Monday, 23 February 2009

Where did THAT week go?!

So, I’m back! Missed me? Haha. Cannot believe how fast last week went or how bad I was at controlling and planning and writing it down! GAH! My ill-discipline showed on the scale – in that there was bugger all movement. I know, I know at least it wasn’t a gain, BUT it wasn’t a bloody loss either! I don’t know who I’m pissed off at because CLEARLY I only have myself to account for my week – isn’t it mad how one week you can be so ‘on’ it and the next completely…umm….’off’ it!? I have had a couple of moments of ‘self pity city’ but what I know is this diet DOES work and it WILL work and if I constantly compare my weight loss or otherwise to 2 years ago then I will only ever be disappointed.

So rather than live in the past and catch you all up on last weeks’ eating, I am simply going to start afresh now.

Monday: breakfast – two pieces of whole-wheat bread (2pts) with 1 tsp of half fat butter (1/2) ( I know, I know but I CANNOT abide margarine – it is truly minging.) Plus 2 cups of tea with a dash of milk.

midmorning snack – one small banana (1)

Lunch – bowl of butternut squash no points soup and a ww yoghurt. (1/2).

Exercise planned for today is a swim after work and dinner involves a baked potato, cottage cheese and salad.

I will keep you posted. I’m off for a quick glance around the blogscape….

BFP xxx

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