Monday, 23 February 2009

The end of Monday

Well, what a busy bee I have been this evening!! I have made copious amounts of squtter nut bosh soup, tried and failed to comprehend Heroes, made a yummy dinner, taken the last few remaining Christmas songs off of my ipod, done Coleen's workout dvd (and almost died in the process), put several musical scores on aforementioned ipod (cheeeeeese!!!), put the dishwasher on and read the Sunday paper (yes, I am well aware that today is Monday, but I was busy yesterday!)

Dinner was a baked spud, miked and then oven baked in one cal spray, (3 and a half) plus 80g v low fat cottage fromage (3) and a big ol' spinach salad with red pepper, spring onion, cherry toms and ww balsamic vinaigrette (nul points), total six and a half, plus a glass of (evil) diet coke. Oh and when I got in I had two crumpets (Asda's own- 1 point each) plus one laughing cow light cheese triangle shared between them (1/2) and a ww bar with a lovely cuppa (1 1/2). I am counting 1 for milk today so all in all that's a total of 15 and a half for today. RAH!!!!

Ooooh and in other news *shock horror* laughing cow EXTRA light cheese triangles are exactly half a point - the SAME as laughing cow LIGHT!!! Here I have been eating the xl ones for yonks when the light ones taste WAAAAY nicer than the xl ones AND are the same bloody points! Hurrah!!!!!!!!!

AND I have also planned a week's evening meals.

I am actually rocking my own world ce soir!!!!!! Woooooo!!!!!

Lovelove BFP xxxx

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