Friday, 18 May 2012

Er.......Remember me ?!

Holy crap it's been a while ! I'm BACK BABY!! Hello blog heads ! So. Whats been going on with you?! We last spoke May 2011 so, in fact, a year ago...good grief !! In fairness, I have been extremely busy qualifying as a Personal Trainer and setting up my business! I am VERY pleased to report that I am now fully qualified and fully operational ! My website is here and this is where I train my one to one pt clients - remember the Trainer I've trained with since waaaaaaay back in 2009? It's his studio! How cool is that! Who would have thought it! My Bootcamps are still going SOOOO WELL with six sessions a week and loads of clients, as well as a LOT of laughs. Suffice it to say, I am massively busy!

So all in all, dearest blogland, I could NOT be happier. I did it! I BLOODY DID IT!!!! My journey from fat to fit is complete!

Or is it.....?

Oh guys, here's the thing.....I got fat again !!

Well, ok, maybe not fat, but I am DEFINITELY heavier than I was this time last year at the height of my training and working towards qualifying. It's the oldest, crappiest reason in the world...


I have gone from loving training and being so immersed in it and working towards goals and events and aesthetic body change and adaptation, to spending every waking minute trying to support my clients to do just that, that it leaves little time for my own training.

I have had a very low week this week, and in an effort to pull myself out of the self-flagellating black hole that threatens to engulf me, I have been trying to establish when exactly I last felt in control of my body and eating and training and I realised, amongst many other things, that one of the things that helped encourage me and spur me on was you lovely lot ! I am !

In some ways I am back to the drawing other ways I feel quite positive, I am still human, I make mistakes. But you can bet your ass I will do my darnedest to rectify it. So, here we go. A stone (14lbs) to go.....

It's GREAT to be back

Lizzie xxx


starfish264 said...

Same here dude, same here. It's taken me a while to find my groove again, but I think I might just have found it. Anyhoo - nice to see you back writing again, even if not for the reason you would have liked! I'm sure you'll whip yourself into shape pronto though xx

Bri said...

Hello lovely! Remember me?!? So funny to have happened upon your post today, as I have not logged on in forever, but am currently looking into starting a new blog. :) Welcome back and can I say that even with a stone to lose, I am madly in love with the fact that you are so happy. Life is too short.

amy said...

I was worried about you!!!!!! So glad you're back!!!!!

amy said...

i am glad you gained a little. One of the reasons I was worried is that you had gotten soooooo skinny.

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