Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Spring? Is that you?!

Currently sitting on a bench in the middle of the town square where I work, in glorious, glorious sunshine, cool breeze, cloudless blue skies above me, and life is good. Not quite warm enough for bare legs or no coat BUT as I sit here - in my winter coat, black tights and suit- I am toasty warm! Oh it's so beautiful out here! Definitely sunglasses weather! The clocks go foward soon (I think) and my most prominent emotion about this is the fact that I'll be able to run in the week during daylight hours! Who'd have thunk it?! This time last year I'd have been more excited about being able to sit in a beer garden at the pub! Hahaha!!!!

Good week thus far. There are exciting things on the horizon, which I want to be a bit more concrete until I reveal on here but suffice it to say that life is sure gonna get interesting!!! (And no, I'm not pregnant before you ask, good grief!)

Having a bit of jip from the old knees this week, which is so very annoying! Had an amazing sunshiney 7 mile run on Sunday- all by myself- it was sooooo good and just what I needed. First time I've run that distance on my own, and managed it in just under an hour so I was very pleased!

Weigh in on sat took me to 9,11 which is great, and still within goal and whatnot so can't complain.

Eating wise all is good- major food comas over the weekend due to a date night with my hub and dinner with the 'rents to celebrate Mother's Day and my brother's birthday. All's I'm saying is my dear mummy MAY have made her legendary lemon drizzle cake, and I MAY have eaten approximately 4 slices of it. Oops. So, straight and narrow it is this week!!!

That's it in a nutshell, time to get back to the grindstone but just wanted to touch base with blogland on this most beautiful of days!

Happy Spring time peeps!

L xoxo


wildfluffysheep said...

Sitting in a beer garden is fun too :P

I can't wait for the clocks to come forward! Need more sun light and fast!

all positive!

Glam said...

I cannot wait for the sun to come out & play! It's been far too dreary here. Plus, when it gets warm, I can go for walks on my lunch break!~

Woot for maintaining that weight!

starfish264 said...

Oh, I know what you mean, Lizzie, I got home last night and went for a quick blast of a run in the light and it was lovely!!! Also warm enough to run in capris and a long-sleeved baselayer and just be the perfect temp - heaven!!! I love spring!!

Stephanie said...

That lemon cake sounds deadly.
Spring does indeed seem to be peeping around the corner. Then again, here in Colorado, you can have a 60 degree day followed by a snowstorm...
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