Thursday, 25 March 2010

Metabolic age, shrinking boobage and other stories…

So, by way of an update I have several things to discuss today.

Weigh In – On Saturday I was up by 1.5lbs to 9,12.5. Shocking. I know. Thing is, I went out Friday after training and drank rather a lot of wine with one of my wonderful friend Julia. This then led to much eating of pistachios (the roasted and salted kind, not the healthy kind), which then led to getting in at 1am and eating feta cheese on toast and going to bed at 3am after watching (bizarrely) The Magadalene Sisters.

Now, I realise this is not normal ‘me’ behaviour. But I had a bloody good time AND - this is one of the transformations of mind that I have undergone since getting to goal – is that it’s NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. After all the exercise I did last week and careful eating, there’s no way I gained 1.5lbs of fat. Sure, I properly overindulged Friday night (after a hardcore session of circuit training, I might add!!), right before weigh in – but before I’d got to goal I’d have been so scared to go out on a Friday night. Now, it seems as if there is less importance attached to that Saturday morning number on the scale – which is no bad thing.

Training last week was A-MAZING! I actually love it. We did circuits. I have been getting quite into the whole boxing malarkey of late – on the bag. It started off where Chris would choreograph me like a routine, so jabs and crosses, upper cuts and hooks, but now I have progressed onto ‘freestyling’ which means I go at it hammer and tongs while he times me in minute stints. Seriously good workout. Best of all though, Chris weighed me on the magic scales that calculate all sorts of interesting stuff about your bod. You may recall that the last time I had it measured, in November of 2009, it came back as 33, a couple of years older than my actual chronological age. Apparently you should aim for it to be under your chronological age. So the results came back. My weight was the same as on ww scales, my hydration levels are up considerably (hello! They bloody well should be after religiously chugging 3L of water a day!), by body fat percentage is down to 23% (healthy for my age) from obese levels a year ago, AND my metabolic age has decreased further from 34….to 19! NINETEEN!!! How great is THAT! I feel like Joey in the episode of Friends where he’s all ‘I could pass for 19’ hahaha! So, it’s official – Personal Training does, in fact, reverse the ageing process! J

So far, in all this weight loss and healthy living journey, I can see only 1 negative thing. BYE BYE BOOBS! Yes, they have shrunk to a mere shadow of their former selves *sob* so on Monday I had to go and get measured – which was a traumatic experience made worse by precipitating the necessity for me to then spend £30 on new freakin’ underwear! GRRRRRRR! So, padded bras are the new black for me. God it’s depressing…..but as somebody very wise quipped at me the other day ‘Better flat than fat’ HA! So, not only do I have the body age of a 19 year old, I also have the boobs that I had (or didn’t have) when I was 16. GAH!

In other news, the running is going good. Still slower than I’d like but I’ll get there! Attempted my usual 10k route on Monday afternoon…and completely failed. Had a horrendous pain in my hip flexor at the 6k mark, thought I'd knackered it again... and had to walk for a bit, then tried to run again but to no avail. I gave up. First time that’s ever happened! I’ve never stopped before. I couldn’t stand the impact in my hip. God I was annoyed! A massage Monday night and complete rest day Tuesday (much to my annoyance) seems to have done the trick, because yesterday I was psyched to run and felt good! We knocked out the 10k in 00:56:56 which is my best time yet, it was a much hillier route too so on the flat it’d have been quicker. I kept pace with Chris throughout and sprint finished – my recovery time is getting quicker too! The worst thing I find about running outside I have discovered, is that just when you’re struggling for breath and to take in air, you invariably run past some jackass smoker and get a lungful of disgusting, evil smoke. So inconsiderate.

At Body Pump class this week, there were 2 guys there taking the class for the first time. You may have heard me refer to them as ‘hot gym boys’ in previous posts. They’re the ‘weights’ dudes that hang in the free weights section huffing and puffing and straining and getting ridiculously big traps muscles trying to lift the equivalent weight of a small car….yep, those guys. (really nice guys, not meatheads) So, they swanned into class, got all the heavy plates out and stood a little behind me and to the right – so I could completely see them in the studio mirror. They loaded up their bars for the warm up and off we went. By the time it got to the squat track they were feeling it! Haha! Every time I changed my weight s on the bar I caught one guy checking it out and going heavier on his own bar…and then having to stop half way through the track and lighten it! By the end of the class (shoulder track) I was still doing full push ups on my toes and they were lying down, gasping for breath! It was so funny! I’m not one to laugh at people in the gym – god knows I’ve felt insecure enough in that place in the past, but it was just funny how they were so cocky initially and completely cabbaged by the end! On the way out I got chatting to one of the guys and he called me ‘Superwoman’! he goes ‘You were lifting double the weights I was! I kept trying to go heavier but couldn’t do it!’ I was like ‘I KNOW!’ Dead funny.

And so here we are at Thursday. Might have to have a rethink of workout tonight – possibly just yoga. This girl is tiiiiiiiiired today! And I can’t stop eating! Anyone else get that? All’s I have done all day is graze graze graze.

Hey ho, that’s enough nonsense from me. I’m off to catch up on your worlds.

Lovelove L xoxo

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Amanda, another priorfatgirl said...

my boobs are tiny now, too!!!!! i'll give that a :( and :) because while i liked my big ta-tas for the time being, i think they make people look fatter than they actually are. i mean, they are fat afterall. and now i can go braless more in the summer with my cute little sundresses! oh boob talk. love it :) have a great weekend!