!!).

So, special needs neck = bugger all exercise. AGAIN!

OH WHY OH WHY DO I DO THIS????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bugger all exercise leads to 'ah well, jack in the healthy eating' which leads to BIGFATPIE!

So I need to STOP, and recognise this RIGHT THIS VERY INSTANT and do something about it before I gain back the bloomin' lbs I've lost (and worked damn hard to lose, I might add!)


So, the NSV to which I refer in the title of this eloquent post is as follows:

Here is my desk. On it, apart from a load of junk, you will notice that there is a tub of hummus (low fat, organic, Marks & Spencers) to the left of the dreaded pink weightloss file, and atop said tub sits......carrotts! Yep indeedy do!

What would I usually choose to go with hummus? CRISPS! What did I do instead? Picked raw carrotts! Hence the NSV. I had a hankering for something fresh and these precut, washed, raw carrotts (again from M&S - how lazy ARE these people?!) which is a little signal that there may well be light at the end of the carb/processed food tunnel.....on verra!

In other news, the hubby returns on Saturday and I CANNOT wait! 3 weeks seems like an AGE!
I am off again this Thurs/Fri so am determined to actually make it to the gym, I need my neck to be better for then.

You know what I think it is? I'm in holiday mood! I am actually thinking 'Sept 1st is D-Day' - most stupid.

Anyway, I think I'll leave it there because some youths are currently sitting in their car outseide my office window playing reeeeeeeeeeeeally loud 'Bounce Anthems' which are REAAAALLLY crap so I need to go and bollock them.



starfish264 said...

I'm being rubbish too at the moment - I'll slap your wrist if you'll slap mine (extends hand). Come on - we can get through this - injuries and all since my back's sore today - maybe I've got sympathy pain for your neck?? :o)

Fat[free]Me said...

Ouch! Poor you - hope your neck gets better and well done on the healthy snacks - so no smacked wrists from me!

skinny me! said...

hahahahah I love the way you talk...write? Hilarious.

It seems like there is a major funk-a-thon going on in blogland at the moment. I dunno..is it summer?? Anyway, hey even if you're not losing at least you're not gaining....you're doing great! We all have set-backs from time to time right. Cheer up my dear! Go Marks and Spencers snacks!!! If it makes you feel any better I think Britain has WAY cooler pre-packaged food than here! Lucky you!

skinny latte said...

M&S low fat hummous is my favourite too! And yes, forget the crisps baby, always have carrots with it - or, my favourites, sugar snap peas and raw cauliflower! Yum!

Definitely keep up the healthy snacks and eating well as much as you can - it's even more important when you can't exercise. I know it's very tempting to jack in the healthy eating when you're not feeling your best and not able to exercise, but you know what - once you're able to exercise again you really will feel much better for it if you've done your best to eat well and look after yourself in the meantime. You're right, you don't want to undo all your hard work! Just do your best darl and don't be too hard on yourself. The important thing is to get better!

I too love the way you write, it's like you're right here, talking to me, at my really messy desk :P

Take care and feel better soon


♥ Dee ♥ said...

Balance, my love. If you cannot excercise it becomes ridiculously crucial to eat healthy.

But then you know this... :)