Friday, 27 February 2009

A REALLY boring post - consider yourselves warned...

Ok. So in the interest of food accountability this will be a REALLY boring post, sorry!!

Tuesday 24th February – First Day of Lent

Breakfast: 50 g porridge oats (2.5), 15g tsp of low fat peanut butter (1.5), milk allowance (1), 2 cuppas

Lunch: Baked potato (2.5), 2 laughing cow triangles (1), salad (0), ww balsamic dressing (0), 1 small banana (1)

Snacks: 1 ww caramel chocolate cake bar (OMG!) (1.5), 1 grande-single-shot-skinny-latte-to-drink-in-but-in-a-paper-cup-please (2)

Dinner: Wholewheat pasta (6), courgette, mushrooms, peppers, tomato, puree, garlic, red onion, ww sauce (included in 6 points above), parmesan (included in 6 points above)

Errors: I 50ml measure Absolut vodka and slimline tonic (2) AND a sliver of chocolate fudge cake (3.5) – oopsie! I went to give my cousin her birthday gift and ended up having an impromptu party vibe with her – I resisted the vino though!!! Check ME out!!

So that all adds up to 24.5 which is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over, so I only allowed myself 16 points the following day.

Thursday February 26th 2009

Breakfast – 1 x ww yog (1)
Lunch – leftover pasta – (6) plus 2 wholewheat crispbread (1)
Dinner – 1 chicken breast (2), assorted roast veg (0), mustard, lemon juice and hot water mixed together (0) poured over and roasted with garlic and coriander leaf (0)
Snacks – ww choc bar – dark rich toffee – GORGEOUS! X 2 (3)
Milk allowance – 1

Total – 14 points well in Lizzie!

Friday February 27th 2009

Breakfast – Grapes (1), ww strawberry yog (0.5)
Lunch – salad (0), coriander leaf (0), 2 x laughing cow cheese triangles (1), 2 wholewheat crispbreads (1)
Milk allowance (1) and I met my mum for coffee so (2) for a grande-single-shot-skinny-latte-to-drink-in-but-in-a-paper-cup-please !!

Dinner will consist of entertaining the lovely Sally, so the feast must be of vegetarian persuasion! To that end, I am making Aubergine parmigiana, couscous with lemon and greenbeans, assorted veg and rosemary roast potatoes! All for 10 points, which makes a running total of 16.5 for a Friday! It’s ACTUALLY quite releasing not to have to factor in the usual 7.5 points for a bouteille de vin!

More later xxx

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Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

what time is dinner cauce that sounds YUMMY!!!

have a great weekend!