Monday, 14 April 2008

A new day

Monday. The day of resolutions and promises to self to not eat like a pig. Hmmmm...I find myself singing in my head 'What will this day be like, I wonder...?' in manner of Julie Andrews as she goes to the Von Trapp house to meet the 'captain and seven children'. Feels like groundhog day. Another Monday. Another morning reluctant to get out of bed because choosing something to wear for work is SUCH a chore because NOTHING BLOODY FITS.

I spent yesterday evening at my parents' house (Sunday dinner. A disastrous meal for me because I CANNOT RESIST stuffing balls and roast potatoes - real home made ones, none of your Aunt Bessie crap. I dread to think of the points value of what I consumed hier soir, and that's just the point...I didn't think. I didn't once think about points AT ALL.) And whilst at my folks', i took the opportunity to get my summer wardrobe out of their loft and sort through it. Ohhhh what an error that was! Not only was it a trip down memory lane: honeymoon clothes, Girls' holiday to Tenerife clothes (the shorts I wore that summer were SERIOUSLY tiny)-It also made me (for the first time ever, think) "good LORD I am waaaaaaay too old to wear THAT ever again". Yes, dear reader, as 30 fast approaches I am sad to say that I am definitely too old to re-wear the stuff I wore as a 25 year old. God, how depressing. Even though my style has changed somewhat over the years, it wasn't about that, it was literally that those clothes belong on the body of a hot girl in her mid 20's, not a big fat pie of an almost 30 year old! A comforting thought came to me though: that even if I were a skinny minnie again, I probably wouldn't wear most of this stuff again anyway.

So the depressing experience of sorting out my summer stuff (not that any of it fits, mind you) led me to scoff as much roast dinner as I could get my hands on, and allow my dad to keep refilling my wine glass.

So today I feel lethargic, rotund, full, lardy and pissed off at myself..AGAIN. Groundhog day. Monday blues. Call it what you will. I feel like Monica in the fat suit and something's gotta give.

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