Thursday, 26 June 2008


So it's been a while....a couple weeks ago I hit the half a stone mark. It took its time in coming let me tell you. or maybe that was me? Anyhoop - I started the Core's actually amazing! I feel so much healthier and have virtually cut all processed items out of my diet. I've got back into exercise and the flab is coming off.

My question du jour is: When I fall off the wagon, why does it take so bloody long for me to get back on it?

My relationship with food is so tied up with my emotional life that it's never going to be as easy as 'I know the tools and techniques so get back on the programme' - in fact it's more like **whining voice** 'I don't WANNA eat healthy today, I WANNA eat 37 bags of crisps'

So, I had a weekend in London, all good intentions went out the bloody window as soon as the champers got flowing...two takeaways on two consecutive days later I was bloated, and indulging in some self hatred coupled with a bitch of a hangover...which led to breakfast at Burger King BURGER KING!!! in Euston station and more carb loading when I got back. Here I am on THURSDAY (having gained 1 and a half bloody pounds) only just rediscovering my motivation to go to the gym and not eat absolute shite.

And all because I am feeling sorry for myself that two incredibly good friends have decided they're moving away, so I'm sad, so I eat crap. GOD!

It ain't rocket why does it feel that way??

I'm off to look at my wedding pictures for skinnifying inspiration...

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