Thursday, 5 February 2009


I chumpin' well did it!!! I sat there with J,K,L and A whilst they feasted on pizza and didn't so much as lick a slice (ew! - gross haha). I didn't even have the teeniest glass of vino. I sat and nursed a cuppa and the best thing was the girlies didn't bat an eyelid. They were supportive, not patronising, encouraging and lovely. Phew (huge sigh of relief). One of the key things for me losing weight first time round (see earlier ....posts) was cutting waaaaaaaaaay back on alcohol. Now don;t get me wrong, I don't think I'm at the AA stage just yet, nor am I a binge drinker, but I do love a glass of wine....and another....and another...and before you know it a whole bottle's gone. Whilst that might be fine on an occasional Friday or Saturday night, when it's one in the week and one or two at weekends it all adds that's part of the new plan - get involved with the martini rather than wine and don't drink dans le week.....i'll keep you posted.

So back to food updates: yesterday's total was 16.5

Today - Thursday Feb 5th 2009.

Breakfast - 100g Aldi peach and passionfruit fat free yoghurt (1/2 point per 100g)
small bunch of grapes (1)
2 x tea with a teeny dash of skim (I like builder's tea)

Mid-morning - 1 small banana (1 point) and a massive mug of half and half New York blend (again with a dash of skim)

**Note to self - I dunno how to count milk in tea and coffee. I only ever have skimmed milk nowadays and if it's on cereal it's easier to count.....must ask R the ww guru......

Lunch - lentil, tomato and vegetable soup (tinned - sorry!) 3 points
2x crispbreads at half a point each (good alternative to bread or pitta with the soup - tastes like air but dipped in soup rather more bearable!!) = 1 point
Began drinking 1 litre water (0 points)

so that's it thus far - 7 points and counting.

I'm off to do some online cocktail the bloody hell am I gonna count that?? Any suggestions?!!!

lovelove BFP xxxxx

Update****** I succumbed to the crisp god and had a one point pack of s n v *limbos* - seriously foul but at least it wasn't kettle chips!!! So that's 8, plus dinner to be healthy and fill up before I hit the cocktails, er I mean leisurely sip haha.... Whilst getting ready I roasted a chicken breast for two and a half points with o point veg, garlic and veg gravy; inspired!!! So that's ten an a half!!!! Laters!! Xxx

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