Monday, 16 February 2009

Back in the saddle again....

So that was the weekend, that was! WHY and HOW do they go by so quickly? One minute I'm buzzing off the fact that the clock has hit 5pm on a Friday and the next I am going to bed early on Sunday as it's a 'school night'.

This week is even worse, because it's the dreaded half term - I HATE half term - mostly because I am neither a teacher nor a pupil, but also because the Husband works in a school, which means he's off while I am on the nine to five hamster wheel. Sound eh?

Looking on the bright side though, I am off on Friday so a 4 day week is far more bearable than a five day!!

I guess I should update from Friday. Lots to discuss, including the dreaded weigh in, the Valentine's meal out, the leftover cava and strawberries, singstar, etc etc.

Friday night - I made chicken kiev, using a recipe I pulled off the ww website, it was really nice and what's more the husband adored it - definitely a great dinner party recipe! I also allowed myself 2 glasses fo wine on Friday night for 4 points - all expertly measured! So total points for Friday was 21. And no exercsie undertaken because of aforementioned hairdyeing experiment - didnt think it'd be a good idea to go dunking my bonce in chlorine the day after. I suppose I could have gone to the gym for a run and the like, but I didn't take my stuff and then I ended up having to go home via my parents' and before I knew it it was 7pm and I was starvin like marvin! In the words of Jessica Simpson, "I didn't plan good".

Saturday morning dawned bright and clear and there was a sense of nervous anticipation in the air! I arrived at the casa de IWWG all ready to be weighed, certain I'd lost........and lost I had.

One and a half lousy little pounds!

That's it!

C'est tout!

Double you tee eff is up with that!

Thinking about it though, that is 3.5lbs off in 9 days which is pretty good going, but I was definitely disappointed - especially because I feel like I'd tried so FLIPPING hard!

However, I am not bloody giving up this time. No way.

After a quick moan to IWWG I went straight to the gym and cardio'd my ass off (literally I hope!) I can definitely already feel and see difference in my body so it's not all bad, but I constantly think back to my first ever week of eating the ww way and in that first week I lost 5 and a half pounds!!! I uess I use that as my measure - and that was only 2 years ago! GAH! How bloody annoying!

Saturday night we went out for a Valentine's Day dinner with some the local curry house. (NO POINTS SOUP FOR A WEEK THEN!?) Fortunately JMP was there - a fellow (successful) weightwatcher so we helped each other out and shared boiled rice and had 2 poppadums each (3) plus 2 tsp raita (1) and 2 tsp chutney (1) and for the main course I had chicken shaslick, which is chicken tikka pieces with peppers and onions. I did manage to get through a botle of cava though......oops.

Sunday was toast and boiled eggs for breakfast and then I spent an entire day procrastinating, watching crap on tv, sleeping in till 11, messing about on facebook and watching two films.....all because I had some work to do which needed to be done for this morning.....I was a complete loser and felt soooooooooooooooooooo not bothered or motivated! We had a chicken stirfry for dinner and I went to bed in a right paddy - thank GOD I got out of bed on the right side this morning!!!!!!

Today my hope and determination are renewed. This WILL work, there's no explanation, there's nothing I can do to change things now, I just have to carry on and deal with it and continue planning and getting on with it! SO THERE!

More later (I know, you can hardly wait hey?!)

BFP xoxo

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