Thursday, 13 January 2011

A year ago today.......

....I ran my first ever 10k distance! It was on the treadmill at my gym and took me 72 minutes. I was SO PLEASED with myself and absolutely BUZZING that my body could DO THAT!! Guess what? It didn't kill me, I didn't hurt too much afterwards, it was truly amazing! All it did was give me a greater passion for running - shortly after I made the transition to running outside and now I cannot imagine my life without being able to just head out for a run! It was a few weeks before I hit my ww goal too and I am certain the extra push activity-wise contributed to actually getting to goal. AWESOME.

I now run 10k in 50 minutes...and sometimes under! Who knew THAT would happen in a year?!!

When it feels tough and you can't be arsed, have a think back to what you have achieved. We do some pretty amazing things on our individual and combined health and fitness journeys y'know!!

Have a great day!

Love Lizzie xoxoxox


starfish264 said...

Too true - but wow - 50 mins???? That's impressive! I am such a slowcoach! lol

Lisa said...

Wow, perfect timing for this post, I just ran my first 10k on the treadmill at the gym this morning!
And you're right about thinking baco to where we were. I started running a year ago next week and could only run 3 x 1min to start with. I ran my first 5K race in July and due to injury have been working up very slowly from there since.
Although I'm slow I'm still SO proud of myself for being able to run 10k now, just a year later, along with losing close to 90lbs in weight of course lol.

skinny me! said...

go girl! you look damn good! you still coming to canada?

Lizzie said...

@Sue - yep! Good hey! Now my aim is a sub 50! Hopefully it'll be an offshoot of training for the half!You're NOT a slow coach 'DONT COMPARE - COMPETE'!!!!:-) Get your pt to do you an intervals programme and hill reps and whatnot to build your lactate threshold so you can run faster for longer and deal with the lactic acid build up!

@Lisa - WELL DONE! That's FANTASTIC!!! on both counts! Isnt it great to see where we've come from and marvel at what our bods can do for us when we give them the chance!!? keep up the great work lady!

@Kerry - why thank you doll! VERY GLAD to see you back in blogland! and yes we're aiming for a week or two in Toronto before Vancouver - probably August this year.....ya wanna meet up!!!!!?

Thanks for your comments gang! Much love x

Yum Yucky said...

Fantastic inspiration! I'm not much of a runner, but your accomplishments certainly speak volumes for what we can achieve with any aspect of our fitness. Go girl!