Monday, 11 October 2010

Busyness...and other excuses!

Apologies for my lack of blogging lately my doves! We are a week away from the show, so I am in full steam ahead mode + the world of work is something of an uncertain place to be currently.....we all received letters this weekend asking us to consider early redundancy.......(as IF!!??!!) + I've been seconded to a different dept to work on a big deal project, the mundane details of which I will not bore you with! Plus I am trying to sell our apartment to help with cash flow and maintain some level of marital bliss with my dear hubster that involves actually seeing one another in person, as opposed to existing solely in the world of BlackBerry + facebook!!

So, suffice it to say my head is in a whirl as I try + negotiate my life right now!

Funnily enough, in the old days, this level of busyness in my life would have meant that all things diet and exercise related went out the window. Fortunately though, I'm keeping up with my training + managing to eat healthily + on plan (apart from this weekend but R + I managed to have a date night soooo I ate what I wanted! French bistro......mmmmmmm!!!!)

I've got a week now to really be health driven so that I'll feel confident on stage. For the first time in ages I have no idea what I weigh, not having been to fat club for a few weeks! It's a weird feeling, not knowing, but frankly I don't have the head space right now even to consider it!

I've cut back on my pt sessions too, once every 3 weeks now. I'd love love love to go every week but time I'd ever a factor and the financial implication of £30 per week is just not sustainable.

So what is it that's keepin me busy?! Well.....let me tell you!!!!

Visit Click on the tab entitled "therapy"......see any familiar faces?!

Yup! 'Tis me! Chris, my pt, suggested a while back that I take on some private clients of my own at his new studio. CBT fits really well with diet/weight loss + motivation to change stuff so it enhances the pt work going on by being a complementary therapy. I jumped at the chance to do some of my own work + because pt has made such a wonderful difference in my life, it seemed kind of right that I work out of creation. And how sound of chris to offer me this opportunity!!

So, I had my business cards + publicity produced, the new website went live this week AND I have had my first client!!! It is GREAT finally to be doing something I love but under really positive + life affirming circumstances! I am buzzing!!

Secondly, after the show is over, the weekend of 30-31 October, to be precise, I will be embarking upon my next step to eventually becoming wholly self employed.....yes peeps, I begin my training at

Hahaha! That's right, I'm gonna be a pt!!!!! Who'd have thunk it??!! It's something that's been suggested to me several times, and you know what? I reeeeealllllly wanna do it! It's cost crazy ££££ but I'm sure it'll be worth it. I am so passionate about this aspect of my life, why shouldn't I make it part of my career?!

When I think about getting up every morning to go + train someone or see them for counselling, I am excited! When I think of my current so much. So, on the basis that life is short + you only live once, I'm manifesting some major change in my life! How fabulous to be able to help others achieve what I have - a lifestyle of health-filled happiness!

So Oct 30th sees me embark upon my "Gym Instructor's" part of the course. By March 2011 I'll be qualified + ready to rock + roll!!!


Lovelove xxx


Vee said...

Wow. You ARE busy. I hope you are getting enough rest and water, and eating right. Take care and remember to breathe! You want to enjoy these moments while you can.

Vee at

Glam said...

Lizzie that is so awesome! I'm so happy for you. Sounds like things are crazy at the moment, but that's just temporary, you know? Exciting things happening for your future!
Can't wait to read all about your new endeavors!

Anonymous said...

Everything sounds like it is going well for you at the moment. I've just found your blog. Its grat to find another UK blogger!