Tuesday, 17 February 2009


I have just spent an ENTIRE HOUR reading about other people's lives on various blogs around the globe. I love them all. This is ridiculously addictive! I should be WORKING for crying out loud!

I also have to keep stopping reading to pull up the calculator on my pc so I can figure out various bloggers' start and finish weights - Americans put everything in pounds whereas I'm a stones and pounds kinda gal and have not got sufficient brain power to do the maths in my head! ARGH!

In other news, IWWG is back where she belongs ce soir, running her fabulous ww meetings! I can't wait! What's interesting is how excited everyone is, and also on perhaps a weirder note, are completely associating their weight loss with her...as in, "now she's back I can start losing again......" I find this understandable but a bit worrying too - we need to take responsibility for our own weight losses (or lack thereof - yes still seething about a crappy pound and a half grrrrrrrr) and DO IT OURSELVES! nowt wrong with looking to someone you admire for motivation and inspiration BUT ultimately it's only us who can make a difference to our own lives.

That said, I absolutely HEART the camararderie, the support, the laughs and the feeling that I AM NOT ALONE that I get at IWWG's meetings - she is ACTUALLY very gifted. (yes you are!!)

And now back to the world of work........

BFP xoxoxo


Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

HAHAHAHA...I so agree, it's so addicting to read blogs! I get so caught up in reading and responding! My favorites is overloaded with blogs! But the best part, is knowing we aren't doing this alone!

Glam said...

Don't remember if I responded to your WW pts on the Blackberry comment or not! Anyway, if you sign up online it's part of the online tools. If you go to meetings, then you have access to e-tools. Just go to the WW website and there should be directions for logging into WW from your phone. Hope this helps!

P.S. blogs are very addicting! :)