Thursday, 26 February 2009

Issue du jour

So, how are we all today?

I'm not exercising enough, at all. I'm certainly not managing 5 times a week for 30 minutes. I tend to binge on exercise on the weekend and spend hours in the gym and then find myself too busy during the week.

When I worked an office job, I was able to get to the pool every lunch hour for a half hour/40 minute swim. Now I've climbed the corporate ladder somewhat, I am finding that I no longer have the time each lunch hour to get to the pool. I recently relinquished my expensive gym memebership (er..hello! There's a global recession) in favour of a council funded one.

So here's what I've tried so far:

- Getting up at seven and being in the pool for 8 and then going straight to work (I am like a hamster in the morning, I HATE getting up and the thought of getting in the water at such a god foresaken hour sickens me)

- Going to the gym straight from work, a different way so I don't go near my house and thus sack off the gym as the temptation is too great to go home and watch tv. (This was foiled because at 5:30pm the entire world of credit-crunch gym enthusiasts descend upon the gym and it is sooooo packed it's untrue. Plus the pool is full of bloody kids)

- Going home, preparing dinner, not eating it and leaving with Husband at 6:30pm when he does evening work to go to the gym when it has hopefully calmed down a bit. (If I have slaved over a hot stove to lovingly prepare a meal, I tend to eat it and thus cannot work out after, plus, however much I adore Husband, evenings in on my own are SUCH a thing to be treasured! I get that whole 'Rachel-from-Friends-I'm-in-my-apartment-and-I'm-naked' vibe on, and ultimate tv remote control! Ha!)

- Saving my lunch hour until 3pm, eating promptly at 12noon at my desk in order to ensure digestion, and then swimming 3 till 4 (even though designated lunch hours are 1 till 2 !) but by this time I am usually stuck into a meeting or meeting a client or solving some sort of earth-shattering crisis..not, and my swim doesn't happen. (Plus I am sooooooooo weird abut my hair! if I've washed it and dried it and straightened it that morning, it seems SUCH a shame to dunk it in chlorine (and god only knows what else quite frankly) at the pool....)

Yet again, I find I am my own worst enemy.....

Hmmm...perhaps I should stop writing about it and just go and bloody well DO IT!

Tra luvs

BFP xxx

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Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

so true, we are our own worst enemy, our own personal critique and the only person responsible for our decisions.

We have to keep the positive vibes going, huh?! I'm writing that here, but really thats me saying it outloud because I need to hear it. I need to stop being so negative about what i'm NOT doing and be positive about what I AM doing.