Monday, 13 December 2010

Pain in the neck...

Quite literally!

Please bear with me folks! What is it with me, December and flipping injuries!? Just when the season of eating is upon us and I aim to rely on my carefully honed gym attendance and running skillz, I am afflicted with a horrid injury. Last year was the debacle of ITB and this year is all about the neck! I have had a niggling neck pain for a little over a week now and despite using copious amounts of ibuprofen & Deep Heat it is showing no signs of abating. I cannot get comfortable when I sleep - so much so that I have been relegated to the spare room because the husband cannot function on so little sleep! It's fine when I am moving but all of a sudden when I sit still a wave of pain coems over me. Apparently, this is a muscle spasm.

I went to the GP this morning who firstly suggested I fashion a neck brace out of several sheets of newspaper and 'one of your mother's silk scarves'. Yes, apparently, I went to the Doctor's in the 1950's today, so that was nice. What a quack. He did, however, give me some super duper pain killers and some super strength deep heat and recommend physiotherapy, which is paid for by the nhs HURRAH, so the referral has gone in. I am booked in for a sports massage on Weds should the muscle relax enough to actually be manipulated. At present, my right shoulder is higher than the left. Delightful. So we shall see. Hopefully the painkillers will do the trick. I couldn't work out all weekend so I anticipate the twitchy legs and crippling paranoia about weight gain will kick in soon.


Madly, in my head I actually considered going to the gym this evening. I don't think I'll get away with BodyPump.....but I am NOT becoming enslaved to the stupid recumbent bike again....think I might wait till Weds, see what Mr PT has to say and then go from there.

I am in a foul mood. I reeeeeeeeally suck as a patient.

I'd better go..... there's a tennis ball with my name on it that I need to do some self mfr with. Oh the glamour!

Hope you're all well!!!

Love Lizzie xoxo

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Charlotte said...

Oooh neck pain is the WORST! I had my first "real" (well real enough to help me seek treatment anyhow) injury a couple of weeks ago and I'm still babying my neck in fear of having that happen again. Miserable! I'm so so sorry! And the newspapers/silk scarf combo?! Had to read that like 5 times to be sure that's what you really meant. Bizarre!
PS> Thank you for your comment on my post today - very interesting reading the few comments that take the other side. You def. gave me a perspective I hadn't considered!