Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Deep breath and dive in.....

So, i'm back!! How's this for a mad idea?? I'm going to publish my food lists!!!!

Ta Dahhh!!!

I know, mad isn't it!? BUT allow me to of the basic pronciples of this weight watchers malarkey is that you write down on a daily basis exactly, precisely what you've eaten and 'point it' - (basic premise of ww - you get a certain amount of points to spend on food and drink per day, this is calculated on your weight, your goal and how active you are. All consumables have a points value based on saturated fat and calories, so stay within your points - lose weight - bloody simple really......HA!)

I am struggling at the mo - what I lack in my life is's VERY easy to blag your food diary....but what if it's on the internet..AAARRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!I KNOW it'll I'm gonna do really, I goes......deep breath.....

Wednesday Feb 4th 2009

Breakfast - 2 x Roberts the Baker Wholegrain bread, toasted (1 point per slice =2)
1tsp half fat butter (1/2)
2 x tea with skimmed milk - the teeniest amount (0)

Then I went to work, got sucked into a nine o'clock meeting and escaped at midday. Lunchtime! Shall I go for a swim? A sudden telephone call and resulting piece of work put paid to that ambition and I ate at my desk..

Lunch - Marks and Spencers ham and egg salad including dressing (3 points) (I checked and re-checked this!!)
1 small banana (1 point)
1 litre of water (drunk throughout the day) (0 points)

I finally got to actually take my lunch hour from 3 till 4pm whereupon I hightailed it to the pool and swam 44 lengths in 30 minutes.

Upon returning to the office I was starving so drank some more water and ate a vegetarian sushi snack pack (M and S again - trying to use up vouchers so I won't be tempted just to buy big fat pie food!!) (Worked out with my trusty point calculator adds up to 2 points)

So it's 4:45pm and I am drinking a black coffee (0 points) and wondering how many calories I am burning off by typing?!!

Running total so far - 8 and a half points (I am allowed 20) so that's not bad going. I feel full but not Christmas Day full and satisfied (read 'smug') that I managed to exercise.

The day's not over evening at Julie's with the girls beckons - what's that they say in the (US) Army? 'The best defense is a strong offense'?? So combat plan number 1 EAT DINNER BEFORE YOU GO, combat plan number 2 DO NOT BUY WINE TO TAKE ROUND.

I had a glass or 3 with my sister last night so no alcohol tonight as tomorrow is the VIP launch of Zeligs in Liverpool complete with complementary cocktails, and I want to be able to have at least one of them!

(Anyone know how to 'point' a Mojito??!!)

More later.....

BFP xxx


Dinner- oven roasted veg in redwinevinegar, rosemary and garlic:-
1 sweet potato (3 and a half points)
Red onion
Red pepper. All of these are 0
Cherry toms
Plus 90g of couscous (60g just ain't enough!!!) So 4 and a half points for that.

Running total...16 and a half.

Job's a good'un. X888

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