Sunday, 29 September 2013

Frustrating WOD - 29.9.13


Went to bed far too late (3am) and still expected to be amazing at training this morning. Gah. Still struggling with this shoulder which is incredibly annoying. Easing off this week after competition wod last weds. Still covered in bruises. I dunno, maybe I just wasn't feeling it today.

Double Unders to warm up...I can now string about six together.....good grief!
Glute activation, and then deadlifts.

Previous deadlift 1RM, 90kg. Last week I managed 85kg on my own and then wussed out. So, today we started at 10 for 50kg. Working up to 1 rep at 80kg. Ridiculous. What's wrong with me!

Everywhere hurts! Back still sore (muscularly) after the competition wod Weds, and shoulder feels weak AS. No fight in me. PPPFT.

I totally out-psyched myself off the deadlift, and thus the workout

Fight Gone Bad - 3 rounds for reps. A minute of :Wall ball @6kg
sumo deadlift high pull @ 25kg, box jumps,  push press at 25kg, rowing for calories.

With 1 minute rest at the end of each round.

HORRENDOUS! Box jumps killed my shoulder, and after round 1 had to drop the weight off the bar and stick to strict shoulder press.

Little bit soul destroying if i'm honest.

Then I did yoga which I also sucked at. Set the day up to suck. It's all in  my head, I know it is!

So - here's the next week's plan!

I am gonna eat soooooo clean. All this training and eating utter shit is getting me nowhere. Time to get serious.

I am also gonna get to bed for 10pm each night this week. And get up at the same time irrespective of schedule. I am gonna stick to the MEBB training sessions with my coach weds/fri/sunday and in between times I am gonna mobilise my ass off, work on individual skills and get a sports massage!

Feel better having blogged it out. This too shall be a tool!


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